Save 70 percent of the time you spend on Marketing? Is that even possible?! Yep…

by Reid on February 21, 2024

Attention: Sex Educators and Workshop Leaders…

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Ever felt like marketing is an uphill battle, especially for those of us in the Sex-Positive realm?

Creating GREAT content will always take effort. But entrepreneurs in the “muggle world,” those who don’t have to worry about Terms of Service Violations and being reported, don’t have that EXTRA LAYER of effort & stress that makes our jobs even more difficult.

We’re educators! Aren’t we supposed to be helping people rather than worrying about whether or not our accounts are going to get banned because we didn’t use the right “code word” or misspelling of “k!nk” in our post?

Do you find that extra effort and worry eating up your spare bandwidth, pushing you closer towards burnout, and leaving you with little time and energy to enjoy life? 

You’re not alone. Many trailblazers like you have been there (me too!).

Create 70% MORE Time For Your Efforts

I have great news for you! There’s a game-changer that can slash your marketing time & efforts by 70%… Imagine that! If you could get your business tasks done THAT fast, what are you gonna do with all that extra space in your schedule? Hmmmm?

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Maybe you’re thinking, “Even if 70% were an accurate number, will it work for sex-educators? Or does your advice only work for people with muggle careers?”

SMART question! 

And this is why so much great business advice sucks for sex-positive professionals. Our situations as content creators and business owners are unique. 

And as a sex educator, I can confidently reply, “Yes! What I’m about to share will work even for those with Sex-Positive initiatives!” And I say it with confidence because I’m using it and it’s saving me so much time. Like, 70% of my time. 

What am I filling that extra space with, you ask? Hit Reply and guess what I’m filling it with… Wrong answers only, please! LOL — And, I fill that extra time with some self-care and seeing loved ones, as well as brainstorming new projects that are getting me excited!  

What about you?

Imagine spending less time on marketing and more time engaging with your audience and leading the charge in sex-positive education. Imagine having MORE bandwidth and energy left at the end of the day to spend with the people who mean the most to you… Imagine even —gasp!— relaxing and recharging yourself?!

The Good News: This isn’t just a dream. It’s real, and it’s called AI (Artificial Intelligence). You’ve heard of it, and chances are you’ve heard that AI won’t do spicy content… But that’s actually wrong. AI can do spicy content and could do it for YOU! Easily.

But you’ll need another sex educator to show you the workarounds and approaches that will allow you to get AI on your side.

Like we say at Sex Geek Summer Camp, “A.B.E. — Always Be Educating.” And learning how to educate AI to be your friend opens all sorts of doors a regular business advice person would never know how to unlock!

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Here Are 3 Ways YOU Can Use AI To Reach More People While Saving More Time

[Join our free mini-training —Harnessing AI for Sex-Positive Workshop Leaders— where Cathy Vartuli and I show you the 3 steps in much more detail than I’ll explain below…]

The amazing Cathy Vartuli and I created a powerful, quick, and easy AI training for you. Why? So you can discover how AI can revolutionize your content creation, and give you some applications you can start using TODAY that will make your processes smoother and more effective and SAVE YOU PRECIOUS TIME!

We’re not just talking theory – we’re here to support your Sex Education work with practical, real-world applications!

Here’s a glimpse of what this training will cover:

📝 AI-Powered Copywriting: Discover the wonders of AI in crafting compelling, authentic marketing copy that resonates with your audience and reflects your unique voice and values. That means LESS writer’s block, MORE confidence, and INCREASED sales!

🎥 Time-Saving YouTube Tools: Discover AI tools for creating concise video summaries and accurate timestamps, to help your viewers find and absorb your information! In seconds! Efficiency meets inclusivity! That means MORE views, MORE subscribers, MORE reach! 

📚 Revitalize Your Courses: Learn how AI can refresh your existing course materials, giving them a fresh, modern twist, and infusing new energy into your offerings, and bringing new life to your business. That means NEW excitement for you and your customers!!!

Why is this training a must-attend for YOU?

✨ Practical and Immediate: We’ll share AI tools that are relevant and immediately applicable to your Sex Positive Education and business.

🤝 Direct Access to Expertise: Cathy and I are here to answer your questions, shorten your learning curve, and guide you.

🆓 Absolutely Free: This is our gift to you – no cost, just a heartfelt offering to enhance your content creation journey. We believe in inclusivity and want you to experience the transformative power of AI. (I was scared of AI until Cathy helped me overcome my fears and so we made this training so YOU don’t have to be afraid or feel clumsy about AI, too!)

Ready to embrace AI and elevate your content creation to new heights? Or at least explore your options?

Begin your AI journey now, absolutely FREE, by clicking the button below!

We hope to see you there, learning how to inspire your clients and customers with new ease and speed!

We can’t wait to see you there inside the training so we can start empowering you with the tools that will bring MORE ease and fun to your content creation experience!

Yours in Geeking out with AI,
REiD and Cathy

P.S. – According to Kevin Kelly (co-founder of Wired Magazine), the best way to think about the new AI tools is like having your own personal intern, because it can do some level of work for you but also still needs you to teach it and polish it’s work. And we’ll teach you how to tune it to your beliefs, your ethics, and your Sex Positive Power! Join Now!! #YouGotThis

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