Is Your Condom Too Long?

by Reid on July 10, 2017

Young woman with a condomDoes your condom slip forward so there’s a bunch of material at the end?

With Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from

Cathy: Someone wrote in and said, “My partner and I often have a problem when the condom will slip off his dick or over stretch the tip so there’s this long piece of latex inside me. Is there something in the application that could remedy these issues?” 

Reid: A cock garter socks. 

Cathy: This is Reid. 

Reid: My name is Reid Mihalko from 

Cathy: I’m Cathy Vartuli from 

Reid: Somebody needs to invent those. They would be great, little garters for that. 

Cathy: Would you like to be helpful now? 

Reid: Yes. A couple of things you can do. They do make a lot of different condoms these days that are different sizes. Things can be, in my experience as somebody who wears condoms, having a better condom fit can help. Sometimes what ends up happening is just things get so lubey that then the condom doesn’t have enough kind of grip at the base to stay on. But usually, what’s happening is the position that you’re having sex in just happens to be the perfect position for that body type and that cock … 

Cathy: The genitals. 

Reid: To just kind of take the condom off like your vagina is a pickpocket. Sometimes, changing the positions will help. But changing positions, exploring that, trying different sized condoms can help or not putting lube inside the condom, things that will help the condom stay on and you just kind of practice with it. 

Cathy: I had this happen when people, men or penis owners naturally there’s like times when they’re really engorged, sometimes when they might get more flaccid and I’ve had that happen when there was some of the harder and softer going back and it kind of worked its way off that way too. Just reapply, taking that one off and putting a new one on. 

Reid: Usually what I do is I just pull out and then I use my hands to kind of like I’m wearing stockings, kind of pull my stockings up and get the condom more tight. Another thing that you can try is you can try getting a silicone or rubber cock ring and getting a size that’s really snug for that particular, the girth of your lover’s shaft and seeing if that can kind of hold the condom on. You’ll put the condom on first then the cock ring over it and get a stretch you want, not a metal cock ring. 

Cathy: It will tear the condom. 

Reid: Or really hard rubber one. What you want is you want something that kind of grips so it needs to be flexible. 

Cathy: Literally a garter belt. 

Reid: Basically a garter belt. 

Cathy: Realize that this happens to other people. There’s nothing shameful. We really appreciate you asking. 

Reid: Yeah, thanks for your comments. Keep bringing us comments. You comment makers and you question emailers, you’re awesome.

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