What Is the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit?

by Reid on March 13, 2020

What Is Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit?





Reid: What is Woodhull? Hi my name is Reid Mihalko from https://reidaboutsex.com/ also the creator of http://www.sexgeeksummercamp.com/ and when I’ve got the green shirt on with the camp logo that means this is a business advice video for sex educators and whatnot and I have the amazing Nina Hartley from http://www.nina.com/notsafeforwork

Nina: Not safe for work.

Reid: Not safe for…

Nina: [Inaudible 00:00:22]

Reid: it’s not safe for work that….that http://www.nina.com/notsafeforwork and @ninaland on Twitter. Tell us about Woodhull ‘coz I….I know what it is but they don’t and you’re way more articulate.

Nina: Woodhull…..Woodhull Alliance.org https://www.woodhullfoundation.org/ is the only civil rights organization that works at the intersection of human rights and civil rights. Our motto is “Sexual Freedom is a Fundamental Human Right.” We’re also working on the….the Right to Family Project so Woodhull is an advocacy group it is an umbrella group that seeks to work with policy makers and lawmakers to directly change the laws that impact our ability to use our bodies as we see fit. One of the things I’m most proud of is they talk they got the law reversed in Florida that mandated the shackling of female prisoners in labor. It’s not like they’re going to go anywhere. So every year in Washington D.C. in August we have the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit hashtag SF

Reid: FS

Nina: S16 Sexual Freedom Summit’16 it’s

Reid: And then in 17 it’ll be 17 and yada….yada…..yada.

Nina: You say…..etcetera but it’s a fourth now. Goof a half a day seven years ago with our seventh year and now it’s four days of workshops and CEU units. Great parties at night, fascinating workshops on sex and aging, sex and relationships a whole panel on lube last year sex and the law sex work and the law it’s just a fabulous inclusive super….super fun goofing gay straight by it’s

Reid: It’s a lot of fun

Nina: strive…it strives to be very….very accessible to all people it is absolutely a hardcore no shame barrier. So race create color orientation, physical ability, physical appearance y’all come and meet other people like yourself make connections and we have the Vicki Sexual Freedom Awards. If you don’t know about Victoria Woodhull just go she was eccentric before her time. Herself

Reid: Yup.

Nina: her….her ideas in the 1880s where radical then and they’re radical now so that’s why that’s why….why Woodhull? Victoria Woodhull,

Reid: That’s why

Nina: first woman to run for president

Reid: If you’re a sex educator or sex positive business person

Nina: We need you

Reid: entrepreneur

Nina: massive networking

Reid: come to the summit. It’s well worth your time, it is hella fun and you’ll get to rub elbows in network and geek out with some amazing activist, sex educators

Nina: Oh my god

Reid: and policymakers

Nina: Hardy Haberman and Buck Angel and there’s going to be a bubbles in burlesque is going to be like a sexy carnival I think.

Reid: There’s…there’s cigar night or we’re doing

Nina: Yeah.

Reid: fundraisers

Nina: Yeah

Reid: So if your cigar type person or a Leatherman or a leather person

Nina: Person

Reid: or a leather woman or a leather whatever

Nina: You can wear your costume all day

Reid: Yup.

Nina: or walk around in jeans and a t-shirt. Everything that you want could possibly be there and what’s really fun is I met some new….from making new friends there

Reid: Yeah.

Nina: this is….it’s a safe place to come. So if you feel where you are like there’s “no one like me anywhere in the world.” Oh yes there is.

Reid: Yeah. Like Woodhull on Facebook, check out the website. We’ll leave some things in the descriptions below. Thank you Nina and thank you

Nina: Thank you

Reid: for being a part of Woodhull

Nina: And thank you for coming to Woodhull ’coz

Reid: You’re welcome.

Nina: C….can we tell them now?

Reid: You can tell them. I don’t know what you can tell them but tell them

Nina: I’m fortunate enough to actually get to room with Reid at Woodhull. So that’s just y’all you got to come to Woodhull

Reid: Yeah.

Nina: ‘coz it’s fun.

Reid: It’s a good time.

Nina: It’s a good time.

Reid: Awesome. Leave some comments. Hit…..hit subscribe, go find Nina at http://www.nina.com/notsafeforwork and that’s not safe for work ladies and gentlemen. Bye!

Nina: Bye!

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