Reid’s Broadcasting Live Inside The Train!

by Reid on May 18, 2020

Reid’s Broadcasting Live Inside The Train!





Reid: Hello sex geek! It is Reid Mihalko from and I’m trying to live stream from the train. Let’s see if I can do this…..there you go. I know it’s noisy but I just wanted to do… share this really fun experience. Woh! It’s [inaudible 00:30]


I’m going to San Jose to have coffee with a sex educator friend and also do a…..a work weekend with Cathy Vartuli at And one of the things that I discovered is that I can take the train down to….to San Jose from Oakland and get some work done and not be stucked in traffic. And I recommend for some of you who maybe will have or want to plan a weekend getaway with a loved one that I……Allison and I have done taking the train from Southern California up to Oakland and also from Oakland up to Canada actually and when you can afford it, it’s not the cheapest option but if you’re….if rather than flying two people usually getting sleep apart and that’s amazing and super fun unlike super like sexy romantic and you feel fancy and I just want to…..I just want to I want to advice today is to consider as a travel option or as a surprise. Not all trains cast [Inaudible 00:01:52] and…..and I hope you can hear me. Well I’m in….I’m hi Vera! I’m downstairs where it’s….I’m alone because the train is pretty full.


So as long as you can hear me, then I just wanted to do a little quick broadcast from the train and hopefully, that does not making you to….too much in sick. But I….is for us as business people too Allison and I liked traveling via train because we can speak to each other like even if we’re not getting a sleeper car. We can both sit in other seats or go to the coffin car and have……have alone time and there are plugs everywhere so you can plug in which is you know the problem with the most airplane didn’t have a plug-in station. So you’ve got electric and for some of the train routes you’ve actually…’ve also have Wi-Fi. So if you want like a mobile workstation that’s less cramped than….than an airplane and….and maybe a little bit more romantic if you want to sneak away to your sleeper car then how about considering trains and you know I’m a big fan of infrared so thank you infrared for giving me something fun to do. Hello Mobile Workstation as I speed off to San Jose and I’m just going to do I’m just going to leave it there.


So we’ll end with a little…’s not the best view but it is kind of exciting as I speed towards San Jose and I will also say if you’re coming up from San Diego to Oakland it is a  magnificent train ride. It’s so gorgeous and what I would recommend is pick a time of day where you’ll be coming up the coast at sunset because you’re right sat the ocean and it’s facing West and then also the train ride up for Oregon and to….and Washington is beautiful. So, I mean you kind of [Inaudible 00:04:04] and when you get sleeper car you’ll also get meals included and on the Starlight Express I think you’ll get the wine tasting as well very swanky.


So there you have it. That’s my little review for romance and productivity on the train. Bye everyone! Leave some emoticons. Bye!

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