Checking Digital Technology Like As If You’re Wearing A Condom

by Reid on April 6, 2021

Checking Digital Technology Like As If You’re Wearing A Condom








Reid: Hello Facebook its Reid Mihalko from  and I’m on a train, can you see that? Let’s move may be over here is better and…and I want to talk to you all about a bunch of different stuff but I’ll keep it quick.  So I’m on a train heading to San Jose, where you right now? And…let me know. But okay so first things first, the Facebook live app when you click the little monkey wrench [Inaudible 00:00:47] one thing they have a bunch of filters now.

Whoop we’re almost on the Hayward. So basically it’s…it wants to do all these…to give yourselves filters and it’s a little bit crazy ‘coz there’s a Star Wars filter that comes up where it looks like you’re on a…you’re using a lightsaber and I almost…I was tempted…I was tempted to broadcast on that today. But the main thing I wanted to chat about was when using digital technology is kind of like you’re checking around sexuality like when you’re using your condom [Inaudible 00:01:29] condom stuff and now there’s a bunch of people that are gonna be hearing of here at…at the train so I will be…be somehow quiet.

But the idea…basically the situation yesterday was I went to upgrade my phone my iPhone software and I was…I was out in about I thought I had enough time to do it went to upgrade and started the upgrade and then ran out of time because it was just taking a long time to do it and I ended up screwing myself over tremendously because it needed to stop the…stop the upgrade being processed. I…I basically swipe like basically finally take my upgrade and I need to upgrade my…or not upgrade but restore the previous backup to my phone.

So where this…the reason I’m having this video is to talk about like when using like double checking your condom you know for those of you who are you know who use condoms, for me personally whenever I’m having sex and I’m about to cum or ejaculate, I kind of like do a little like little check to make sure that the condom is still on properly. So you know like good condom awareness, condom awareness everyone before I will ejaculate just to double check. So here’s the pro tip around technology, double check to make sure your backups are not just backed up but not corrupted before you do an update. So I updated my stuff for my phone it didn’t plan that well, I had to stop the update…mid update and then basically screwed up my phone and couldn’t…couldn’t restore my backup because the backup was…was corrupted so it’s just like a bonehead move and I need…I need to figure out how…how one and some of you might know this, how do you know when you…when a backup is not corrupt? How do you double check that?

And sorry about all the train noise but um so one, how do you check to make sure that your backups are good or are in good working condition? Is it would stand [Inaudible 00:04:23] way you would know is if you had to restore about them so is there a way is there a way to check your backups to make sure they’re not corrupt? And then what would be the good protocol to check your backups to make sure they’re not corrupt before you upgrade any software? And so that’s the dilemma so basically what happened yesterday was I didn’t check the “condom” before I initiated the upgrade and now I’m screwed…I’m having to reload, spend all of the sex over time, reinstalling all the apps, reconfiguring or trying to figure out or remember what the past [Inaudible 00:05:08] apps and getting that all up and running just to be able to do Facebook live today I need to do all of that and re…reinstall the Facebook app, figure out what my Facebook password was beforehand and kinda get there all figured out. So it’s mostly it’s for some of my educators and to people who live online and do business online, I just want to call some attention to how can we be better at practicing “see for upgrades” if that makes sense.

And um and I’m gonna end. So if you’re having information just let me know but I’m gonna end on a little bit of delightful exterior shots here from the up of the train. Leave your comments, leave your ideas, leave your thoughts, share this with somebody that you think might be practicing unsafe upgrades, somebody who might be practicing unsafe backups and…and let me know how we all collectively can be better at you know taking care of our technology so that things run smoothly so that we can actually get the things done that we needed to get done today or having it trying to get remember whatever our Facebook password was.

So there you go that’s the end. Bye, everybody from a from a train speeding to San Jose to get some work done this weekend with The Intimacy Dojo’s Cathy Vartuli. Cathy, I’m coming come and get me. Bye, everyone! And if…if you’re waiting on a response from me it’s…it’s just because I’m trying to fix my phone. Sorry!

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