Romance Home Run – Step 2: Adding Love Languages to Your Flirting and Romancing

by Reid on November 5, 2022

Romance Home Run Step 2 – Adding Love Languages to Your Flirting and Romancing

Are you ready for Step 2 in creating a Romance Home Run?

Here comes the pitch… And… BOOOM!

Knock it out of the park, why don’cha! (And your lovers go wild…)

If you missed the previous Step 1 post and you’re looking to up your batting average at relationships, then click here to read it now. It will add power to your swing on Step 2! 💥⚾

The other day I talked about people being oriented around romance as either Cats or Dogs and how that also affects how you flirt with them.

Today, I want to help you look like a badass in love and life by adding the Five Love Languages to your flirting and romancing repertoire.

Never heard of the Five Love Languages? Go to Gary Chapman’s website and take the quiz ASAP (I’m not affiliated with his site, FYI):

You may want to ask your friends and loved ones to take the quiz, too. Tell them that you just read some interesting ideas on romance and flirting and you want to consensually and lovingly test how well this stuff works. 

STEP 2: Add Love Languages To Flirting & Romancing

If people basically show how they care and also what makes them feel cared for in five basic categories (AKA Languages), what happens if you weave their special languages into how you flirt? 

The 5 Love Languages are Gifts, Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, and Touch.

Find out what your partner’s top two or three love languages are for feeling cared for. (BTW, this approach can also apply to friends and family members, too, since Love Languages aren’t just for dating/love relationships).

Also let your partners know what your top love languages are for feeling cared for, too. Heck, why not share these two posts with them! You have my blessing to FWD them along. 🙏

Forethought And Affirmation, Plus Love Languages

From the previous post, I hope you’ve already figured out if they’re a cat or a dog. (Which are you, BTW? Hit Reply and share! I’d love to hear from you, Betty.)

Now let’s figure out how you can weave into their catness and/or dogness their two or three different Love Languages (for feeling cared for). This forethought and affirmation + Love Languages can take your flirting and romance to standing ovation levels of approval!

Here are some examples (of course you can tweak this for your particular partner’s favorites)…


Cats — Order several smaller gifts ahead of time, wrap them (in different wrapping papers if you can), and then send them a text with a picture of you holding one or all of them with the words, “I’ve been thinking about you and got you something(s).” Then, when you see them, give them one gift at a time, making sure to playfully tease it out! (You’ll create more flirtatious fun out of giving one gift at a time rather than just dumping all the gifts on them at once.)

Dogs — Follow similar steps above, but tell them the gift(s) you got them is because they deserve “good dog treats” because they keep showing up in your life in ___, ____, and ____ ways. (Being specific about the ways they show up will make the gifts extra meaningful.)

Acts of Service

Cats  — Do the dishes when it’s their turn to do so and tell them that you remembered they had a ______ (example: big meeting) the next day, and you wanted them to have some extra downtime. You can up the forethought part of the flirting by letting them know you prepared something they really like for their downtime (example: a bath) and that they deserve it!

Dogs — Do the dishes and tell them using specific examples why you think they are so wonderful and why they deserve to be well rested for their meeting. 

Words of Affirmation

Cats — Leave little notes saying how much you appreciate them hidden around the house where they’ll find them. Take pictures of the folded-up notes before you hide them and then tease them with texts hinting at where the messages might be hidden.

Dogs — Tell them how wonderful they are in the moment. While you tell them, write it down on a post-it and playfully stick them on their shirt… their pants… You get the picture…💕 

Quality Time

Cats — Tell them ahead of time that you want to spend time with them at their favorite restaurant, and make those reservations! On the day before dinner and during the day of, send them playful reminders of how dressed up to get (or not to get), how much you are thinking about them, counting down the hours to date-time, etc.

Dogs — Ask them what their favorite food is, then look them deep in the eyes and be present with them while you tell them details of what a great job they did/are doing in their relationship with you, and that you’d like to reward them by taking them out to get some of that favorite food.


Cats  — When they come home, have candles, rose petals and soft music playing and tell them you want to give them a nice massage. While leading up to the massage, tell them about other times you regularly think about and appreciate them but haven’t gotten a chance to tell them yet.

Dogs — Cuddle them and rub their back while you tell them several specific examples of how amazing they are to you. If you feel like things are moving towards something sexier than cuddles, shift your verbal appreciations to talking about specific things and ways you like about how they show up as a lover.

Of course, these are just some ideas and examples to get you brainstorming. Adjust and tweak them as needed.

And don’t get down on yourself if it takes you a few times at bat to start to get the hang of this. 

Remember: No one hits a home run their first time up at bat. And the same is often true for romance and flirting with the dogs and cats in your life!

The important thing is that you keep your eye on the ball, and keep swinging and improving…

Your Homework: Take what you’re learning right now and layout a game-plan for what you’re going to try first!

If you can start hitting home runs of romance in your love life, can you see how that could make everything juicier, more thrilling, and more satisfying!?

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Knocking it out of the park ⚾️… You’ll make it look easy, Betty, and leave your loved ones cheering! 💖

I hope to see you inside the course.

Let’s play ball,

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