Insights From Relationship Discoveries Revealed Workshop In Irvine, California

by Reid on March 19, 2021

Insights From Relationship Discoveries Revealed Workshop In Irvine, California








Reid: Hello everybody it’s Reid Mihalko from and we are we’re broadcasting live from the Atrium Hotel here behind the Orange Curtain in Orange…Orange County? Orange City?

Mackenzie: Yeah, Orange County

Reid: Orange County

Mackenzie: Irvine

Vera: Irvine

Reid: In the Irvine. And I’m here with Mackenzie O’Kelly

Mackenzie: Hello

Reid: of and then our favorite person Vera Levitt Casey of

Vera: Hello

Reid: I don’t have my fancy microphone today so the sound is gonna be a little bit weird ‘coz I got my microphone it’s not working.

Mackenzie: In Irvine airport

Reid: In Irvine Airport but we just did a….a free workshop today called Relationship Discoveries Revealed and I was gonna ask you two what…what did you discover about the relationship that was revealed today?

Mackenzie: Ooh, I think my takeaway was how to have difficult conversations because I am one-to-kind of just keep quiet and ignore it and so now I know how to handle those lots of fun combos.

Reid: Okay

Vera: Yeah good and my segue way today was recognizing the pattern I continue to be in over and over and over again and just having that knowledge helps me shift it.

Reid: Yeah

Vera: Yeah

Reid: Yeah. I came up with the…a new way of teaching the whole depth-duration, attraction, self-expression and then love as sacrifice versus support and self-care and I had a little diagram and everything that was a little fun for me, that’s why I discovered is there is a better way to teach this really useful piece that I think it’s useful.

Mackenzie: Yeah, yeah that was good.

Reid: What was useful about that…that old paradigm of relationships versus the new version like any…any takeaways?

Mackenzie: I think the best thing is sacrifice but if you think that you’re doing something for the relationship but it sacrifice actually can harm the relationship, you know you think it’s like “Well I’m sacrificing to make it better, but it actually does not make it better.”

Vera: [Inaudible 00:01:58]

Mackenzie: Yeah, resentment and anger and like people that I…and so

Vera: Yeah. I think it was great sitting with McKenzie during that particular part because one of the things that we were inventing our courses is to hold each other accountable and McKenzie knows me well so she got to call me out on this…on that pattern I couldn’t shift or I wasn’t shifting, of course, I can’t so that was my big take away, being in a in a room of community somebody who’s you know in my community and special to me that was able to support me in that. I mean sometimes calling out is really just someone loving you and supporting you on the things you want.

Reid: Yeah. So kicking…kicking you on the pants or tell or having a difficult conversation with you

Vera: Yes

Reid: about something that they see that they’re not sure if you seeing it or not.

Vera: Umm

Reid: Yeah.

Vera: Yeah

Reid: and then…and then tell give us a little bit about what are Benchmark Courses because some…some of my friends and…and people don’t know that.

Mackenzie: Yes, Benchmark Courses is a personal development company. We…our first class that is offered is the discovery course and it’s basically just two and a half days to take a second and reflect on where you’re at, where you want to be, if you’re not where you want to be how can you shift that, how can you change your perspective, see things differently to make sure that you get what is that you say you want. It’s a great support group as well and it’s an awesome community so yeah go Benchmark.

Reid: Wooh!

Vera: Hey Benchmark!

Reid: If you…if they want to find out more about Benchmark, where can they go?

Mackenzie: Just


Mackenzie: or that would go directly to me and I will answer any questions that you have.

Reid: And then it’s


Reid: To hang out with Vera. And if you…if you’re in Southern California and you want to go to Mom Camp, Mom Camp is happening when?

Vera: It’s less than a week, it starts on Friday and we have just like couple of slots left so if you wanna come you should you will meet Vera of and we’ll make that happen.

Reid: And where can people go about mom…Mom Camp?

Vera: you can check it out


Vera: But if you wanna come you should email me first.

Reid: Email Vera ‘coz time is running out and then for folks who were like, “Wow! Look at that pool back there Reid. What’s going on there?” I am this is the hotel that I am running my High-Performance Relationship Mastery three-day seminar December 1st, 2nd and 3rd. So if you wanna come to Irvine and geek out with us hard and take some of the stuff that we learned today and just go deeper and deeper for three days and by this lovely pool. Vera is actually helping me run this and we…we have and this is how bad I am about my own schedule. We have a party one of the nights

Vera: Yes we do and I can, can you pun around a little bit and check out this Cabana

Mackenzie: The Cabanas

Reid: Okay here we go the Cabanas

Vera: And now this I can see and we’re gonna so off together oh! Back there

Mackenzie: Oh, wait

Reid: Okay so the Cabanas

Vera: It’s…the…the party is here with Cabanas and inside the room [Inaudible 00:04:49]

Reid: So and in…and in…and in…in…in one of the rooms we have the inside in case it’s chilly out here but you want to come by, we’ve got this fabulous pool.

Vera: And there’s a bar right over here

Reid: There’s a bar right over here

Vera: Keep walking

Mackenzie: That oh wait there it is

Vera: There it is

Reid: There you go. So if you’re interested in coming and geeking out with me on my three-day event High-Performance Relationship Mastery, you can go and check out the registration page at so High-Performance Relationship Mastery that’s December 1st  to 3rd am and…and make sure you like read the sales page because there are lots of bonuses and you got to walk through the relationship door or the sex door in…in…in the course and so that you can get here for the weekend and we’ll…we’ll…we’ll walk through all the doors for three days. So…so go then the sales page and figure out what I just said and check out the bonuses. Now we’d love to have you there, Vera is gonna be hanging out with us and I don’t know if we can have we’re gonna have you

Mackenzie: I…possibly…possibly

Reid: Woooh

Vera: We’ll…we’ll working on it

Mackenzie: We’re working on it. Yeah, we’re working on my schedule.

Vera: Picture interest

Mackenzie: Yeah

Reid: And we’ve got lots other really amazing like-minded people coming to learn how to get more and better performances, and intimacy, and pleasure and just being a witness in their relationship so if you’re ready to have better relationships and take the good relationship that you have and have it running even…even better then check out High-Performance Relationship Mastery. There we go, that’s it. Thanks, everybody.

Mackenzie: Bye!

Reid: Thank you.

Vera: Bye!

Reid: Emoticon on the way out. Bye!

Vera: We love you!

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