Why Most Human Beings Are Afraid Of Exploring Sexuality?

by Reid on January 15, 2020

Why Most Human Beings Are Afraid Of Exploring Sexuality?





Cathy: So, Reid at the recent http://sex10x.kajabi.com/sp/38725-improve-your-sexual-prowess-ten-fold you have a beautiful quote that I love and I want to talk about it a little more with you here because I think that our intrepid viewers might appreciate it I know you touched me.

Reid: What is intrepid mean?

Cathy: They’re like fearless and they’re willing to go in really strange places.

Reid: You are fearless and you do go in strange places.

Cathy: They’re still if they’re still watching they’re still here.

Reid: That’s right. That’s right.

Cathy: So.

Reid: This is Cathy Vartuli from http://theintimacydojo.com/

Cathy: This is Reid Mihalko from https://reidaboutsex.com/

Reid: Intrepid viewers welcome.

Cathy: Yes

Reid: Hope we’re not talking much.

Cathy: So, what you’re your quote was “Most human beings will never explore their responses on their sexuality just like they will never stand naked in the rain and you you were referring to the

Reid: Mutant Message Down Under which is a book written by, I forget.

Cathy: Ah, it’s written on the other side of the wall but I don’t have it right now.

Reid: Okay

Cathy: It was and I’d read it actually.

Reid: You can look that out

Cathy: Yeah. I really love the book it was beautiful.

Reid: It’s a great book.

Cathy: But it touched me that yeah I have got to say I make it in the rain I love that and I’ve gotten to explore my responses in my sexuality but  so many people aren’t aware that that’s a thing to explore and they’re kind of going through life wondering where are the juices?

Reid: Yeah

Cathy: And just the fact that you’re watching this video indicates that you’re willing to explore some of that but I think that when we make it conscious like I was really touched when he said that it was like kind of teary like wow that’s so sad that’s a only people.

Reid: Yeah. That’s a great part of the book where it talks about this woman is on walkabout this white woman has on walkabout in Australia and abroginal elder she asks him or her I can’t remember ahh, what is what the saddest about what are they most sad about or regret and the person said I regret that most people on the planet will never stand naked in the rain and that really touched me deeply and when it comes to sex sexuality and pleasure if you think about you know the seven however many point whatever billion people on the  planet more than 50% like I mean we’re talking like 90 whatever percent of the planet probably, we’ll never stand naked in the rain. They’ll never give themselves permission; they’ll never have a place where it’s safe enough for them to to to you know stand at their backyard or wherever and just feel the rain on their naked skin. Most people you know are so afraid of being naked anyway.

Cathy: Or present with their body is in this feeling

Reid: Yeah or even just naked emotionally with another human being, right? So this idea of the courage and the awesomeness that you have for even watching videos like this and taking those baby steps to figure out how to give yourself permission how to access the courage and walk through the nervousness to one day take your clothes off and stand outside when it’s raining like if we use that as a metaphor for your own life around sex you know there are people that have never you know never touched their genitals and just breathe and you know some people don’t masturbate it’s okay if you don’t masturbate because that’s your choice.

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: But it’s not okay if you’ve never given yourself permission to touch yourself and pleasure or just explore yourself because culture told you that was sinful or bad or this or that because culture is telling people they can’t stand naked on the rain or or that’s weird to do that so there’s all these things that culture our lives are telling us we can’t have and I just want to question maybe you can, maybe it is a good thing to touch your genitals maybe using a vibrator or a dildo or just your hands and not making everything have to be about penises and erections or like what happens if we question what we’re not supposed to do and then explore a little bit that’s that’s kind of weird actually.

Cathy: Yeah, no I’d loved it and to me it’s like before I’ve kind of yeah I just had a lot of issues on sexuality yet when I was younger and I.

Reid: And here you are with the YouTube channel.

Cathy: Yes, well I didn’t know how to explore, I didn’t even know there was something to explore. It’s like more talks about it and I didn’t know why I didn’t know. But if felt like I was starving for something and I was eating Twinkies because I really was craving for some amazing luscious dessert but Twinkies was all I knew and I do like Twinkies sometimes but there’s nothing wrong. Well like just sex it was like I didn’t I wasn’t present with my body, I wasn’t present on the other person, I was in my head and it was a Twinkie of of sex to me I didn’t that I could be really present with my fingers and be present with this other person explore and just have and a kiss be more intense and deep than what I have experienced before with full intercourse so I love that you share this, I love that you get it out there and where can people feel find more about your.

Reid: Yeah, it’s High Performance Relationship Mastery.com that’ll that’ll tell you about the weekend, different online courses you can do, just the you know how you start to take your relationship skills and know-how and you know get better gas mileage more fun get them to just perform better an so that you can explore so you can stand out in the rain naked.

Cathy:  Yeah and if you if it’s not for you that’s fine but we encourage you like if you know somebody that you think isn’t standing naked in the rain or never experience this if you want to share this video with them maybe that could help them break through because I didn’t know what I didn’t know before like I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t explored it so.

Reid: So whatever that version of the metaphor is for you, doesn’t have to be literally standing in the rain.

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: I invite you to at least start asking yourself the questions and start exploring because year from now, ten years from now you might be having experiences that you didn’t think were possible.

Cathy: Thanks for being here and thanks for being intrepid and amazing.

Reid: Intrepid viewers. Leave comments intrepid viewers.

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