How Do You Write Workshop Descriptions and Good Sales Copy? | Facebook Walk With Reid

by Reid on January 12, 2020

How Do You Write Workshop Descriptions and Good Sales Copy? | Facebook Walk With Reid






Reid: Alright I think we’re live everybody.

Cathy: Are we live?

Reid: We are live. Hello everybody! It’s Reid Mihalko from and and when I’m wearing my green sex geek summer camp T-shirt this is business advice for sex educators, workshop facilitators and the like and we are on a daily walk with guest star Cathy Vartuli of

Cathy: And I can’t see them at all cause the sun are at us.

Reid: Well just look in this general direction

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: This is this is a better picture

Cathy: For them?

Reid: I think than if we do it this way

Cathy: But we can open our eyes

Reid: See? See? That’s like…like now we’re just

Cathy: We’re highlighted

Reid: Now…now we can

Cathy: Oh my

Reid: see them but we’re backlit. Okay so…so we’re not going to be able to read we’re not going to be able to read any comments but leave a lot of comments and let us know

Cathy: What you think?

Reid: What…. how we’re doing even though we are blinded by the light. We are in in San Jose California with at Cathy’s Vartu…Vartuli’s hidden secret headquarters because Cathy works for a company that we cannot… you…you’re not allowed to name but if we were to guess fruits, types of fruit you might you might guess it eventually and Cathy you know is a Ph.D. Engineer by day with 19 patents but by night we’re in the brightness of…of…of the weekend sun

Cathy: Yes. Very sunny

Reid: We…we geek out on businessy things around sex education and just generally helping people and then with camp we help sex educators make a living and reach more people. Let me see them up

Cathy: Yeah [Inaudible 00:01:40]

Reid: You’re on my selfie game… oh there we go

Cathy: Yeah. Is that better?

Reid: we’ll just…this is like a Quentin Tarantino film where we’re like opening up the…the trunk. So, the question I wanted to have you with

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: Is and just let us know that you can hear us. Make sure the sound is good. Leave a comment or hit a bunch of hearts if the sound is good. But I wanted tips for them on writing good workshop descriptions and good sales copy

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: Because you are a little bit of a nerd

Cathy: Yes

Reid: about that kind of thing. So, what are some tips for them? For our sex geeks out there

Cathy: Yeah. So, most people know the right bullet points like what they’re going to get out… people will get out of the workshop write them down and then come back the next day and say so that and so that to the end of it. So, you’ll be able to speak to talk to your partner “so that” why do I care?

Reid: You’ll know three different handjob techniques

Cathy: So that?

Reid: So that why

Cathy: Right. Some people really want to know what they’re going to do to get out of it. So if I know I can talk to my partner so I can have an authentic deep relationship that matters to me more than that I get to talk to him or knowing the hand job techniques that I can really wow my partner or like feel like a rock star in bed. That’s more exciting than just doing techniques

Reid: Got it. So…so if we can put this “so that” in our bullet points

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: that will help people figure out why what they’re going to get and then something you and I learned from Brennan Bouchard I’d…if I remembered it correctly was the difference between extrinsic

Cathy: And intrinsic

Reid: and intrinsic benefits

Cathy: Yes

Reid: So, do you want to…to describe that?

Cathy:  So, if I if I learn these things, I might be different inside and then I might appear differently and then affect people around me differently. So, it’s very…very bright today

Reid: That’s okay. Just…just talk to them

Cathy: So, intrinsic means I feel more confident like if they’re doing…I’ll go back to the hand job thing, I feel more confident in bed, I’ll feel good about myself inside and then my partner will be more fulfilled, my community will learn these things from me too. How am I affect the outside world? And if you can alternate between intrinsic and then in extrinsic benefits that help people feel safe going forward. If I just talked about how I’m different than I feel selfish if I go ahead

Reid: Okay

Cathy: I mean if the

Reid: So if you only get illness taking to intrinsic

Cathy: Right

Reid: benefits for folks then they might try to feel

Cathy: How can I justify this time and money when it’s just about me?

Reid: Got it.

Cathy: And if I focus on extrinsic, then I feel like “oh, I’m sad. I mean I’m in murder again and doing it for other people all the time”

Reid: Sure for…for the people that work hard

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: and give selflessly if it’s about all the benefits that their partner or their families going to get

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: then they actually need to hear what’s in it for them.

Cathy: Right. If you alternate between the two it’s like, “wow I can help myself and other people” this…it makes me feel more like a win.

Reid: Got it. Awesome. Any other any other tips for a

Cathy: Well there’s a zillion of them but

Reid: Yeah. Well, I mean you cover some of that at…at sex geek summer camp.

Cathy: Yeah.

Reid: So, if you’re curious about sex geek summer camp you can get some free training videos at or if you want to go right to the nitty gritty and….and figure out you know register for camp you can go to and that will give you all the buy buttons and things like that immediately

Cathy: Yes

Reid: Because some of you who have already decided that you want to join us for our 5-day business retreat that’s an actual camp with s’mores and campfires and….and creeks

Cathy: 4th annual

Reid: The 4th annual sex geek summer camp is coming up this July

Cathy: and they were

Reid: 2017

Cathy: they keep getting better

Reid: Yup. And if you’re watching this after July 2017 still go to camp FAQ

Cathy: Sign up for the next one

Reid: ‘coz you can come to the next one ‘coz we’re just going to keep doing camp ‘coz it’s so much fun.  Any other any other any other words as we… now we’re going to put the back to our sun. The sun to our backs and now look at that look at that about lens flare ladies and gentlemen.

Cathy: I think the biggest thing people have, they have a hard time saying how much this is going to…the workshop will help people because it seems routine to them. If you’re teaching, you’ve…you’ve probably known it for a while. If you could remember back to when you’re first for learning these things and how about the big difference it would make? Like if you…when you first learn that thing like “wow!” You can do this with your hand and just like really a delight. Remember that feeling. Let yourself be vulnerable if you refer back to the time when you didn’t have this that lets you like really photocopy.

Reid: Yeah. Okay most of us are so geeky and so nerdy and we’ve been at it so long that we forgotten what it’s like when we were…we’re bright-eyed and….and….and nervous

Cathy: Yeah

Reid:  freshly covered with…with the morning dew of our noviceness

Cathy: And….and don’t use words that you didn’t know back then.

Reid: Yeah, yeah. Talk to people in the language that they’re actually using that can be super….super helpful and we’re actually going to talk more I’m going to be geeking out more about that particular thing at a three-day event called sex geek design

Cathy: It’s a  [Inaudible 00:06:56]

Reid: studio where we’re going to be designing an entire workshop in just three days from start from just idea all the way to finish copy

Cathy: we live with the design workshop

Reid: Yes. So, you can check out should get you to that and if that link doesn’t work because I’m misremembering it, just tell me so in the comments and I’ll and I’ll make sure that that’s the right link.

We’re almost done with our walk. So, leave some emoticons, make it rain some hearts and thumbs up and things like that and Cathy thanks for being a guest star today on our walk.

Cathy: Oh, it’s my pleasure. It’s great to see everyone.

Reid: Yeah. And then and then we’ll check out the comments in a minute when we when we get back inside

Cathy: We can actually read them.

Reid: We can actually see our phones. So bye everyone. Bye! Mwah!


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