What Snacks Would You Want at Your Play Party?

by Reid on December 5, 2022

Do you know what the best snack foods are for play parties?

Well, I have answers for you. Read on…

What Snacks Go Best at a Play Party?

My friends and followers have shared which favorite play party snacks get them in the mood… And I’m curious what foods do it for you?

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know! I love hearing from you.

Believe it or not, snacks are essential to any successful play party. The answer, once you know it, seems obvious, but folks who’ve never thrown a play party before don’t know what to serve or why it’s important. And then there are the folks who are hosting play parties but serving the WRONG snacks, like bean dip!!!! (How dare they! LOL) 

But first, let’s discuss why serving snacks is a GREAT idea…

Why Snacks Are Essential To a Successful Play Party

I have been hosting and attending play parties since New Year’s Eve 1999 when a regular NYE party turned into an 0rgy. That night blew my mind and forever changed my life for the better. And ever since that night, I’ve known why snacks and beverages go a long way to making a play party a win-win for everyone. 

Reason #1: Snacks Make Awkward Moments (and People!) Less Awkward.

If you are brave enough to go to a play party (and lucky enough to know who’s hosting one and get an invite!), it’s normal to feel awkward and shy when you arrive. Many people feel awkward on and off throughout a play party. 

Snack table to the rescue! 

I have a saying, Embrace the Awkward, and when you don’t know how to do that, why not Embrace the Snacks!

[Check out my Embrace the Awkward formula HERE.]

When folks don’t know what to do with themselves, they will often make a B-line for the snack table!

“I’m just going to peruse the snack table to see what there is to eat…” they’ll think to themselves, not realizing that they aren’t actually hungry. They’re trying to distract themselves from the thought that they’re at an 0rgy! Eeeeeeek!

Checking out the snack table is a very logical thing to do, right? Plus, using the snack table as a distraction can be a great self-soother to even the most nervous newbie or experienced play party veteran! (Everyone feels awkward, trust me.)

Reason #2: The Snack Table Is a Great Place To Break the Ice and Meet People.

A secondary benefit of awkward people all heading to the snack table is that they’ll often strike up conversations… “What looks good to you?” “Do you like grapes?” “Do you see any lactose-free labeled snacks?” “Have you been to events like this before?” 

Who knew that a good charcuterie board or some dark chocolate could be such good ice-breakers!? 

Pro-Tip: If you don’t often feel awkward, head to the snack table anyways. Why? Because YOU can use your non-awkward superpowers to make others feel welcomed, seen, and acknowledged that they rock for coming to a play party! Eeeeeeek!

Reason #3: If You Put the Snack Table Within Sight of the Play Area… People can watch, get ideas, then copy one another!

Whenever possible, I try to put the snack table within sight of the main play area — Close enough to see what’s going on, but far enough away that casual conversation over grapes and cheeses doesn’t bother those who are trying to get their freak on. 

The reason I do this, you ask? Because many humans learn or take their social cues from watching other humans. And because voyeurism is participation at my play parties, meaning that no one ever has to play at one of my 0rgies… Watching how folks “do what they do” gets a BIG THUMBS UP YES from me. 

Watching how other people are “doing it” helps play party newbies pick up on the social cues and ins and outs (pun intended) of navigating socially sexual spaces. Respectful voyeurism can also be a huge turn-on for the watcher AND the watched… And it also gives people ideas for things and experiences they might want to try, ask for, or think more about for when they attend their next event. 

Reason #4: (When Reasons #1 thru #3 Line Up…) Magic Happens!

We meet at the snack table… We watch a group of people doing hot things to one another… 

The hot thing that’s happening suddenly gets super hot and we both gasp at the same time! We glance at one another, giggling nervously… We share commentary on what we find hot about what we’re watching… That leads to an inquiry about why we came to the play party, which leads to us sharing our wants, desires, and boundaries… You offer me a Swedish meatball. I accept. It tastes so good I moan involuntarily. We both blush… I ask if you’d like one as well and if you’d like me to feed it to you…

You get the idea, right?!

The Snack Table Has Become The Matchmaker… Violá! Half of your job as play party host can be taken care of by having a great snack table.

Oh! And let’s not forget… 

Reason #5: Playing at a Play Party Makes You Hungry!

Being at a play party can really work up an appetite! Not just the nervous excitement, but what if you actually meet someone (or someones) and play?!

Having snacks and beverages on hand can help avoid blood sugar crashes and dehydration.  

Food is also great for grounding and “coming back to Earth” after a great and/or vulnerable erotic encounter. Bonus Points if you put some of the snack food aside and bring it out towards the end of the night when folks are gearing up for catching their second wind!

So What Snacks Actually Go Best At Play Parties? 

According to my informal survey, which I culled from over 200 generous comments submitted across Instagram, my Personal Facebook Page, as well as my FB ReidAboutSex Business Page


  • Meats & Cheeses
  • Nuts & Fruits
  • Veggies & Crackers
  • Lactose-free & gluten-free options
  • Chocolate. More chocolate. Did we mention chocolate?

 (I realize the above list basically covers “all foods”, so I’ve included some top-ranking, specific foods folks named below…)


  • Water. Water. For the love of hydration, Water!
  • Non-alcoholic drinks that can replenish electrolytes
  • Champagne & non-alcoholic sparkling apple cider (if folks are feeling fancy, and if alcohol is allowed)

If we were going to break down the general snack categories to specifically named foods in the survey…


  • Charcuterie board with all the fixin’s for the meat, cheese, nuts & crackers fans
    • Tray of Swedish meatballs with toothpicks came in a close 2nd!
  • Grapes won the named fruit category — Plus, grapes are rich in water, electrolytes and potassium (which might aid in preventing those sxx-stopping leg cramps!)
  • Chocolate-covered strawberries for the chocolate/fruit mash-up… 


  • Snacks in big bowls where everyone is reaching in with their hands…
    • Pro-Tip: Consider putting things in individual portions via small paper cups or having serving spoons/forks/toothpicks on hand
  • Things that make your breath smell or make you gassy. As one commenter said, “So no garlic (looking at you humus), no onion dips, etc.”
  • Sushi on naked bodies also got mentions for being potentially unhygienic to some (unless folks were wearing latex bodysuits) and that body temperatures — if left long enough — could increase the risks of sushi spoilage! 

Now That You Know About Snacks, Ask Yourself… 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to host a play party of your own? Or host one for your friends for New Year’s? How about throwing some spicy, adult shenanigans for your birthday?

If your first reaction is to gasp and think, “I could never…” but you feel your cheeks blush and your heart quicken… Maybe hosting an 0rgy to ring in the New Year or your birthday is EXACTLY what you could use! (Especially after the last few years we’ve struggled through. Am I right?)

I think we all could use some naughty (and safe) fun this year. Would blowing off some steam and having some serious fun be good for you? I think you’ve definitely earned it.

Here’s My Audacious Challenge…

I’m inviting folks to consider throwing their very own play party THIS New Year’s Eve. 

And I want to hold your hand while you do it… Will you allow me the honor? 

Read on if you’re curious… And let the countdown begin!

New Year’s Eve 1999 changed my life FOREVER (watch my video HERE where I share that story). How? Why? Because me and my friends experienced our first play party together.

It blew my mind. And it showed me things about myself and my needs/desires that I never would have realized otherwise. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if that play party hadn’t happened that night. 

And I’ve been attending or throwing New Year’s Eve play parties pretty much ever since. For for over 20 years — That’s a lot of parties and A LOT of growth and pleasure!

And I want the same growth and fulfillment for you. Will you allow me the honor of helping you do the same?

I hope you’ll join me. I even double-dog-dare ya!

Yours in making your New Year AMAZING!

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