How Can I Be More Natural In Front Of The Camera?

by Reid on April 29, 2017

Tourist couple on travel taking pictures by Coliseum in Rome. HaReady to make an impact with video and help people change people’s lives?

Learn how with Reid Mihalko from and and Cathy Vartuli from

Cathy: All right, Mr. Mihalko, from Sex Geek Summer Camp and I’m Cathy Vartuli from We’re talking about how to shoot videos. Someone asked, “How can I be more natural in front of the camera? I can talk on stage fine, but I get in front of the camera and I’m just like stiff and unnatural. What can I do?” 

Reid: Come to Sex Geek Conservatory. 

Cathy: Definitely. 

Reid: This is our three-day little retreat where we geek out on performance-skill sets, do a little improv, work in front of cameras. We’ll get you filmed. We’ll talk about what you’re authentic performance or public-speaking self is. It’s basically a whole weekend spent with a bunch of other sex educators and workshop facilitators learning how to geek out on this stuff.

If you can’t make it to something like this because maybe you’re someplace else in the world or you just can’t afford it or the dates aren’t working for you or maybe you hate me and why would you spend a weekend with me, go take some improv-comedy classes. That will help you a lot. Then I would also sign up for Toastmasters, which is a public speaking group and organization that’s all over the world. Go there for those places. Probably Toastmasters, I think, is free. Improv classes, you’ll probably have to pay for. Conservatory, you have to pay for.

Those are the places that I would go immediately for support and structure and cheering on from like-minded friends and peers. You can always just shoot video at home. Practice getting better at this stuff. Getting some experience and confidence and maybe get your friends together to do it. Of course, teaching workshops and working with people in groups is a good idea, too. 

Cathy: What helps me, too … Everything Reid said is rock-solid. I like doing Skype because I’m actually looking at someone while I’m videoing, so I’m projecting to someone. When I do it by myself, I imagine myself ten years ago or someone that really needs my help sitting on the other side of the camera waiting to hear what I had to say. I project it to them. It helps me be a lot more natural and sometimes it works really well and sometimes I’m awkward and I still release them because I care about the message. 

Reid: The biggest thing is you’re not going to get great at this overnight. This is about practice and about experience. Since you’re working with people and coaching them and helping them get better at sex and intimacy because you’re more experienced working with people who had experience in front of the camera or in front of groups, or just practicing over and over and over again will do a lot for your confidence and your abilities. 

Cathy: Absolutely, so go shoot some videos, leave us comments below, and rock the world.

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