How To Use An Internal (Female) Condom…..

by Reid on October 29, 2015

Loving Couple In Bed.How do you use a female or internal condom?

With Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from


Reid: Bring! Bring! Hello? Oh yes, you have a question about putting on internal condoms or what  used to be called female condoms? Hang on! We’ll shoot that video. Cathy Vartuli from it’s for you.

Cathy: Thank you, Reid Mihalko from Wow, can we be cornier?

Reid: No way! All right. Right so…

Cathy: Yes, someone wrote in and said how do you put on a female condom.

Reid: Internal condoms, also known as female condoms, but not just for females. It is this thing that looks completely weird and unsexy. However…

Cathy: It’s pretty hot.

Reid: … pretty sexy. The way it was, and there’s instructions on the back, and you will see new packaging. They just came out with new packaging which I don’t have an example of. These people are awesome, we love you guys. The traditional way that people talk about inserting these is this ring that helps keep the condom from coming out when you’re using it, you squish this ring in and insert and then it goes, “Poing!” inside your anus or your vagina. Then this rest on the outside of the opening and then you just stick your banana into it.

Cathy: This is YouTube friendly.

Reid: This is YouTube friendly. Things that will help when you’re using this. When you’re inserting it yourself you may or may not like the ring. I’ve used the insertable condoms for a long time and I usually don’t use the ring. Your mileage may vary.

Cathy: Just pull it out.

Reid: Figure out what feels best for you. Because the ring might actually help you insert it if you’re doing it yourself. What I like to do… Sometimes I’ll have a glove on right depending on how people feel about things, is I will take the ring out and then I will actually put this entire thing if we’re ready on my penis and insert it that way.

Cathy: Which is a fun way to insert it.

Reid: Which is a fun way to insert it. What I would recommend is that you take a lube or whatever lube you have that is condom friendly. Because just because something’s not latex, this is not latex, doesn’t mean that petroleum jelly, coconut oil, things like that won’t deteriorate non latex condoms. Right? You’re looking for a lube that’s condom friendly and latex and non-latex friendly.

What I will do is I will put lube on my penis, slide this on then insert it and we’ll start playing that way. This is already lubed but I just find it to be more…

Cathy: Much better.

Reid: … better sensation when my penis is lubed up. Also, this doesn’t feel very sexy right now because it’s at room temperature. When this is inside somebody’s body and it gets to body temperature, it’s pretty amazing. It’s pretty crazy. I love these and for some people they feel it this gives them more protection. Because it rest in a wider space and covers more territory when the penis is going in.

Things just to be aware of, if you’re rolling around in the dark, make sure your penis goes in the hole not to the side because that can happen. You just need to be aware of that. Then the other thing that’s really nice about this is when and if you ejaculate or when you’re having anal sex, you can withdraw your penis and leave the condom in. If you’re somebody who is good with this, you can then run to the bathroom and take it out so it’s less messy. Or if you’re just a really sweetheart of a person, you can remove it for the person with a handy wipe or towel or whatever that’s there and clean up.

Cathy: I think they’re fun because I like to switch between intercourse and other things. Because it’s in, you don’t have to worry about reapplying a condom if someone gets flaccid or there’s already one in there.

Reid: Also, this stuff, some people are like, “Ohh, latex tastes weird and lube.” This is like pretty much tasteless. We just lost a whole bunch of views. Click. You could be playing with somebody penetratively and then pull your cock out and then get all… they can give you a blowjob and it’s not the same… If you have somebody who’s not really into blowing latex, this could be a potential solution. Those are couple of different ways to use it. Let us know your comments.

Cathy: Play safe.

Reid: Play safe and again this is the old packaging from and the female health company who makes this has a new packaging and we love you guys. Thank you for creating and giving us more choice in how we have sex. Bye guys.

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