Vera Casey And Reid Facebook Live: 3 Mistakes Sex Educators Make That Hinder Their Business Growth

by Reid on October 23, 2019

Vera Casey And Reid Facebook Live: 3 Mistakes Sex Educators Make That Hinder Their Business Growth





Reid: Hello everybody it’s Reid Mihalko from I’ve got my, I brought my sex geek summer camp shirt to put on so you know this is business advice and I’ve got the amazing sex doula.


Vera: Hi.


Reid: Vera Casey here and we’re at a marketing event Callan Rush‘s marketing event and and so I’m using some of what we’re learning.


Vera: Yeah


Reid: In the title of this Facebook live


Vera: Did you read it? [Inaudible 00:00:26]


Reid: It could be yes, yeah. So, first tell the people who you are so they know who you are.


Vera: Hi I’m Vera Casey also known as the sex doula at and I work with  new moms around reclaiming and regarding their sexual lives and I’m into growing my business this year so why I came to this marketing event.


Reid: William! Hello everybody and it’s my birthday today.


Vera: Happy birthday!


Reid: Yes, that’s how much of a nerd I am that on my birthday I’m at a marketing event.


Vera: hehehe … So


Reid: Okay so let’s we go round break so we only have like ten minutes.


Vera: Keep it short.


Reid: Alright so what’s the first mistake he think is we can we can rip on this?


Vera: Yeah so we have about three massive mistakes. Sex educators make that keep them from growing their business so I think for me the first mistake I made was I didn’t study business first was not true. I have a degree in business


Reid: Yeah.


Vera: But I haven’t been using it for many years


Reid: Yeah.


Vera: So, that wasn’t my first step. For example is that, how do I become a sex educator? And really good business is really like that.


Reid: Yeah. And and and like one of those mistakes too is like we think the stuff that we learn in school isn’t always what we need.


Vera: I have a degree in business. [Inaudible 00:01:37]


Reid: Yeah. Okay


Vera: Yeah.


Reid: And then let’s say hi to people Hi Debbie.


Vera: Stella’s here. Hi Stella


Reid: Hi Stella, thanks. Thanks for wish me happy birthday. Uhm, So another mistake that I would say for sex educators make is.. Uhm we get very insulated  like we’re so focused on our thing and sometimes we’re so alone because you know you might be the only sex educator in your area or something like that or you have a friend who everybody comes to you for sex advice.


Vera: Yup.


Reid: And you’re trying to go pro so another mistake I think that we all make and I do this too is we get trapped at home in front of our laptops rather than building community and going to a marketing event. While that you know here there’s not a lot of sex educators here.


Vera: Exactly.


Reid: There are a lot of health and wellness people you’re meeting a lot of people that work with moms.


Vera: Yeah. There’s a very few of them.


Reid: And I’m meeting people who do relationships stuff. So building community one with sex geeks and sex nerds but then also building I would say in gentle community


Vera: Yeah.


Reid: Because the people that work with moms might actually your services because moms maybe want to have sex again someday.


Vera: Hopefully, one day.


Reid: Yeah.


Vera: I’m a mom, I like sex so someday would be great.


Reid: Yeah.


Vera: And most of them don’t touch the roam of sex with their clients.


Reid: Yeah.


Vera: So


Reid: And then the third one we each other haven’t third so I’ll get four. Do I make sense?


Vera: Oh so that was two.

Reid: It makes it my third

Reid: Because my turn


Vera: I think, the thirds are gonna be same.


Reid: Oh, really? What’s your third? You wanna go first?


Vera: Yeah. So, I think which is really the first, the number one.. we’ll really but the number one mistake workshops… sex educator make


Reid:  Make


Vera: In trying to grow thier business uhmm is not learning how to grow their business from somebody who knows what they doing.


Reid: Yeah.


Vera: Yeah. I happen to know a guy that can teach you that his name is Reid Mihalko, okay.


Reid: You’re very kind this is a non-gate sponsorship.


Vera: No, this is my idea


Reid: Yeah.


Vera: So if you’ve heard of sex geek summer camp that was actually the catalyst for me to realize I needed to go learn more about marketing and business because sex geek summer camp really gives sex educators incredible overview of how to be successful like some of the different ways you can use business technique to be successful as an educator sex educator but I needed to go deeper and really get the techniques that work for me. The great thing about camp for me was that I wasn’t the sex freak in the room. Well, maybe I was. But there’s a lot of other one and we were all in the same boat whereas at a business conference you know we’re the novelty, we’re the sex educators. It’s fun and it’s me for me it’s nice to be you know centre of attention sometimes but sex geek summer camp is really the way to get my fit well.


Reid: Well and it builds community so it’s I mean I designed it to hopefully to fill on a bunch of things that I think are really needed.


Vera: Yeah.


Reid: One community so you don’t feel alone.


Vera: Yup


Reid: which is kind of similar like some of your clients they feel alone that they have this desire or that desire like we can feel alone one because we’re working alone a lot of the times but two like we feel like we’re broken or you know the idea of like I’m a sex educator and I’m struggling you know nobody ever said, “hey you want to make a lot of money? Become a sex educator.”


Vera: Exactly right.


Reid: And there is a way I think by using tools from other industries that’s why I go to the marketing                                                    events that aren’t sex geek specific but grabbing those tools and bring them into the sex geek community which is what kind of what I did with camp like it was the easiest way for me to work with as many of my peers.


Vera: Yeah.


Reid:  And have it pay for itself and so for those who are interested go to and you can sign up for some free training and then get an invite to come to camp. But the mistake I’ll say for my third mistake is that we we get shy about marketing and we have the wrong idea of marketing we think marketing is this 1990s early opts version of what marketing is which for a lot of us is where we got turned off by other people’s marketing. Think marketing just left the bad taste in our mouth and then we don’t want to do that same thing to other people.


Vera: Yeah.


Reid: And I respect that and there’s a way to do there like in the..  in the consent geeky community there’s a way to politely and non-creepily hit on people. Like to show your interest to flirt and to invite people


Vera: Yeah.


Reid:  That if they want to go further. So there’s a way to do that in marketing where we don’t have to be creeping, we don’t have to be non-consensual or do weird marketing and that’s one of the reasons I like Callan’s stuff is she’s teaching us how what how to build intimacy in your marketing and how to think in a very clean marketing way that gets people’s interests but doesn’t bludgeon them and reinforce that they’re broken. So it’s like three mistakes sex educators make in trying to build their business is very different than you know you will be broke and starve if you don’t buy my product like so there’s it’s very interesting and I’ll geek out more with everybody a camp especially but I love learning things that I think are applicable for our communities.


Vera: Yeah.


Reid: Where you can be an effective marketer but don’t have to reinforce necessarily classism or be                                   weirdly you know exclusionary. You can be targeted and then have your events be welcoming for lots of different kinds of people but you can target your marketing so that lots of different kinds of people feel welcomed but you may want to market to each of those groups separately because they will rip it they’ll hear what you’re what you’re saying to them more specifically you know. So, I’ll talk more eloquently about that at another time our break is almost over thank you


Vera: Janet here.


Reid: Hi Janet Harry ladies and gentleman.


Vera: Hi Janet Harry.


Reid: Jenny Martinez hello. Thank you everybody for the happy birthday wishes thank you for being our guest starring on our live chat and the reason we’re not walking right now is this girl is wearing


Vera: stilettos


Reid: stilettos


Vera: Yeah, it’s a big stilettos.


Reid|: So I said “hey you want to go on the walk?” She’s like, “hell no!’


Vera: No. Seven inches stiletto and I’m not walking while we Facebook live.


Reid: Yeah, yeah. Cope with your shoes folks when you can but you know enjoy… enjoy the times when we can be mindful in your life.


Vera: You’re going to sit on the bedroom. It’s good.


Reid: Okay, bye! Mwaa!


Vera: Bye! Happy birthday Reid!


Reid: Share.. Share if you want to give me something for my birthday, share this video with a sex educator friend of yours.


Vera:  And I hope I see you all at camp I ‘m gonn be there.

Reid: Bye!

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