How Do You Balance Having A Sex Ed Job With Corporate Work?

by Reid on May 14, 2017

Happy multiracial friends relaxing on a carpet with gadgetsLove the income from a corporate job, but having trouble balancing sex-positive business too?

Learn how with Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from

Reid: Hello, it’s Reid Mihalko, creator of Sex Geek Summer Camp. I’m wearing the Sex Geek Summer Camp t-shirt which means Cathy Vartuli from The Intimacy Dojo and I are talking about business of being a sex educator. Welcome. We’ve got a great question. Those of you who write in with questions, we love you. 

Cathy: Extra points. 

Reid: Maybe more than the rest of you who don’t write in questions. Well, probably not. We love you all. The question is, it’s long so I’ll just summarize it. Basically, this person has the great dilemma of loving helping people and also having a corporate job that pays
them a butt load of money. They’re in this dilemma of they’ve got great cash flow but not doing their passion. Not getting to help people around sex and intimacy and relationships. The last part of the question is “How do I build positive cash flow so that I can help people and answer my calling and answer my passion?” That’s the question. 

Cathy: That’s a great question. Thank you for sending it in. 

Reid: The biggest answer is going to be, which I love saying in the sex ed community, is have a highly developed, a well-developed back end. Which means, in business terms, creating products and services that are scalable, that you can sell and market online. 

Cathy: Scalable means coaching one on one is not scalable. You’re limited to so many hours a week. Selling an online product that … 

Reid: You can sell hundreds and hundreds of thousands of them and people can buy them around the clock anywhere. 

Cathy: It’s the same amount of effort if you sell one or a thousand. 

Reid: Building a back end that allows you to sell products and services round the clock and build up that cash flow from that part of your business until you can take off from your corporate job. That’s essentially the answer. I would not advocate that anybody quit their six figure job to go immediately to sex education because you’re going to be pretty much in starter phase for a while and it’s going to take you a while to build up that kind of income if you’re lucky enough. There are lots of people out there who are busting their humps who aren’t making six figures. How do you slowly on the time that you can allot to it develop and build that business? That’s the kind of stuff that we talk about at Sex Geek Summer Camp and also at SG3, Sex Geek School for Gifted Sex Geeks which is the online version of the camp. 

Cathy: You can do it. I do it part time. I work full time as a PhD engineer. Doing things that are leveraged or scalable like you said. Instead of coaching one on one, I do very few sessions one on one because I don’t have time on my schedule but I do group coaching where I have 10 people or 30 people on the call with me. Or you can do a live event where you have a bunch people in the room and record it then make a program out of it that’s now available for online purchase and work on getting a list, of email list that you can bring people in and market to them, offer them different products so that you have a scalable and you want to replace your income and get a cushion, you want six to nine months of your expenses put away before you jump out off … usually, that’s a general rule. 

Reid: Out of anything. 

Cathy: Before you jump out of a corporate job or any kind of position where you have regular income. 

Reid: If you’re interested in more of these kinds of answers, you can go to There’s free videos that you can sign up for. 

Cathy: They’re great. 

Reid: That will start kind of positioning some of these ideas and the basic idea of figuring out what it is you’re most passionate about solving as problems, solving the problems for the people that you’re most passionate about. What are the teaching styles that you’re best at, that are easiest for you, and you’re going to start putting those together in ways where you’re building those products, those first initial products. 

Cathy: Reid does that so well and It will allow you to do more in the time you have because you will be doing things that have the least friction for you and most natural. 

Reid: You’re going to be building those things so you can package those as things to put into your back end and we’ll end there.

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