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by Reid on April 26, 2010

Reid is Nobody’s Fool as he hits the airwaves this Tax Season and learns how Spock’s Vulcan hand-sign can make us all better lovers!

April was a busy month for Reid and instead of our usual “Article of the Month,” this month we’re going to spare your Tax Form-weary eyes and give you a few fun things for your ears. So grab your headphones (just in case your Mom or the kids are within ear-shot) and click on any of the icons below and let us know what you think of these interviews!

Damit, Jim… I’m a Vulcan, not a vibrator!

Here’s a quick Flip camera YouTube video Reid snatched of Sexploration with Monika‘s host of the same name describing to her listening audience how to “Live long and prosper”… in Bed!

Monika boldly learned her new, Ambassador Spock pleasure move at Allie Moon’s Girl-Sex 101, a workshop influenced by Reid’s NC17, Show-N-Tell Sex Education workshop series where adults get to watch explicit demonstrations and ask questions… Girl-Sex 101 is for Earth girls who sleep with Earth girls (and for Vulcans who sleep with Earth girls, too, we guess)…

Listen to the entire interview below on Real Player…

Click Above to listen to this podcast for free on RealPlayer!

I also appeared as the first-ever guest sex educator on the a weekly online sex education podcast for Brown University (my alma matter, btw). It’s called Tearin’ It Off, which is co-hosted by the amazing Megan Andeloux, sex educator extraordinaire, and entertainment journalist Mirage… The topic was orgasms, and I had –hopefully– some wisdom to share, as well as my impersonation of legendary oceanographer Jacques Cousteau in search of the elusive simultaneous orgasm…

A client hits a wall with her husband…

My husband and I had hit a wall. We were discussing the possibility of ending our relationship of 7 years. We had gone beyond our skill level in handeling the difficulties that we were facing as a couple. After our session with Reid, we had a completely different attitude towards our relationship – we saw that we could stay together and create a life that we loved together.

Reid is great at blending real, practical information in a dynamic, fun-loving, engaging style. He is an excellent listener and wonderful mediator. He listened to both sides with equal openness and offered vital advice to us both. He offered the perfect information that we needed to hear to go forward in our relationship. There are metaphors that he gave that we still use today.  He have practical advice, space to feel feelings without minimizing or giving them over-importance, and compassionate support.

His light-hearted but sincere attitude also helped us to see that our problems were not as big as we thought they were. He helped us to see that we had a lot of love between us and could renew our relationship to make it better than ever. We are now happier than ever. Since seeing him we are now truly a team – allies in each other’s lives to live the best lives ever.

~Anonymous, New York

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Looking to spend your Tax refund on something to improve your relationships???

For the women who give to much…

Reid events this month and next…

Tax Day, while not so gentle on my wallet, was a huge success to my career as I co-facilitated a special Tax Day edition of Iron Slut Sex Educator Showdown! Wearing dueling Hawaiian shirts, which I hope to have a few pictures of that soon, we covered seduction, full-body fellatio, and ergonomic and neck-friendly 69-positions!

The rest of April was spent booking and coordinating May travel and teaching plans, which you can get a sense of by taking a quick look-see at my online calendar…

To sum it up, I’ll be at Brown University speaking about sex education and censorship on the collegiate level, teaching a Hand-Sex workshop and 2-day intensive in Los Angeles for those interested in Energetic Sex (the woo-woo, Kundalini yoga kind, not just the Energizer Bunny kind!), appearing on Nina Hartley’s SexWise.TV show, and then off to Seattle, Washington, where I’ll be moderating a media panel at Seattle’s Sex 2.0 conference (which, it’s rumored, will be their first-ever Spin-The-Bottle panel – MY idea, can’t ya’ tell!?!), facilitating a Negotiating Successful Threesomes workshop and debuting Seattle’s first-ever Iron Slut Sex Education Showdown!

See Reid speak at Brown University!

Hand-Sex on locally grown, Californian produce!

Reid demonstrates an energetic orgasm and what he calls “Tantric Twitchies” (Kriyas). Curious? Come to LA and learn how to do it yourself!

And… Just to tease you Mid-Westerners who’re frustrated that I never swing through your neck o’ the woods… What are ya doin’ this June, eh?

Come to Chicago and play with meeeeee!

Happy May Day, everyone! Spring has sprung, so get out there and enjoy the flirtatious energies of the season…

Yours in amazing sex ed,

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