Things You Can Get At Sex Geek Summer Camp! | Facebook Walk With Reid And Cathy

by Reid on September 28, 2020

Things You Can Get At Sex Geek Summer Camp! | Facebook Walk With Reid And Cathy






Reid: Hello Facebook! It’s Reid Mihalko from and I am here with Cathy Vartuli of It’s a little windy today so please park in our hair.

Hello Cathy Vartuli!

Cathy: Hey, Reid.

Reid: What are you doing here in the Alameda?

Cathy: We are here….well we just have lunch. We’re here getting things ready for sex geek summer camp.

Reid: Sex geek summer camp?

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: What is sex geek summer camp Cathy Vartuli of

Cathy: It’s a five-day four-night sleepover camp to help sex educators get their message out. So anyone that’s sex positive can get out and learn how to spread their word and help more people and make better make more money doing it.

Reid: Oh my goodness, that sounds like an…a great time!

Cathy: It’s an amazing time

Reid: How long how long is this thing been going on? This crazy idea

Cathy: This is the fourth year

Reid: Fourth year

Cathy: Of Reid’s crazy idea. I thought it was crazy when he first told me and it’s so much fun. People really bond and get together. I’ve seen you know businesses take off because people networked and just friendships built and people you can turn to and say “hey, this is some normal or okay” or you know can I….we run this past….past your audience too and just the inspiration for reaching more people and making a bigger difference. It’s a great way to recharge.

Reid: And why do you….why….I mean you run it

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: from behind the scenes. So….but if you weren’t running it because you know Cathy suspects, she’s biased. Okay. But if you were just going as a participant like why would you why would you go? Tell….tell people what you like about sex geek summer camp.

Cathy: Well, the people are amazing. Do you want to flip?

Reid: We’ve got like ten percent battery so make it quick Vartuli.

Cathy: Ah! The people are amazing and the information is great. The env…the environment where you can go skiing the [Inaudible 00:01:56] and walk around and just enjoy the sunshine on your body in between learning new geeky ways to make a difference is really important.

Reid: What’s something that you learned at camp even though you’re running it?

Cathy: Ah.

Reid: What’s…what’s been important for you in your business?

Cathy: Well, it’s about a lot of best spot implementing it, sometimes you can hear something that’s very different from understanding how to do it practically and I love how you teach and help people tune in to what’s really cortch them, authentic for them and I haven’t heard ….I’ve been to a lot of business seminars and I haven’t heard a talk the way you teach it before and it’s really inspiring.

Reid: And what…what…what was that mean? Was…what….how do I teach it?

Cathy: You have people figure out what’s true for them. How you do that, “what…what wakes you up at 3:00 in the morning to get something out or help you stay up until 3:00 in the morning? And what really matters?” Because when you’re teaching that, the passion is real and everything’s really genuine and you’re not kind of like “oh, I should talk to that niche because I can make money.” It’s just real. It’s a lot easier to move forward and get past the fierce.

Reid: Okay and then who’s your favorite person that you’ve met at camp?

Cathy: Oh.

Reid: Pick a favorite and so everyone else can be angry at you.

Cathy: No! I’ve met so many amazing people. I went out to Albuquerque and taught at Self-Serve. Thanks to Hunter Riley. It’s

Reid: And you wouldn’t have met them if it wasn’t for camp?

Cathy: Right.

Reid: Oh my goodness.

Cathy: Probably not. Jimanekia in L.A. like I can’t even name all the people. They’re so many…they’re so amazing.

Reid: And how did they and how did knowing them help you in your career?

Cathy: Well, I’ve done videos with them and a lot of other people, connections, “so did you know about this thing or could you promote this other thing?” Just being part of the community at a really deep level, it lets you get there a lot faster because you’re…in this contained environment getting to know each other and it’s really bonding.

Reid: Cool. Well, obviously Cathy wanted to chat about things that she liked about camp so we decided to do that as a Facebook live go to If you are if you’re interested in coming to a business retreat for sex educators, so you have to kind of fall under or self-identify under the umbrella of a sex positive entrepreneur, somebody who deals with intimacy relationships, sexuality

Cathy: we’ve had yoga teachers

Reid: So when you sign up, if you go

Cathy: [Inaudible 00:04:28]

Reid: check out the FAQ, if you sign up, you’ll still have to fill out a survey

Cathy: An application. Yeah

Reid: just so we know you’re a good fit but other than that, it sounds like it’s a good idea. I mean I’m biased. I won’t I won’t say much more.

Cathy: I wouldn’t put the work into running it unless I thought it was fabulous and

Reid: Yeah.

Cathy: we have the best attendance so far.

Reid: This isn’t going to be the biggest camp yet.

Cathy: So

Reid: Oh, there’s more people coming. Yay!

Cathy: Yay!

Reid: Yeah, so check out You can also go to and sign up for some free training videos and if you can’t come to camp this year, it’ll be happening every year and there’s also some online trainings if you can’t come to camp if you’re in Europe or something like that.

Cathy: Yeah but

Reid: and you just can’t make it

Cathy: come this year. That would be really fun.

Reid: Yeah, I mean definitely come. Definitely, come. We’re….we’re again, we’re biased and I hope everyone’s having a great long weekend. If you’re celebrating Memorial Day here in the U.S and wherever you are today as you’re saying goodbye, let us know where you’re saying goodbye from. Alright, everybody. Say bye to Cathy.

Cathy: Bye everyone. See you soon!

Reid: Hit some emoticons for Cathy so she knows…

Cathy: Yeah. It’s always fun when they make it rain.

Reid: Make it rain for Cathy. Little hearts and thumbs and things like that. Oh, raining thumbs that sounds gross. Alright, Bye!

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