Casual Sex Workshop By Reid Mihalko At Self Serve Store!

by Reid on March 28, 2021

Casual Sex Workshop By Reid Mihalko At Self Serve Store! Image of sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko of teaching his Transforming Your Casual Sex Protocols Weak Spots program





Reid: Hello everybody it’s Reid Mihalko from and I am here with Hunter Riley

Hunter: Hell

Reid: Of Self Serve toys in Albuquerque, New Mexico and I even have my phone plugged into the wall right now so if it dies it’s because of the iPhones new update it’s not because of the battery

Hunter: Sure Reid

Reid: and that there’s a there’s somebody who’s here for the workshop tonight and they are already teasing me about my battery and my phone died.

Hunter: A regular feeling.

Reid: And you’re and you’re correct, you’re correct. So here we are at Self Serve toys…it is their sign but you can’t really read it it’s too bright.

Hunter: Yeah

Reid: And so we’re in Albuquerque, New Mexico and…and where are you? You can leave that in the comments let us know and tonight I’m teaching a class about casual sex and taking your casual sex more seriously.

Hunter: Yup

Reid: And Hunter, tell people about Self Serve ‘coz I want them I want them to know about this amazing place.

Hunter: Yeah so Self Serve is Albuquerque’s best sold of sex shop since 2007, you see our overview stuffs in the background and we are health and education focus pleasure focus sex shop that basically takes a different approach than a lot of shops. We test and review all of our toys before we decide to sell them that means if we had bad sex so you don’t have to, we also do classes obviously we’re having Reid here, we do a lot of outreach in the community, do trainings with medical professionals lots of things that we do here that make us different from other sex shops but we have a lot of fun and we also only sell body safe and non-toxic sex toys.

Reid: And what’s the website?

Hunter: The website is so you can go


Hunter:  Yeah go find us there.

Reid: Yeah

Hunter: Yeah

Reid: And what do you interest…what do you excited about for tonight for casual sex?

Hunter: I think I’m excited for people to get a different idea of what casual sex is and can be. I think there’s lots of misconceptions that casual sex is only one way that it’s sort of you know huge somebody

Reid: [Inaudible 00:01:54]

Hunter: Yeah so….so we want you know people to be able to engage in it if they want to and also do it in a way that makes them feel comfortable and that makes them feel seen and heard and leave them feeling fulfilled versus feeling used and sort of thrown out like that.

Reid: So if you can be here tonight, I mean if you’re in Albuquerque and you can you can be here soon like hop in a car

Hunter: Yeah

Reid: What are you doing?

Hunter: Yeah it’s Albuquerque

Reid: Get down, get down get down here at Self Serve toys.

Hunter: You can get here probably in ten minutes unless you’re on the West side then it might take a little bit longer but you know it’s Albuquerque

Reid: We’ll wait for you. Just let us know.

Hunter: We’ll let you in. We’ll let you in the door.

Reid: We’ll let you in and…and if you’re if you can’t be here tonight which many of you won’t be able to then go to and that will allow you to download you can sign up and download the Casual Sex Protocols aka the Slut Protocols and that will be one of the things that I’ll be teaching tonight. I’ll be talking about some of the mistakes that we make for those of us who take our casual sex too casually and unintentionally imprint or start falling in love when we’re trying not to fall in love. And there’s nothing wrong with falling in love but I think it would be nice if you had a choice because when you’re not trying to fall in love or you don’t want people to fall in love with you unintentional imprinting can just make things more difficult for people.

Hunter: And also I feel like people of lots of different orientations can have casual sex and so for me I kind of identify it a little bit more demisexual so it’s not something I do a lot but there are definitely times and places where I’m like “You know what, I think I’m gonna have sex with this person” and I would know very well so I think it’s building a skill set in the sort of toolbox to do that well and also suited to my needs as somebody who doesn’t normally just have sex with people off the bat I often times need a sort of an emotional connection to feel comfortable doing that, I may

Reid: And they need to be named Demi?

Hunter: Yeah and they need to be named Demi exactly. Hey, Demi Moore, I see you.

Reid: Yeah. We’re coming for you Demi Moore. We’re coming for you. G.I Jane

Hunter: The number one oh…

Reid: G.I Jane lives in me

Hunter: Yeah

Reid: every night

Hunter: that was a great…yeah

Reid: Before I go to sleep.

Hunter: Yeah

Reid: So what is Demisexual mean?

Hunter: So demisexual is someone who typically needs an established emotional or intellectual connection with somebody before they experience sexual desire or you know or interest in them. So for me I oftentimes don’t just and sometimes I do just meet somebody I’m like “I want to talk to you” but oftentimes I need to know somebody, I need to establish a relationship with them, I need to get to know emotionally and intellectually before I want to have sex with them but I can still do that and even have a casual sex as a demisexual and knowing how…how to move about that you know how to do that and move about that sort of identity well and responsibly is important to me. Yeah.

Reid: And what do you what do you….what do they call kind of call sexual if you just need to swipe once?

Hunter: Is it a Tindersexual? I don’t know

Reid: Tindersexual maybe you’re Tindersexual. What….what kind of sexual is it right or left? Which is the right way?

Hunter: I don’t know I don’t do Tinder.

Reid: Okay let us know this, this is how bad I am about Tinder.

Hunter: Right, we’re getting…yeah

Reid: Swipe right that’s a good way?

Hunter: Yeah

Reid: Okay so swipe…swipe right.

Hunter: That’s not [Inaudible 00:04:59] no ‘coz they might have maybe they could’ve made it left because

Reid: Why?

Hunter: ‘coz just everything is always like the right you know like I think they’re right handed….

Reid: Also left-handed people

Hunter: Yeah, yeah exactly. Give the left-handed people some love because the right-handed people get all of it so

Reid: What…I don’t care what happens as long as you swipe down.

Hunter: Yes! Yeah

Reid: See? That was good. Alright, we will we will release you found this torture of our…our little comedy show ladies and gentlemen Hunter Riley from Self Serve toys go to check out….do you got videos? You go to workshops…

Hunter: Oh we have so many videos

Reid: Yeah

Hunter: Yeah also have an online blowjob class so if you want to learn more about you know blowjobs and just penis pleasure in general if you want to see me put dildos in my mouth in a very educational and fun way you can find that it’s…

Reid: That’s my kink

Hunter: Yes,  Vimeo you can go to Vimeo and search mastering a blowjob and we also have a lot of YouTube videos for free, we do all of our toy… but a lot of toy reviews online so if you want to know what a specific toy is like and how somebody enjoyed it you can go on to our YouTube page which is the Self Serve toys and learn…we’ve got over 100 videos there all about you know the different toys that we have, what we liked about them what we didn’t like about them so

Reid: Is our video up…the first one that we did?

Hunter: Yeah

Reid: That was a long time ago.

Hunter: That was a long time ago.

Reid: You can go and see there was…and that was the kind of first time we do started becoming friends.

Hunter: It was.

Reid: The first time we met?

Hunter: Yes it was the first time we met.

Reid: So

Hunter: It was the first video we ever did. I have a hard time watching it when I see it I was like…

Reid: Go…go to Self Serve toys on YouTube and then watch…watch the Hunter and Reid video because it was your first video

Hunter: It was my first video

Reid: and now and then you can you can watch a video later and see…see how far Hunter’s come

Hunter: Yeah, yeah please tell me if you think of it ‘coz I have many thoughts watching that video and that they’re all incredibly worth [Inaudible 00:06:50] but in a good way I love that it suck and I love that I have everything since that, that was a fun…that was a fun video.

Reid: Yeah

Hunter: Yeah

Reid: So thanks for watching check out….any specials or anything coming up through holidays?

Hunter: We are going to have some sales coming up around that fun time after Thanksgiving but also we’re having another class tomorrow night so

Reid: Oh, that’s me

Hunter: That’s you. Yeah

Reid: Yeah

Hunter: Yeah. Please

Reid: We gonna go pegging.

Hunter: Please come to that

Reid: Pegging is tomorrow night.

Hunter: So if you want to learn more about pegging and butt stuff in general, we’re having that one tomorrow night.

Reid: Alright.

Hunter: And all of our classes can be found at

Reid: Alright bye everyone!

Hunter: Bye!

Reid: Leave some comments or whatever and check out the Self Serve’s website and if you want to support the small business in Albuquerque, order something online.

Hunter: Please.

Reid: Bye!

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