Sex Magic: What Is It And Can You Use It For Your Business?

by Reid on September 25, 2016

Love And Passion Hands On Spring FlowersCan you use sex magic to improve your business?

With Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from

Reid: Sex magic. Can you use it on your business, what the hell is it? Cathy Vartuli from

Cathy: Reid Mihalko from

Reid: Some of you know that I am a pragmatist. I like my science and my peer reviewed double blind research. Cathy’s by night, a 19 patents holding engineer, she’s a very smart person. I don’t know why she does these videos with me. I’m also a mystic. I have had stuff happen to me that I know there’s not science for yet. I speak woo woo and I speak science fluently. Cathy’s better at science than I am. She helps me be more articulate. That being said, can you use sexual energy to improve your business, as one of our writers, one of our followers wrote in. The answer is yes. I don’t know if it will do a damn bit of good, but it’s certainly fun.

Cathy: So why not?

Reid: It might do a lot of good. What we do know is, having sex and being clear about what you’re trying to create in your life is a really great cocktail for just having fun and being intentional.

Cathy: Yeah, when we’re out of integrity around something, like there have been times I wanted to create something here, but my heart may not have been aligned with it, or I had some blocks in the way. It was hard to be very sexual. It was hard to focus sexual energy towards that. It was a good way, it was actually a barometer for me to know that there was something I needed to look deeper in around what was blocking me from creating that.

Reid: When you’re using, this is the more woo woo side, right, so my scientists, just put fingers in your ears. From a woo woo perspective, you using, accessing the creative energy of sex while focusing it towards, or aiming it at, right? Because you don’t have to be thinking about your business project while you’re bonking somebody that you love, because they might be like, where did you go? And you’re like, I’m doing accounting, this is so good. What you can do, is you can aim your intention that this is what I want to dedicate this energy to, point it at and then kind of set that intention and then be accessing all of that creative energy.

Now the more pragmatic sciency side of it is, you’re creating this goal, visualizing it, while you are accessing and about to dump, hopefully because it’s good sex, a lot of endorphins and stress release hormones.

Cathy: In your body.

Reid: And while connecting with somebody and you know, taking care of a lot of your monkey needs. That can be really super invigorating and help you work through, like you were saying, like blocks and fears, because now you’re re-patterning this goal that you’re visualizing with sexual self expression and expansion. That’s a potent cocktail, whether woo woo exists, whether the science is right or not. This is all great, and if you’re having sex with people that you like and you’re in a business that you like, it sounds like a good life.

Cathy: Yeah, sometimes you can see the problems, the blocks from a different perspective when you’re being very somatic. You’re in your body experiencing things from a different way, which I really like. There’s different ways to use your sexual energy to direct it towards your business. Some people will just set the verbal intention or mental intention before they have sex. They can invite their partner to direct their energy towards it and some people, I’ve actually seen someone shouting it out during orgasm. Make sure your partner’s in agreement.

Reid: Can we close that deal? Then some people just fuck on their desk at work. That’s weird.

Cathy: Don’t do that if you’re in corporate please.

Reid: No, HR hates that. Leave your comments below. What do you think about sex magic or the ideas that we’re talking about in this video? Thanks for watching.

Cathy: Bye.

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