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Supreme Court Ruling On Roe v Wade Resources + #SGSC22 Recap

In case you missed it, last week, the Supreme Court of the United States, A.K.A. SCOTUS, overturned Roe v. Wade, removing all federal protections on abortion access and giving states the freedom to ban abortion. let me know via their text alerts that, in the coming days, experts expect that at least 26 states will ban abortion, and […]

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BEING RESCHEDULED: Receptive Masculine Meets Penetrative Feminine Retreat

Unlock the “forbidden” pleasures most polarity experts won’t tell you about! Join Amanda Ananda and yours truly for a weekend retreat devoted to exploring what polarity teachers and common concepts of “masculine” and “feminine” often leave unexplored: The ideas, practices, and immense pleasures that are ripe for the picking when you unlock the “receptive masculine” and “penetrative feminine!” 🍑 🍆 🥰

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Breathing Easier Equals Heavey Breathing This Valentine’s 💘

A Box of Chocolates Is Soooooo Pre-Pandemic… Greetings from Lisbon, Sex Geek! My partner (and author of Girl Sex 101), Allison Moon, and I are on a long-overdue vacation in Portugal. (Allison LOVES seafood, by the way, and last year, after we got vaccinated, Allison snatched up some super low-priced tickets to Portugal so we’d have something […]

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The Venn Diagram of Compatability and Why Is It Important?

What Is The Venn Diagram of Compatability and Why Is It Important? The Venn Diagram of Compatability (A.K.A. The Venn Diagram of “Is This Even a Good Idea?”) consists of four circles that Misha Bonaventura and I created. We suggest folks seeking to date or hook up take a peek at the four circles BEFORE […]

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In-Person Event and Workshop Resources for COVID Times

Here are some of my favorite resources for my fellow sex educators educators, event producers, artists and entrepreneurs… [If you’re looking for COVID resources for day-to-day life, go HERE.] [Last Update: June 30, 2022] Now that we’re going on 2 THREE years into the pandemic… I wanted to gather the COVID resources and best policies […]

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Organizing In-Person Events In a Vaccinated World (Discussion Panels for Sex Educators)

What are the best COVID event policies to use if you’re going to run or be teaching at in-person events? If you’re thinking about teaching in-person events and wondering what are the best, COVID policies to use… Or what safety protocols need to be in place for you to teach at someone else’s event… Then […]

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Is Megasexual a Gift or Curse? Plus, Using Dopamine To Make Naughty Things NICE…

Yesterday was the Winter Solstice — the shortest day & longest night of the year — and I went on a lovely winter hike with Allison and her parents (see photo). I got home to find that a good friend had posted a Solstice blessing, which I wanted to share with you… “Shortest day and longest […]

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Midlife Crisis, Anyone?

Midlife Crisis, Anyone? 🏖️ I’ve taken up kitesurfing in Mexico! Is it the Pandemic? A midlife crisis? Both? It might be both — the pandemic seems NEVER ending, and I am about to turn 54 at the end of January… However; I also think I’m finally harnessing my sex geeky learning skills to exert some […]

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I’m Almost Fully Vaccinated and I’m Freaking Out! 😬

I got my 2nd vaccine dose almost two weeks ago, and I’m worried…

I’m worried about being vaccinated and going back to seeing people.

Will It Be a Roaring 20’s, Vax On/Masks Off Summer? Or Will This Be the Year of Maskless Heartbreaks & Trainwrecks?

Think about it… Maybe this doesn’t apply to you, but how many people are starving for touch, affection, and going to be voraciously looking for love this summer?

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Free Permission Party Orientation

Curious about how a Virtual Permission Party works? Looking to attend Crista and Reid’s upcoming event? Join play party facilitators Crista Reid and Reid Mihalko for a FREE 27min orientation + 10mins for Q&A!

In 27 minutes, you will take away:

⭐ How to feel more confident engaging during a virtual play party
⭐ How to functionally use the tech and get your groove on in front of the webcam
⭐ A feel for the cultural design of this space and our consent culture system
⭐ Lots of tidbits on being a good, giving, and game virtual play party goer

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