Safer COVID Sex Elevator Speech Resources

by Reid on September 26, 2020

Iconic image above of John Cusak from 1989's Say Anything with him holding a boombox above his head, updated to COVID pandemic times by a light-blue surgical mask photoshopped over his face

Resources for Safer COVID Sex

In an effort to support my own learning during the COVID-19 situation, and because I have nerdy/geeky tendencies towards using learning as a form of self-regulation, preparation, and empowerment… And because I’d like to have Safer COVID Sex during the pandemic… I’ve been looking for and finding some resources that have been HUGELY helpful to me.

It felt appropriate to collect them in one post to make it easier to access and share.

[I will add new things I find to list with an EDITED TO ADD denoting it. List placement is where I think it makes the most sense and use and not when added chronologically. I will endeavor not to add too many links as I know lists like this can be overwhelming, and, chances are, you’re already (and have already) read/watched/listened to plenty. If I remove any entries for whatever reason, I’ll list them at the bottom in a “Removed” section. If you’re an event producer looking for resources and guidelines for running safer events during a pandemic, scroll down to the bottom of this page for that section. <3 Please take care of yourself. If you’re a sex educator and/or event organizer looking for COVID policies and protocols for your events, go HERE. ]

I’ve done my best to confirm that what I’m sharing is medically accurate, psychologically sound, and will reduce harm rather than spread panic–Please endeavor to do the same!

And PLEASE try to be kind to one another. This INCLUDES BEING KIND TO YOURSELF. Inform yourself as you have the bandwidth. Trying to learn EVERYTHING in one sitting isn’t healthy. We all have limits–Myself included (even though I don’t want to admit it!). Everyone has their own unique struggles. And those struggles, just like my struggles, are invisible to onlookers. This pandemic won’t be over in one night, so remember to pace yourself and take care.

My wish is that these resources help you and your loved ones as much as they’ve been helping me. Please share as you feel called to.

Lastly, if you didn’t know already, I grew up in a fairly chaotic and unreliable household for a substantial chunk of my childhood… This is why I resonated with Sara Benincasa’s Tweet when I saw it… 

screenshot of a tweet by Sara Benincasa



Check out this great article in the NYTimes by Siobhan Roberts explaining the Swiss Cheese model of pandemic defense.

Illustration from the NYTimes

SEX & COVID with Dr Doe

How Severe Is The Pandemic Where You Live? tools

COVID Act Now website

If You’re Looking For On-Site Rapid Testing Kits…

I’ve used these kits from eMed and they worked as promoted – (They are not a sponsor and this is not an affiliate link)

Info on COVID testing…

False Negative Tests for COVID – False Negative Tests for SARS-CoV-2 Infection – Challenges and Implications

Molecular-Based Testing – Molecular-based Tests for COVID-19

Marcia Baczynski’s Confident COVID Bubbles workshop…

Image of various people wearing homemade covid masks, including someone wearing a paper bag and another with a plastic container on their head like a helmet

I highly recommend Marcia Baczynski’s Confident COVID Bubbles online workshop. Not only is this a GREAT workshop on how to think about having COVID conversations, but it’s also filled with amazing resources and information presented in a friendly, empowering manner.

How Do you Calculate Household Risks?

Courtesy of Marcia Baczynski’s Confident COVID Bubbles workshop (above), is a useful website created by community members in the East Bay who needed a way to calculate risk for their households. See the whitepaper on the website for details.

Website post: How To Have Sex in The COVID-19-Coronavirus Pandemic

For all your sexy sex geeks… This post needs no explanation as to why it’s important!
Shout out to The Cranky Queer Guide to Chronic Illness for putting that together! 

Article: The Atlantic’sHow We Survive the Winter

The Atlantic article,  How We Survive the Winter, by James Hamblin, M.D. 

New York City’s COVID-19 Sex Guidance PDF

Safer Sex and COVID-19 – PDF

Podcast: You Are Not So Smart podcast – The COVID vaccine episode

YANSS Episode 189 — Why we must use social science to fight misinformation, partisanship, conspiratorial thinking, and general confusion when we finally have a vaccine for COVID-19

Podcast: Radiolab’s Dispatches from 1918

I found this July 17, 2020 podcast episode covering 1918’s Spanish Flu epidemic very useful for understanding pandemics a little better.

Resource List: Resources to Support Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Website post: Taking Care of Your Mental Health In The Face of Uncertainty

Hat tip to Damon Holzum for his Facebook post: “Good, simple advice. And… […] use the acronym STOP: Stop, Take a breath, Observe and plan, Proceed.”
Thank you for all that you do!

Webinar: Dealing with the Fear of the Unpredictable

Rick Wilkes and Cathy Vartuli of Thriving Now ~ Emotional Freedom for All put a call/webinar together… Thank you for this, Cathy & Rick!

Reid’s Massive List of Other Resources Being Used By Friends & Nerds…


Potential Support: If you would like more focused support from me…

You can help me support you by supporting my own work…

Thank you for visiting this resource page. I hope this post was useful for you. If you feel inspired, please share it with your friends, communities and loved ones. And also feel free to email me – Reid (at) – and let me know what was useful for you or if you want to pass along other resources and recommendations.

Thank you for getting this far, and thank you for making the world a better place.

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