Midlife Crisis, Anyone?

by Reid on December 6, 2021

Midlife Crisis, Anyone? 🏖️

I’ve taken up kitesurfing in Mexico! Is it the Pandemic? A midlife crisis? Both?

What In The Midlife Crisis Is This? gif

It might be both – the pandemic seems NEVER ending, and I am about to turn 54 at the end of January… However; I also think I’m finally harnessing my sex geeky learning skills to exert some control and agency in my life and start shaking the dust and corrosion off my brain and bones!

To tell you the truth, if you’d told me two months ago I’d be in Mexico learning kitesurfing, I would have just laughed or cried in your face. Probably both, and yet, here I am, sore muscles and all!

I’m writing this blog post from Baja, Mexico, and I have so much I want to nerd out with you about. This trip has me thinking A LOT about learning styles and not being on one’s laptop.

Rather than write a long-ass blog post, I’m going to point you to the sunrise Instagram LIVE I shot where I talk all about my midlife crisis, why kitesurfing might be exactly what I need right now, and what I’m learning about my learning styles! (And what YOU can do if you’re feeling in a funk these days…)

Here’s the TL;DR version:  

  1. I’ve been having an existential crisis of late about “What am I doing with my life?” (Being in a pandemic for two years hasn’t helped me find clarity, mind you!)
  2. I know my preferred adult-learning styles are A) Explain the thing to me, B) Show me how to do the thing, C) Have me do that thing (Which is basically a combination of auditory + visual + kinesthetic learning).

    As marketing and business mentor of mind, Callan Rush teaches, “Learning Style Theory and Multiple Intelligence Theory are really two theories or areas of research that study how you, as a teacher or program leader, can enhance the learning of your students. They indicate that each of us have different ways in which we take in and process information, and each of us have natural gifts in certain content areas.”
  3. Learning a new skill that requires not only using my entire body in new ways, but also learning how to understand the wind, how a kite works, how a surfboard works, and how not to hurt myself or others… PLUS not having a laptop anywhere in sight! – This unique combination is helping me shake loose the dust and corrosion of the pandemic AND, maybe, just maybe, get me through a slight midlife crisis. 🤪

As I told my partner, Allison, author of Girl Sex 101 and Getting It, “If I am having a midlife crisis, there’s good news: I’m not buying a Ferrari, and I’m going to live ’til I’m 108!”

Allison’s response, “As long as you don’t die kitesurfing!” 😂

I haven’t died yet, but I have drunk at least half my body weight in ocean water on account of slamming my face into the ocean so many times. You’d be surprised how hurling yourself into the sea while holding on to a giant kite will do that to a person! Still, I’m learning so much and it feels great, kind’a scary but great!

Photo of a cactus and flowers sitting in a big planter on the beach with a hand painted sign reading, "Baja Vibes."

What are your go-to learning styles? Can you come up with any activities or hobbies that might engage those learning styles? 

If you have an answer, I invite you to leave a comment here or on the video. I’d love to hear from you!

If you want to learn more about my kitesurfing midlife crisis, watch the video and follow me on Instagram. I’. ll be shooting and sharing more there. If you’re curious about what events I’ve got coming up (Including a week-long relationship retreat in Cabo, Mexico, March 2022, with Monique Darling!), visit ReidAboutSex.com/calendar.

That’s it for today, Sex Geek. Hope this post puts a smile on your face and gets your brain coming up with empowering ideas!

Trying my damndest to stand up on a tiny board while flying a HUGE kite,

Ps. In my Instagram LIVE video above, I mention a book on sex and depression by a very talented and brilliant friend of mine, JoEllen Notte. If you or someone you know is struggling with depression and sex, check out The Monster Under the Bed: Secks, Depression, and the Conversations We Aren’t Having. I highly recommend it!

Instagram post image promoting The Monster Under The Bed book by JoEllen Notte featuring the cover of the book and the text, "Finally! A Book About The Intersection of Sex and Depression! Kathy Labriola, author of The Polyamory Breakup Book: Causes, Prevention & Survival" and the URL RedHeadBedHead.com/Monster

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