Elevate Your YouTube Game in Minutes!

by Reid on March 2, 2024

Ever wonder how the big Youtubers reach so many people? Do they have 15 assistants doing all that work?

Some of them do… But you don’t have to! With AI, you can do the things that look super professional and help the Google spiders find your content and recommend it to folks! No assistant needed!

I recently had a riveting chat with Cathy Vartuli from the Intimacy Dojo, who’s pretty much an AI Jedi, and I’m excited to share some eye-opening insights with you.

Ally Yoda parody GIF. "For my Ally is AI!"

What do the experts do to help make their videos go viral and reach so many people?

First up, let’s talk video transcription and notation: AI isn’t just transcribing speech to text… It’s smartly inserting timestamps, making your videos a breeze to navigate. Imagine your viewers effortlessly hopping to the segments they love most – that’s user experience gold!

But wait, there’s more: Lengthy video summaries? Usually a drag to make, right? Well, AI is here to change that game. It’s not just about speed; it’s about efficiency and flexibility. You get to fine-tuned, AI-crafted summary of your video along with timestamps to perfectly align with your vision. AND help Google discover your content and share it!

Imagine someone Googling for a particular bit of advice, they click the Google recommended link, and —Bam!— they are sent to the exact video segment where you deliver that exact bit of advice! THAT is the power of video notation that AI can do for you in seconds! But you’ll need to watch Video 1 in our free AI training series to learn exactly how Cathy does it.

And here’s the cherry on top: Authentic content is king, and AI is set to skyrocket its demand and accessibility. Many people will be using AI in sloppy ways and flooding the information highway… YOU knowing how to use AI smartly will enhance your content creation while keeping your authentic voice intact.. And that is going to help you create kick-ass, original content that Google can easily catalog and recommend… These skills are going to set your content apart from all the rest, and keep setting you apart!

Ready to dive deeper? We’ve put together a FREE training series just for you – “Harnessing AI for Workshop Leaders.” Sign up now and join us on this exciting journey!

We’re all ears for your thoughts on this training’s insights. Plus, we’d love to know what topics you want us to explore next. Just Leave a Comment with your feedback and suggestions.

Geekily yours,
REiD and Cathy
P.S. Many people worry about using AI in unethical ways… We’ll show you how to make sure to have all the ethics while you use AI… And leverage its power!

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