Making Things Happen At Sex Geek Summer Camp with Dr. Liz Powell

by Reid on September 25, 2016

liz-powell1Dr. Liz Powell from shares what made a difference at Sex Geek Summer Camp.


Liz: Hi, I am Dr. Liz Powell from I’m here today to talk to you about Sex Geek Summer Camp. So my biggest takeaway so far here at camp has been how amazing YouTube can be as a tool to reach people and how I can get over my fears about doing video. For me, as a feminine identified person, I often worry about like if I don’t have my makeup on like right now or if I don’t look perfect that I shouldn’t shoot video, that I can’t say the things that I want to say that are important to me if I don’t look right. And hearing Cathy talk about how important it is to just say what you need to say and not keep it because of how it looks or whether it’s the right time or whether it’s perfect made such a big difference for me. So this week, I got my YouTube channel up and I’m gonna start uploading videos right now. It’s huge. Something I really enjoyed about camp is that this is a space where I’m surrounded by my community and no one’s gonna judge me for being me. So like, I haven’t worn a bra for a few days and I would never do that back in the real world and especially as like professional Dr. Liz, that would not be as welcome. But here people don’t judge my professionalism by my appearance, they judge my professionalism by what I offer, by how I speak, by the things that I do and it makes such a big difference to be with people who understand you the way you are. So if you’re on the fence about coming to Sex Geek Summer Camp, what I would say to you is that, if you don’t enjoy spending time with people who are awesome and learning a lot about business and like, making new friends and having a great time and then like, this is not the place for you. But if you want to spend like less than five hundred dollars on a really amazing experience with people who care about you and want to help you succeed along with getting amazing business tools, tons of opportunities to shoot video, to get work done, it’s the best deal out there when it comes to building your business. So, why not? Press the button, click send, hit yes. Come on and do it.

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