What Do You Do When A Good Friend Asks You To Be Less Hammy?

by Reid on March 10, 2020

What Do You Do When A Good Friend Asks You To Be Less Hammy?





Reid: What do you do when a good friend of yours says that they would love to see you be less hammy? I’m Reid Mihalko from https://reidaboutsex.com/

Kamala: And I’m Kamala Debbie and I think that Reid is just so solidly somber that I thought he needed a little spunk in his life.

Reid: I can actually turn this into an educational video rather than a swish being goofy.

Kamala: Uhuh.

Reid: So Kamala Devi is a good….good friend of mine for a more than a decade now. A Tantra teacher, author, mother, lover to the world all yummy good stuff you can check her stuff out at http://www.kamaladevi.com/ and how do you because you have a big theater background

Kamala: Sure

Reid: you did tantra….Tantra Theater then tantra palooza then poly palooza

Kamala: Yes

Reid: and all these awesome events but for you when you’re co-teaching with somebody

Kamala: Right.

Reid: like we’ll….we’ll make this a fun video for anybody who’s doing facilitation. When you’re co-teaching with somebody and they’re they have a very different personality than you like how do you like what’s your wisdom or how do you

Kamala: The….the key you know there are tons of tips about what to do on I….I said tips, not tits but what to do on stage then how to be a better performer or how to like you know synergize but the number one key out of everything that you learn in public speaking is listening because if you’re listening to your co-teacher on that will inform you know how to show up and it’s like an improv if….if you don’t hear the other person on stage you’ll have no gift to offer

Reid: and….and for how do people bring that into like personal relationships right I mean relationship’s not performance but

Kamala: Right.

Reid: how if your partner is very different than you like what… do you have advice for that?

Kamala: Yeah. So, it so the  list…..listening happens at like 200 different levels and what you want to be listening for is okay if they’re being super you know we give the example like animated it’s what you know what is it they’re trying to get across underneath all the histrionics or you’re saying or you might think what are their feelings what are their needs you know underneath and you’re listening  at different levels and then it’s always like how can I serve listening for an opening, listening for an opportunity?

Reid: So it comes back to just being present and not making people wrong.

Kamala: Yeah.

Reid: We’re being goofy!

Kamala: Yeah. If you’re in your….if you’re in your brain you’re like “oh my god, you’re such a goof” and you’re just like you know having your judgments all of a sudden you’re distracted out of the moment and not….not present and able to….to serve. Yeah.

Reid: Last but not least a new book that just came out we talked about it at another video

Kamala: Thank you.

Reid: The Sacred Slut Sutras you can check it out at http://www.kamaladevi.com/ and that’s K.A.M.A.L.A D.E.V.I.com

Kamala: Awesome!

Reid: Hey, thank you for your advice.

Kamala: My pleasure.

Reid: Bye!


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