Reid’s Sex 10X Deep Dive Retreat | Facebook Walk With Reid And Gretchen

by Reid on May 27, 2021

Reid’s Sex 10X Deep Dive Retreat | Facebook Walk With Reid And Gretchen


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Reid: Hello Facebook it’s Reid Mihalko from and it’s Gretchen!

Gretchen: Good morning!

Reid: And we are about to kick off an amazing Show and Tell Sex Ed retreat, two-day retreat and I’m just gonna give you a Vista right now and as you’re signing in, let us know where you’re saying hello from. Look at these majestic redwoods, look at that that looks like a movie

Gretchen: It looks like we’re not really here.

Reid: So good morning everyone.

Gretchen: It’s a green screen

Reid:  We’re gonna keep…it as a green screen we’re in a Hollywood studio lot right now. We are in Woodside, California which is also I guess Redwood City and we’re at this beautiful place and that is a shade structure behind us for people to practice their homework in and Gretchen, I just want to say thank you for being a part and helping out this weekend.

Gretchen: You’re so welcome.

Reid: With what I’m calling the Sex 10X Deep Dive which is a two-day retreat that is kind of for people who’ve done a six-week online course of mine. And for people who’ve never met you before, what would you like them to know about you so I’m gonna give you the majestic Redwood behind.

Gretchen: Yeah, give me that, you got it.

Reid: Okay.

Gretchen: What would I like them to know about me?

Reid: Yeah like as a sex educator or as a person.

Gretchen: My name is Gretchen, I’m a sex educator from Portland, Oregon happy to be visiting this beautiful Redwood and this lovely Reid Mihalko. I’m so glad to be here.

Reid: What….and what do you find when when you and I talked about you coming and helping out, what do you find useful if somebody teaches workshops in Portland and whatnot what’s useful for people when they can see demonstrations of techniques live and…and kind of get to ask questions like why do you think that’s useful for people?

Gretchen: In my experience, it’s useful for people to be able to see things happen in real time because it breaks down the barrier of sort of business sex that other people are happening other people are  having versus sex…sex wow, I just woke up a little early versus sex as I can actually have and lets people kind of break down the wall between like the sort of sex stars and masters and whatever and just everyday normal people.

Reid: Yeah

Gretchen: I want them to see themselves in those shoes.

Reid: Yeah, and so for for me and again like being able to ask questions and be like “Hey like I’ve always wondered about this particular technique” and then for me like it’s kind of nerdy and congruent for me to be like oh well here this is how I would teach you that technique and it’s the show and the telling and that we can interrupt people “during sex” air quotes

Gretchen: Yeah

Reid: and ask questions and all of the normalization of what that means which is like on the deep, deep level you don’t have to know all the answers. It’s okay to ask questions in a world where we’re supposed to be silent in bed and know everything.

Gretchen: Yeah

Reid: And then of course we have just the luxury again, I’m gonna do the pan and check that out and then to have nature rather than just a hotel you know seminar  ballroom that…there was phone call that just came in but like after you’re learning when you’re taking a break you can go take a walk in nature

Gretchen: Yeah

Reid: you can go you know practice things that you’re learning in a shade structure out on the deck and you can take a dip in the pool like how do you create a retreat where people can learn and you can create an environment that’s good for the nervous system.

Gretchen: Yeah, it’s healing, it’s healing for sure.

Reid: Yeah. Do you have any place on the web you want to point people to?

Gretchen: Now I’m not on it.

Reid: Okay, cool.

Gretchen: I’m just…I’m alone for tonight this weekend.

Reid:  Yeah, okay, thanks for helping and lending all your expertise

Gretchen: No problem

Reid: and your voice to…to things. So greetings we….and goodbye, we got to go teach a retreat. I’ll try to Facebook live tomorrow morning as well and let you know how it’s going. Share this video, leave a comment what would you like to see shown and told to you if if you’re geeking out on sex and relationship stuff? Alright, bye, everyone. Have a great Saturday morning!

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