How Can I Shoot Video If I Don’t Have A Good Background?

by Reid on May 2, 2017

Designer working at the office. Selective focus. Small businessReady to make an impact with video and help people change people’s lives but don’t have a swanky background for your filming?

Learn how with Reid Mihalko from and and Cathy Vartuli from

Cathy: We’re talking about recording videos because you can really make a difference and reach a lot of people even while you sleep. We talked a lot about this at Sex Geek Summer Camp with Reid Mihalko, who’s also from and I’m Cathy Vartuli from We had people writing in because we’re having a contest going on, they’re like, I want to shoot videos but, and we wanted to talk to you about the but, so that you can get out there and make a difference and touch people’s lives and make the world a lot better place.

The next question we had is, what do I do about a cluttered background? This person lives in a small space, has lots of storage furniture like bookshelves and other things that make a busy background. If they go outside, noise is a problem. What can they do? 

Reid: Could find your nicest, bring me your nicest sheets and drape it over your bookcase or find all your sex ed books, put them in one place on your bookcase and then sit in front of that. Those would be the easiest solutions that I would have in those situations. Bookshelves, if they’re not super, super cluttered can actually look like you’re kind of studious and smart, things like that. Then just draping a nice piece of fabric, maybe you can go to the dollar store or Goodwill and just get something for like $2.00, if you don’t have something, like if all your sheets are stained or something like that. That’s what I would recommend. That’s a simple solution. 

Cathy: Yeah, and I’ve actually gotten some good referrals for books by watching videos of people I admired and reading their books off their bookshelves. I have book shelves in the back. There’s some stuff going on. Reid has a lot of stuff going on in the background in his background. 

Reid: If you can see it, because if you do a split screen recording … 

Cathy: Can you tip it over so people can see? 

Reid: That’s my wall of shame right there. It’s all the stuff that I need to do and haven’t done yet. Again, like there’s always ways to improve that make for a better video and you should always be thinking about that stuff as you just get better and better and better, but to not be shooting video because you’re afraid things are cluttered, shoot the video so that you’re getting more comfortable in front of the camera even if you never upload it and you should probably upload it or share it with friends.

Like upload it but make it unlisted. Share it with friends and ask them how bad it is and get feedback from your peers, because the things that you’re worried about, concerned about, might just be some unconscious ways that you are undermining your own progress and keeping yourself from moving forward and the videos might actually be really good. 

Cathy: Yes. You can help people, I would upload them anyway and think of the people you might help and you also have evidence that you can grow and change, so ten years from now or five years from now when you’re like world famous, you can say, look I came from your place too. I’ve struggled and I was confused, look how, if you look at Reid and my first video, I was like, you can use it … 

Reid: And Cathy might link in, put that link to that video in… 

Cathy: Yeah, I will. I will honor what I just said. Shoot the videos, make a difference, get your voice out there. 

Reid: Awesome, leave comments. Subscribe, you know the drill.

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