Early Travel Secrets For Sex Educators | Facebook Live With Reid And Jimanekia

by Reid on March 22, 2021

Early Travel Secrets For Sex Educators | Facebook Live With Reid And Jimanekia






Reid: Hang on. There we go, there we go

Jimanekia: Now it’s happening.

Reid: It’s live. Hey, everybody, it’s Reid Mihalko from https://reidaboutsex.com/ and Good morning Facebook, Good morning YouTube. This…

Jimanekia: And to the world

Reid: this is early ass travel secrets for sex educators…guest starring Jimanekia.

Jimanekia: Hi.

Reid: We’re at Portland Airport it is early in the ass in the morning. What time did you left?

Jimanekia: 3:30

Reid: 3:30 and I got up at

Jimanekia: 3:15 or 2?

Reid: 3:15 and Allison slept away with sound asleep, sound asleep

Jimanekia: So lucky, so lucky

Reid: I got my haircut. Allison cut my hair last night and trimmed my beard.

Jimanekia: Didn’t kill him, didn’t cut him.

Reid: So let me let me know what it looks, if you think it looks good. I’m a little bit…I’m still…I’m…I’m not sure I like the beard. Everyone else likes the beard. Yes or no on the beard that’s the first comment you should be helping me with.

Jimanekia: The answer is yes on the beard.

Reid: Well we know what you think now but I mean maybe they didn’t know

Jimanekia: I’ve run in front a company so

Reid: Okay

Jimanekia: I’m not gonna say anything else.

Reid: Wow. Okay, so what…what kind and makes…can you let me know that you that you can hear us ‘coz my microphone is being weird. Good morning Tom! Good morning. How are you? So

Jimanekia: [Inaudible 00:01:15] people can hear me now?

Reid: Yeah, yeah

Jimanekia: Wow! This is so forward technology.

Reid: Yeah, we’ll have to try that. Good morning Kendall. Good morning everyone. Okay, anyone can hear us. Oh, yes…is that yes for the beard or yes you can hear us? Or what…I guess I’ll ask the question so that they’re answering if they can hear us. Alright, good I’m on [Inaudible 00:01:33]. So travel secrets. Do you have any travel secrets? I will got up to you

Jimanekia: I’m not ready now. I’m still trying to be awake. Give me a second.

Reid: Okay. So here…here are some of my travel secrets. I…as best as I can I try to pack in the night before although I had been known to get up….there’s a constant squeaky sound

Jimanekia: I don’t know how it got this

Reid: That might be my fingers

Jimanekia: Yeah

Reid: weird noise in the background. The beard is…yes. No beard

Jimanekia: I’m sorry Robin

Reid: Okay, sound’s weird and beepy sound we can hear….okay hang on

Jimanekia: So just talk they can hear you

Reid: Well but there’s a beepy sound.

Jimanekia: I don’t know if you can change that.

Reid: Okay it might be me holding the…the phone case in the beginning when I was moving around, we’ll see. I’m sorry for the….for the noise and there’s music playing here at the restaurant. So packing in the night before if you can, there have been times when I was so exhausted from the day, I just decided I would get up early and pack in the morning I can do….I mean I can do that it works okay for me it’s just a little bit…a little bit challenging what I do…do though is if I get less than four hours sleep and definitely if I get less than three hours sleep, I…I make my coffee, I get in my lift ‘coz Allison’s not getting up at four in the morning or three in the morning to drive me which is totally fine and I’m fine with that. I’ll have my coffee with a little bit protein powder and then when I get to the airport I’ll try to eat breakfast because for me when I don’t have a lot of sleep, eating food seems to help keep me from getting sick. I’ll also I have B12 and vitamin C shots so I need to take them the day before if I know I’m gonna not get a lot of sleep or I’ll take them in the morning. I don’t always take B12 late at night because sometimes that keeps me up. What else? And I’ve talked before about like I like to fly Southwest because I get checked two bags for free because when I have to pay for luggage it gets my cranky and I don’t want to be cranky at five in the morning. What about you?

Jimanekia:  I like to…when I pack, I like to like go through it like three times because I’m a forgetter but also after I’m done I stop touching it because as I go through it anymore like I’m gonna start to move things and displace things and then I’ll put it by the door so I don’t touch it anymore.

Reid: Got it

Jimanekia: Yeah

Reid: Yeah and I’ll do that too ‘coz I’ve…I’ve forgotten stuff in my room like sitting on my bed

Jimanekia: I forgot a whole cell phone

Reid: Really?

Jimanekia: yeah in L.A.

Reid: So it sounds like [Inaudible 00:04:15] are doing Morse code

Jimanekia: Oh, that’s sweet.

Reid: I don’t know what to do about that. I’m afraid to touch….I do travel with bulletproof coffee and I….I actually I packed up the night before, I pre grind my coffee and put it into black bag

Jimanekia: [Inaudible 00:04:29]

Reid: I…I have freeze my butter and then have it put it in this black bag a little Tupperware thing and then I travel with a camping French press…the plastic one because it make a lot of a lot of coffee and I appreciate that like I can make a coffee for today I had my little sex geek summer camp mugs and um…what else? Anything else?

Jimanekia:  No, I think just trying to like make sure you stay hydrated too like when you wake up like I like to start normally with like a glass of like room-temperature water something that’s not like too much like shocking my body but it’s like okay, we’re doing this, we’re awake. Yeah, I think.

Reid: I…I also I like to take cold showers but now that Allison and I have a hot tub, I just sleep into the hot tub so I think I’m losing my cold shower edge.

Jimanekia: Oh no.

Reid: Here come…here come our beverages. Yeah and I… and I also do a…I also travel with an immersion blender

Jimanekia: Thank you

Reid: that I use for my bulletproof as well. I’ve traveled Southwest, I have TSA Pre Check which helps and I don’t mind traveling in the morning because the lines are generally shorter and especially if I’m traveling internationally well it’s a pain in the ass [Inaudible 00:05:50] or even are you supposed to be even earlier, if I miss a flight or if a flight gets delayed like if I’m flying through the snow country or something like that in the winter I like to fly earlier in the day because then if my flight gets canceled or delayed I still have time to make to make it to my destination.

Jimanekia: Yeah

Reid: Is that….I screw that up once and stay

Jimanekia: Yeah I remember

Reid: I missed a…I missed a flight to Canada because of my own phone heathery. The other early morning things and obviously not everybody’s an early riser ideally if you can get to sleep earlier when you’re waking up super early but not everybody can get to bed like before you know 9:00 p.m. or something like that if you have a if you have to get up at 3:00

Jimanekia: If you can definitely get a full night rest ‘coz traveling can be really hard on your body but I feel like you’ve been doing this for a while you’re good and my flights only two hours and sleeping on the plane if you can is great

Reid: Yeah

Jimanekia: there some everyone who can’t carry like a sleep mask

Reid: I do

Jimanekia: A mask

Reid: I do a little sleep mask, I got the little neck brace from Sky Mall and…and that actually changed the game a lot for me ‘coz I get way less of the…you know like twisted kinky neck thing. Sleep mask definitely that works very well for me and then I also kind of have a little bit of a ritual like once they do the once everybody’s boarded and they close the door, I usually I’m sitting in an exit row I’ll wait until they finish the security part and then I just put my mask on, put my neck thing on, I have a playlist that’s kind of like my air playing playlist of kind of mellow music and I just go right to sleep and then I usually wake up at some point after we’ve already taken off and then when they tell you to put your laptops away when I’m about to land I’ll do the same thing I’ll pull my mask back on, put my neck brace back on, I’ll put my music on again just to even if it’s just a you know sleep for the last 20 minutes of the flight it’s just kind of a little bit of a ritual where I’m just trying to invest and save up my energy for wherever I’m going to.

Jimanekia: I don’t know I’ll…I have headphones but I don’t necessarily listen music but it’s something like comforting just to have it inside, it works for me.

Reid: Allison has got the noise canceling once and she loves them. I haven’t gone on that far yet

Jimanekia: Yeah

Reid: and maybe that’s because I’m deaf in one ear so I just need like one ear plug [Inaudible 00:08:34] cheap. Last but not least where do people find you ‘coz my battery is running out.

Jimanekia: http://sewjim.com/

Reid: And that stands for Sex Education With Jim. And then https://reidaboutsex.com/. If you are coming to Sex Geek Summer Camp or thinking about it, the nine pay

Jimanekia: hurry up

Reid: is gonna go away real soon so go to https://reidaboutsex.com/campFAQ and then I’ve got a free webinar on relationships coming up real soon and I’ll put that in the in the links. And yeah that’s it.

Jimanekia: Happy Monday!

Reid: Bye everyone. How’s your…how’s your [Inaudible 00:09:11]

Jimanekia: It’s delicious.

Reid: Alright. Mwah! Bye, everyone.

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