Reid Mihalko Is Facebook Living From The Eldorado Trading Company!

by Reid on September 25, 2020

Reid Mihalko Is Facebook Living From The Eldorado Trading Company!






Reid: Hello Facebook live. It’s Reid Mihalko And I am in a huge warehouse in Colorado called Eldorado Trading Company and we’re going to show you today, and as you sign in, leave sign in where you’re signing in from but let’s say hi to Doug. Hi Doug.

Doug: Hi Reid.

Reid: Hi, so what we’re going to do is this is a day in the life of a sex toy from when you order it to when it be is shipped here at the Eldorado where you guys specialize in like shipping, how many hundreds of thousands of things a year?

Doug: About a quarter million packages a year.

Reid: Quarter million packages. And Sadie’s going to help me we’re going to follow Sadie. And then there’s anything else I need to tell people?

Doug: No. I think this is just going to show you, you know how quickly Eldorado processes our orders and can meet the needs of our E-commerce customers.

Reid: Yeah. So if you, I mean again I’ll leave some links and stuff but this is more from a nerdy perspective when you have, how many square feet each?

Doug: 70,000 square feet over 18,000 products.

Reid: 70,000 square feet of sex toys and they have to be shipped and, and Sadie are we, we can actually walk 70,000 square feet.

Sadie: Yeah.

Reid: Okay. Alright. So let’s do it come on the order came in. What’s next?

Sadie: Go some more.

Reid: Alright. Thanks, Doug.

Doug: Yeah.

Sadie: So this is how our AutoBatch’s come up.

Reid: Yeah.

Sadie: So we’re just going to go here to aisle 2.

Reid: Aisle 2.

Sadie: That starts our journey

Reid: Alright. So how many, how many aisles are there? You think?

Sadie: There are about 25.

Reid: 25 aisles.

Sadie: We’ve got 25 aisles.

Reid: Alright.

Sadie: So we’ll leave this in the middle and we’ll head down this way. Right here.

Reid: Alright. Just follow us.

Sadie: We’re going to go for 2E. It’s pretty perfect [Inaudible 00:01:40]

Reid: Alright. Let me try to walk backward in that.

Sadie: So 2E, 2A. So 2E 2A, so we’re looking for some Sasha Grey right here.

Reid: Alright. And the scanning happening. Hello Sasha.

Sadie: Hello Sasha.

Reid: Sasha Grey is with a smell.

Sadie: A lot of Sasha.

Reid: We’re now, we’re now on the move with Sadie’s Sasha Grey at Eldorado.

Sadie: Then the auto will take us to the next one. So 2E, 2A. Enter.

Reid: Look at all the toys.

Sadie: They’re everywhere.

Reid: I love them, aisles and aisles of toys.

Sadie: We’re on down the same aisle?

Reid: Down the same aisle.

Sadie: Yep.

Reid: So what uhm…

Sadie: If the pole doesn’t have us pull off square, we’re walking.

Reid: Okay. So what, what, what ‘coz I’m nerdy and I’ve been asking people like how this all works, so the aisles are set up that the bestselling toys, like the, the items that move the fastest

Sadie: Yes

Reid: are closest to shipping where they package everything or whatever you call it packaging or shipping?

Doug: Yeah.

Reid: Doug? What’s it called?

Doug: Packing.

Reid: Packing?

Doug: For the packing in manifesting areas and what we do is we follow up for operators well 80/20 or 80% of your volume comes from 20% of your products. You get those heavier moving products and you move them closer

Reid: Front

Doug: to of your final destinations and you say everything is for delivery.

Reid: And everything’s faster. Okay and then you told me something else and I’ll remember it in a minute, okay? But back, back to what we’re doing. Okay now we got We-Vibe.

Sadie: We-Vibe.

Reid: Alright, so now the Sasha Grey, We-Vibe, we’re scanning things.

Sadie: And there.

Reid: And the computer tells us what’s next.

Sadie: Serial number. Hi guys.

Reid: Later what I’ll do is I’ll take this video and I’ll just fast forward it and I’ll post the fast-forward part so you can actually see us running around. And you guys do a lot of e-commerce stuff and order fulfillment like you do drop ship for?

Doug: Absolutely. We have about 400 different websites under presently doing business for our stuffs.

Reid: Awesome.

Doug: Yeah.

Reid: And then and I can link to, to that just a regular at, right?

Doug: So yeah it’s so

Reid: Can you…find that information?

Doug: Every person, yeah is looking to start doing business with their website with Eldorado, yes. Then you can reach out through sign up and, and we’ll start processing for you our great center.

Reid: Cool. Awesome. Let’s see now we’re finding things. There’s a, you know maybe you need a blowjob bib. I mean, they’ve got boxes of them I’m just saying.

Sadie: Now off to aisle 5 aisle

Reid: Aisle 5. Now other times they’ve been here to geek out and teach some stuff, what’s been so amazing to me is you like as a sex geek as a nerd, you just walk through these things and like you’re seeing toys and products that like you know but there’s just like you think you have seen it all and then there’s like eight more aisles of something. Okay, what do we got here? Okay. Good good good. Okay we got some sort of clitoral stimuli or something.

Sadie: Yes. Max Attracts.

Reid: Max Attracts. Okay. Good. Okay. Now we’re gonna file. So things got scanned.

Sadie: On to the next. Aisle 7.

Reid: The order itself tells us what to do. 7 more aisles of things and look at all the boxes on top of things and I’m gonna go up wait I’m gonna get a view of the whole warehouse so come with me and then we’ll catch up. And just have Sadie do a thing or their thing I’ll find her. Alright, I’m go up the stairs are you ready? Here’s the view, here’s the storage the warehouse view live from El Dorado Trading Company, where as a distribution company they specialize in helping retail stores and online businesses like get their toys. So basically then a retail store could put in their whole order from El Dorado and get all these different brands and all these different companies on one place.

Sadie: Got the next one [Inaudible 00:06:05]

Reid: Alright, good. That’s Marcus I guess. Marcus is now with us.

Sadie: One of those. And end of there.

Reid: And how are you doing a couple of different orders at the same time?

Sadie: Yes. So we have the different auto batches so the auto intake each similar different batch and we put in to the different locations here to go to our package.

Reid: Ah. Okay. So each one of these, own?

Sadie: Own order. Own customer.

Reid: Ah.

Sadie: Now we’re going to 12. So we’re going back right where you were with me.

Reid: Okay. So the other thing that you need to understand is when I’m here and I see like all the organization and how they track everything it makes me feel really ashamed about how disorganized my my office is and then I just have piles of things and, and and you know there’s like scanning and beeping going on.

Sadie: That’s how I thought about my house as well when I go home.

Reid: And it’s and it’s, it’s quiet right now in this part of the warehouse but like there are times when it’s like it’s like a busy highway of all these picker carts going by with all these orders and now I know that each one of those things is an actual order.

Sadie: Yup. And we picked my zone today so which only led us there about maybe about ten of our aisles so let’s go check out the other warehouse.

Reid: Okay let’s see checkup the other warehouse. Helped this is interesting for you because it’s interesting for me and I’m just nerding out here. And there’s We-Vibe. Hello We-Vibe. Lube, more wet Lube, CalExotics, CalExotics, all kinds of nerdy. Like maybe this is the warehouse as a sex geek you wanna, you know be snowed in on and never have to leave again.

Sadie: Let’s check out the other one.

Reid: More things.

Sadie: Things everywhere. Mile high. And then that’s will be our warehouse 2.

Reid: This is warehouse number 2. This is where the elevate event is happening. There’s teaching going on here.

Sadie: [Inaudible 00:08:02] and then all throughout here is basically all of our lingerie.

Reid: Lingerie. Aisle, aisles, a lot of aisles.

Sadie: Let’s grab our cart and I’ll show you how the packing process goes.

Reid: Excellent. So receiving is where the companies are shipping their product that end up on the shelves. They’re gonna receive the product and then they have to do whatever magic they do to keep track of everything and then I mean keeping track of everything and putting it on restocking the aisles for Sadie to do their, Sadie, what pronouns do you prefer?

Sadie: What’s that?

Reid: Do you have a preferred pronouns?

Sadie: No.

Reid: Okay. It’s just Sadie. It’s just Sadie.

Sadie: Just Sadie.

Reid: Alright, so here we are. So now what’s happening? Where are we?

Kyla: Alright, now we’re in the packing process.

Reid: What’s your name?

Kyla: I’m Kyla.

Reid: Hi Kyla.

Kyla: Hi. Alright, so now we’re gonna do the packing process so just an overview, this is the second stuff of verifying we have everything accurate.

Reid: Okay.

Kyla: I’m gonna go in and log in my scanner type process.

Reid: Okay.

Kyla: And verify all the products are there for the customer. When we pack it try to keep it different shipping packages so our bubble mailers or boxes try to use the smallest and lightest package possible to keep the [Inaudible 00:09:41] slow for the customer. So I’m gonna go in and log in from here.

Reid: Okay.

Kyla: I have my log in already.

Reid: I’m not gonna show you the computer screen cause it might have people’s addresses on it.

Kyla: Yes.

Reid: So keep it confidential.

Kyla: We’ll have their name on the list.

Reid: But you can tell by the, by the cool refreshing glow of the computer screen that the [Inaudible 00:09:57]

Kyla: Yes. Alright. So I’ll scan my bin, I’m gonna scan, it’s a small product so I’ll scan a small bubble mailer so you can park in on there and then I’ll go and scam my product too. If I got all my product scanned it will popped up my screen and letting me know that all the products have been scanned so now I can just  pack it straight into the bubble mailer and this one is good to go so I’m gonna stick it in right here then and I’ll move on to my next order.

Reid: Okay. Oh so you kinda of staged all the orders.

Kyla: Yup.

Reid: Okay.

Kyla: Each pair is in a separate order. So now I can start my next order, I’ll scan my next one. This is a much smaller product so I’ll use an even smaller bubble mailer for this one.

Reid: Now, do all your friends come to you with their, will this fit into this envelope needs because now you have like a superpower when you just look at something

Kyla: Pretty much.

Reid: and you know exactly what it goes on to.

Kyla: Exactly. Like they call me the box queen.

Reid: The box queen, no comment.

Kyla: So I’m gonna pack it in there. Move on to the next order.

Reid: Yup. Boom boom boom. And then, and then does this get maddening ever? Like how do you, I mean, does this feel repetitive? Or is it,

Kyla: A little bit. You got very used to it.

Reid: Yeah.

Kyla: So it becomes very normal. So on this one it’s bit of a larger product so we’ll use a larger bubble mailer.

Reid: Well, Marcus is quite large. Seems.

Kyla: Then scan him in. The one thing about these white bubble mailers is that it can be a [Inaudible 00:11:17] so you gonna keep it discreet I’m gonna wrap it a little bit of papers so you can’t see the product there.

Reid: Ah. Whoa. What was that?

Kyla: That was a paper machine.

Reid: I want one. Did you see that? It just jump out of the wall.

Kyla: So I’m gonna go wrap it up so that way once I place it in a bubble mailer, you can’t see anything through it.Reid: Yup. Okay. Well, now, we’re now moving in to the last work.

Reid: Okay. So and I do and then I’ve talked to, you can keep doing your thing but the I do appreciate like keeping things discreet and talking to Doug like if you can get a lot of things personalized if you’re, if you’re wanting if you’re doing the shipping Doug’s over there for the work, if you’re doing the shipping for another company then you guys can personalize the…

Doug: We can personalize this the shipping labels, the packing list if they want us to wrap a specific items and tissue paper adding sorts, we can do all the same.

Reid: Yeah. So it doesn’t look like, it doesn’t have to look like it’s coming from El Dorado?

Doug: Correct.

Reid: It’s coming from whoever’s like if it was Reid about sex then it’s coming from me.

Doug: That’s it.

Reid: Got it.

Kyla: [Inaudible 00:12:29]

Doug: [Inaudible 00:12:32]

Reid: Oh we have a missing bin. Blue mystery bin.

Kyla: Alright. Yup. Well I have this item scanned so for now when I pack this one, since this one is a cram shell and you can feel that it might be a dildo shape item or vibrator also packing the bubble mailer but I’m gonna go ahead and throw some paper in front of it that way you can’t feel it through the bag [Inaudible 00:12:50]

Reid: Oh this is stuff I would never think of.

Doug: Most importantly is the silhouette. So you deliver something and it’s really  through those postal systems a little bit dusty all of a sudden you have a silhouette on the outside of something so

Reid: Oh yeah it’s kinda like

Kyla: There might have nosy children or nosy neighbor receiving packages in so filling the bag.

Reid: What’s like when you do, when you take wax paper and then and then a, a crayon on a gray something like that and then get an imprint, oh and then all of a sudden you know your neighbor knows you just bought Marcus has arrived. Alright. Got it.

Kyla: Yup. So I put paper on front of it. You can’t tell what it is through the bag at all, it just feel like paper so

Reid: Okay.

Kyla: That one’s finished.

Reid: Fascinating.Kyla: And that would be the process so after this we push it up so it can be there on the plastic. Okay, so this department or this stage is called what?

Kyla: This is the packing stage.

Reid: This is packing stage, okay, which in some places in the sex world packing is a whole different meaning. Now it goes down some sort of conveyor belty thing. Oh oh wait I got to get over here hang on. The people at El Dorado is so patient with me because I asked if we could do this. Who are you?

Nick: I’m Nick.

Reid: Hey Nick. You wanna say hi Nick. You can hit some emoticons show Nick some love on Facebook live. Okay what do we got going on Nick?

Nick: Okay this is the manifesting process so you just unpacked this and all I gotta do is scan this tag in here.

Reid: Okay. I’m intentionally trying to block their computer screens.

Nick: Yeah.

Reid: There we go.

Nick: And for the most part it’s pretty automatic [Inaudible 00:14:16]

Reid: Okay.

Nick: This one, we have the best waiting options so all I have to do basically we’ll record this and we’ll find the best way to inform [Inaudible 00:12:50] the label.

Reid: Then we’ll print out, split up the label.

Nick: Yeah. Just split off the label.

Reid: And then uhm, it’ll do. So wait, so how long has El Dorado been in business with shipping toys.

Doug: With shipping toys… Let’s see, around 1990 early 1992nd cause when they converted from paraphernalia into adult.

Reid: Adult specific. So what was it like in the early days when you didn’t have all the computer and like automatically printing out labels and stuff, does it all done by hand?

Doug: Good all fashioned green bar. Yeah. So on a dot matrix computers, I’ve been with El Dorado 16 years that’s really what we started on and we used to sort everything on paper so we recently switched in to four years ago in through our present system.

Reid: Yeah.

Doug: And basically what we did at that point is it started going into a queuing system and it would automatically sort everything for us based off of the carrier services and any other priorities that was set in our system. So previously we could have up to fourteen hundred pieces of paper that we would go through and manually sort out until we went onto these more on it and this.

Reid: This is crazy. I mean, this is good great like great in just amazing to have it all figured out. I hope, I hope you’re enjoying this I just, I’m nerdy about this…this is exciting. Okay, now what happens?

Nick: So, I got my label on there printed out, gonna stick it there and then we’re just gonna go on the [Inaudible 00:15:59- 00:16:01] right there.

Reid: Okay. Alright.

Doug: They all different services each bin.

Reid: And then, this is all these are all orders that are gonna go out hopefully, that’s far enough for you can see what’s going to. And then what happens next?

Doug: From here our carriers arrive and take these out so we have actually our post-op repair right here getting ready to take it out.

Reid: Oh. Hey men. Is it Matthew? How did I know? In his shirt, they’re giving you heart symbols Matthew. That’s good that’s good they like you. Um, awesome. This is great and then is there like a…the order email goes to whoever coordinates a let me know that ship?

Doug: Yeah. The second that Nick this bit of stuff aboard it automatically sends out an email with the information to you know our primary database and…and, it makes it back off to our customers letting them know that their billing is done in the packing is there.

Reid: And then and then that the last stage is the order fulfillment deck with the beer and the frozen margarita machine and?

Doug: I’m liking your thought, yep,

Nick: It’s a good thought.

Reid: Awesome! Everyone thank you so much for putting up with my dorkiness. Yeah. So if you have questions leave them in the comment section and then if they’re appropriate for Doug and people that held router I’ll just, if you have questions I’ll forward them on to you guys and then I’ll check comments later tonight. So everyone hit some emoticons. Say goodbye. Bye El Dorado guys. Bye thanks, Sadie and everyone else. Bye.

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