Using Flagging To Let People Know Who You Are and What You’re Into | Facebook Walk With Reid

by Reid on April 27, 2020

Using Flagging To Let People Know Who You Are and What You’re Into | Facebook Walk With Reid







Reid: Hello Facebook! It is Reid Mihalko from….about attraction – the law of attraction. The secret as I compared to or as applied to sex geekery and to geekery in general and an idea that I have around……around letting your geek flag fly and what my partner Allison Moon author of Girl Sex 101 available at what she talks about as this concept of like basically flagging or broadcasting who you are as a means of getting people to find you, getting people to be attracted to you because they’re….they’re interested in things you’re interested in.

We’ve got some flowers in springtime things going on as you as you log in as you say hi, say hello from wherever you are today and….and if you’re watching this later the recording then still let us know because I like checking back into the videos and seeing how people are doing and…..and where people are watching from and as we take our little walk today over we’re in Oakland but and their….their clan, their people you know whoever that is your group the social group or even that that one person that you’re looking to find for relationship if you’re monogamous or if you’re non-monogamous but you’re looking for your primary. This also applies to groups of friends and as you notice I am…….what color do you think this is? Let me know I’m really curious and I’ll also let you all know that in this run of new t-shirt colors because I don’t know if….if you all know but American  Apparel who was the t-shirt company that I liked kids running they’re running to go get their sex geek t-shirts. American Apparel which is a company I loved to use for my t-shirts, they went bankrupt. They declared bankruptcy Chapter 11 and rumor has it that they’re being purchased by Gildan but….but no one knows what that actually means and so the cranberry colored sex geek t-shirts the original ones I can’t get those shirts anymore. So if you’ve been waiting on getting a t-shirt you know weave this into why I was talking about flagging. If you’re if you’re….if you’ve been waiting to get that cranberry reddish t-shirt go….go order it now because I’m going to run out of them eventually and I don’t even know if I’ll ever be able to get that same color again. So I still have some in stock and you can go for all these t-shirts you can go to T.E.E and that….that’ll bring it to you to….to the order page.

So, how does this all apply? I as somebody who’s very extroverted and a lot of golden retriever energy….. Yeah leave a com….oh, there we go. I think we’re back now. Sorry about that. I’ve got signal it’s just….I don’t know why it’s being interrupted. So basically, long story short American Apparel declared bankruptcy, Gildan bought it. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get those rasp….those cranberry colored Tee’s anymore. So if you want to order them go to T.E.E and order your…..order yours now while we still have some in stock. I had needed to get a new color so now we’ve got this color. What do you think it is? For right now I’m calling it Burgundy but maybe somebody else will come up with a better color name and then we’ll name it that. So I’m interested to hear and….and because I was curious about this color I have a I have like a dozen of these and it’s like a Heather a Heather something color so….so tell me what you think this color is too but I have a dozen of these in a double XL women size and they seem to run small this company so this is really like Allison said this is really an XL but….but you can go get that while….while supplies last on

So how does this all apply to things? For me, as an extroverted pouncy like pouncy golden retriever on an espresso guy I have learned in certain spaces to not be pouncy on people and my extroverted I want to mingle, I want to I want to say hi to everybody energy can feel like a lot to some folks especially when I’m in you know groups of people who aren’t really keen on a white big cisgendered golden retriever dude pouncing around and truth be told these shirts have been great for me when I’m just behaving myself and being quiet and subdued because I’m basically flagging and you can Google the term flagging if you want and it’s something it’s from the from gay culture and from lesbian and kink culture where you would wear different colored handkerchiefs traditionally handkerchiefs or other things boutonnieres and things like that and what pocket you wore it in and what color that handkerchief was that would indicate the things that you were in to. Well, this is really funny as a lot of people have handkerchiefs and don’t know there’s a thing called flagging so if you’re wearing a red handkerchief in your right pocket in some communities that means something very specific and you just might have your….your red bandanna in your right pocket and not know what’s going on. So go interview or go geek out on flagging if you want. I’ll put a link in the in the link notes but the concept here is with me wearing a sex geek t-shirt, people who are also sex geeks or are curious about what this means will come up and start conversations with me. It’s kind of like if you’re a….if you’re a Trekkie or Star Wars nerd or Doctor Who nerd or even you know like you’re knitting nerd and you’re wearing some…..some funny t-shirt that you know is making a joke or an inside reference about the particular area that you’re geeky on, other Star Wars nerds or….or you know knitting nerds will come up to you and be like “oh, I see that like what you know what do you do or what do you like to you know nerd out on?” And so the idea of using t-shirts as a means of flagging what you’re into or what you’re curious about and using this idea of I’m broadcasting with….Allison talk about it in I’m broadcasting to the world what it is I’m into, I’m flagging, I’m promoting my marketing basically what kind of interests I have? And so this can be this kind of how you share the things that you’re into.

This is a really subtle way of doing it even though it’s not subtle because I’m….it’s just in place in across my….my chest and like when I fly around the country and I’m going through an airport and I forget I’m wearing this t-shirt, I get looks and so I just need to pay attention to the looks and realize “oh, yeah, yeah I’m wearing my shirt” and this wouldn’t be a shirt that I would you know maybe I wouldn’t necessarily wear to a kindergarteners birthday party or something like that. So you may want to be conscious or aware of where and how you broadcast things but when you’re in groups where people have similar interest, me wearing this at Comic-Con would be really smart because all the geeky nerdy sex educators who….who are out there who aren’t flagging would come see me and find me. Your mileage may vary as to whether anybody comes up to you and starts a conversation but this has worked really well for me and I’m curious for you to think about where could you use this kind of flagging technique or broadcasting technique in your life? Let it…..can apply this to one……you can ask people like what are the things that you’re into? What do you geeky about? What are you looking to learn this year? And you can use that as a foot in the door that “can I share with you the things I’m interested in?” You can use hello, my name is……stickers at social events if you are the organizer to you know not just your name but like ask me about blank and then you write that on the hello sticker so that it helps people talk or give people a way to break the ice and to start connecting but you’re sharing, you’re flagging, you’re broadcasting that thing that you’re already looking for or know that you’re interested in or you’re searching for…..for your species and so how can you promote those particular things.

So this is just the whole idea of thinking about flagging or you know the secret if the law of attraction is from a geeky perspective what are you flagging like what are you putting out into the universe whether you believe in you know “wowo” stuff or you’re just walking around with a sex geek, t-shirt what are you putting out there that people can respond to or see? And again like I’m also not trying to go into a deconstructing conversation about you know you put the things you’re into from a kink perspective on your dating profile and then you get a bunch of unsolicited dick pics and things like that. I’m not promoting you know crappy behavior and you need to calibrate for certain situations but me wearing this at Comic-Con would be a great way for me to maybe meet fellow sex geeks who also happen to be into comic books and nerdery and things like that. So where could you apply this kind of flagging, broadcasting concept and then for those of you who are looking to meet people like where could you look for people who are flagging the kinds of things that that you’re interested in?

So you leave those in the comments. Share this video this weekend on your Facebook page or with your…. maybe a Facebook group and if you’re interested in getting the new t-shirts or one of the twelve of these ones so let me know what you call what color you think this is. It is kind of a Heather color ‘coz it’s a poly blend. Let me know what you think these colors are and go check out and…..and or some…..some t-shirts. Alright? Bye, everyone. Mwah!

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