How Do You Put On A Condom?

by Reid on October 16, 2016

Portrait Of A Happy Gay Couple OutdoorsTips and tricks for putting on a condom!!

with Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from



Cathy: How do you put on a condom?

Reid:    Banana time. Condoms on bananas, yeah.

Cathy: This is Reid Mihalko from

Reid:    This is Cathy Vartulli from the Today is banana day. Hello, yes. I would like to learn how to put on a condom.

Cathy: I was going to hold it for you.

Reid:    What? You can put it on yourself. This is going to be really quick and really funny. There’s like one way that everybody teaches it and a couple of hacks that you can use for condoms. Basically, this is the prescribed protocol. Never tear a condom package with your teeth because you might bite the condom and tear the condom. That’s what everybody tells you to do. Let me tell you how to do that and then we’ll shoot another video and I’ll tell you some condom hacks and then everybody can get mad at me. What you’re going to do is you’re going to put…

Cathy: That’s why I suggested that I hold it because…

Reid:    What I recommend you do is put on lube that is a condom safe lube. This packet is from Sliquid. We’ve got some stuff from Wet. We’ve got Pure and there’s like amazing companies out there that make really great lube. What I would recommend you do is you’re going to put either the lube on your penis. I’ve never lubed up a banana before. This is great. Or what you’re going to do because you’re like, “Oh no, I have lube on my hand. I touched the cock and now I’m touching your body and that person might be like, ‘Dude. I want the cock in the whole but not the cock stuff on me.”

What you’re going to do is you would take the… hold my lubey banana. You would take the condom and put a drop of lube in the condom and then roll the condom onto the banana so there’s lube inside it. Depending on what people say for sex needs are because let’s say that she or he is giving you a handjob which just feels better with lube and you guys are okay with… I’m totally wiping this out of my hands. You guys are okay with lube being in places. You put the condom on top of the cock. If the cock is not lubey, you can put some lubey, you can put some lube in the condom like we said and basically you just hold it and then use your other hand to roll it down.

Now, what bananas aren’t good for, (hold that please), what bananas aren’t good for is bananas have really small ends. They don’t have these huge cock corona, mushroom top that some penises have. You will need to kind of work the condom over the mushroom head of the cock and that’s okay. We’ll shoot another video where I’ll kind of show you a hack for that that some sex educators will get weird about but when you kind of understand condoms, it’s okay. Now that you have the condom on, there’s lube inside so there’s less friction.

Cathy: It feels better.

Reid:    With the latex against the skin, now, you put lube on the condom. Again, depending on barial needs you put a glove on to lube up the cock or depending on how you feel about saliva and things like that, you might blow the cock with the condom on it which a lot of people are like, “Oh, gross.” But we don’t use spermicide anymore.

Cathy: Yeah, they don’t taste bad like it used to.

Reid:    we don’t use spermicide on condoms anymore so the condoms don’t… if you haven’t tasted a condom lately, come on down. They don’t taste as horrible as they used to when they had spermicide. You can also use flavored lube and put it on the cock and put your mouth on it. Anything you need to do to lube up the cock, please use latex friendly, condom friendly lubes and then now that you’re lubed up, there’s going to be less friction on the skin on the inside and less friction on the outside. That should pretty much take care of a lot of breakage issues unless and this is the thing a lot of people forget, unless you’re using a condom that you found in your grandpa’s drawer that’s like 30 years old.

Cathy: Or it’s been in your glove compartment in the heat of the summer for…

Reid:    In the heat, in the summer. Use condoms that are fresh and aren’t exposed. This one’s expiration date is 2015, December of 2015.

Cathy: Yeah, so it’s good.

Reid:    But use condoms that aren’t expired either and haven’t been under a lot of stress as far as temperature is…

Cathy: Don’t leave them in your wallet for several months.

Reid:    Or several years. Again, cool dry place is not your hip pocket, ladies and gentlemen. That’s the basic condom 101.

Cathy: Great.

Reid:    What are your questions? What are we missing? What do you want to say below?

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