Problems with Your Co-Teacher? What Do You Do?

by Reid on March 7, 2020

Problems with Your Co-Teacher? What Do You Do?




In the middle of a workshop, what do you do when your relationship with your co-teacher starts to implode? Get tips with With Reid Mihalko from and Kamala Devi from

Reid: What do you do when you’re co-teaching with another facilitator and in the middle of the workshop or the retreat or whatever the dynamic you have starts to implode and it’s affecting teaching your audience? My name is Reid Mihalko from also the creator of and when I’m wearing the green shirt this is business advice and this is the amazing Kamala Devi from workshop leader, author, mom and you’ve taught with tons of different people so this is why I want your advice on this.


Kamala: Thank you. Yeah.


Reid: You’re teaching for whatever reason you didn’t realize that you had personality issues you’re….you’re it’s happening live and it starts to implode, advice.


Kamala: Yeah. So a lot of that….that could look a lot of different ways and when one is triggered and trying to teach it’s like all of the sudden you get hijacked and….and you can’t you know like can’t even deliver and the….one of the ways I know I’ve actually taught and been totally comfortable and watched my co my co-teacher get triggered and just start to shrink and wither, oh it’s heartbreaking ‘coz it’s like what’s going on? What is…. and I was the one triggering them.


Reid: Yeah.


Kamala: And so the….the what to do in that moment is have in your back pocket here’s an exercise turn to a partner let’s do a little partner share and you turn to your…..your partner which is your co-teacher


Reid: And you go what the f*ck?


Kamala: And you go I love you, I love you, and I want to make you shine, I recognize that we’re not in sync how can we get connected right now? And it’s really not about looking bad and figure out like looking back and be like what did I do bad? What did I do wrong? It’s more like right now we’ve got the reins of this and we have to turn it around how do we make the most of it and it’s always like get in touch with what you love about that person


Reid: Yeah.


Kamala: bring that out in them remind them like specifically this is what makes you so unique, this is why I chose you to co-teach


Reid: So it’s like a huge appreciation club sandwich


Kamala: Yeah, that’s right.


Reid: and that would also refocus you on why you’re teaching with them in the first place.


Kamala:  and when you’re on stage don’t focus on the sandwich part to meet where you’re supposed to like give someone


Reid: To upgrade no


Kamala: No, no


Reid: it’s…. it needs to be all


Kamala: You…you process that later it’s like


Reid: all appreciation


Kamala: “Look we’re going to totally turn this around. We’re going to rock the end of this workshop and….and if you can’t do that in this in the length of one exercise you’re like okay you know you turn to the group and say we’re going to take a little break now” and then you guys see how much you can love each other up till you can shine onstage.


Reid: Got it. That’s a really good advice


Kamala: Yeah.


Reid: And the reason I’m bringing this up is a lot of educators who come to sex geek summer camp, we’ve all or even just workshop junkies we’ve all been there when we saw the co-facilitators basically having their…their relationship fight


Kamala: Yeah.


Reid: in front of everybody and what that that can do to your


Kamala: It’s so hard and as a participant you’re like mommy and daddy are fighting


Reid: Fighting


Kamala: Yeah. It’s….it’s…’s bad….bad….bad


Reid: So for sex educators, sex-positive entrepreneurs which you are one they…they know about camp I’m also running other events like sex geek conservatory and….and such that so you can find those all at or What offerings do you have or things that would be really useful for facilitators?


Kamala: Well, a quick invitation to Poly Palooza and this year it’s going to be more of a Tantra Poly Palooza whether you’re poly or not it’s incredibly sex positive experience at Club Hedonism in Jamaica.


Reid: Yeah and this is in 2016


Kamala: Yeah.


Reid: So if….if you’re watching this later then the world


Kamala: then the Poly Palooza will likely be going on since it’s been going on for six years


Reid: Yeah and they can find out at

Kamala: That’s great and the reason I invite you to it is because I think that sex educators really need to not just network but also play and have peermanship and it’s a place to just really run wild


Reid: For all of it


Kamala: Yeah.


Reid: And….and then last but not least and I haven’t asked you this in a while like Tantra theater is that still going to


Kamala: Yes!


Reid: is that still ongoing?


Kamala: Yes we have a with like hours and hours of footage and we also yeah this year doing like a queer gender-bending thing so


Reid: So if you’re interested in performance or performance art or even improv and you’re around the San Diego area or you’re just curious via the interwebs Tantra


Kamala: If you’re not interested




Kamala: in theater and you’re a sex educator and you’re a you know and you’re a teacher facilitator get interested in theater because theater is theater games are like you know they’re….not only expand your consciousness but your presentation style and I highly recommend you just get over your version and get your butt into different characters and acting and playing.


Reid: Which is also for me go to type into the search bar conservatory and then you’ll find out about my three-day event which is all about public speaking and finding your authentic self as a presenter.


Kamala: Fantastic!


Reid: And these things make a good pair.


Kamala: Yeah.


Reid: Leave your comments below, what would you do if your co-teaching with somebody and it is imploding? Or hit subscribe do both. Bye!


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