Bad Relationship Advice | Facebook Walk With Reid And Allison

by Reid on April 15, 2021

Burning Man playa dust-covered sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko and author Allison Moon in love and enjoying the festival

Bad Relationship Advice | Facebook Walk With Reid And Allison

Reid: Hello everybody it’s Reid Mihalko from and I think my mic not be working…might not be working so please let us know if you can hear us. I’m with Allison Moon and today is bad relationship advice because I think I remember that you could use a dryer lint as a fire starter so we’re gonna go set something on fire. Come on! How are you doing today Allison?

Allison: All right. How are you?

Reid: You’re being very kind and…and accommodating to me, you’re being very patient.

Allison: Patient…for you what is patient?

Reid: Patient is a good word. So let us know can you hear us? I don’t know if my mic’s working. We’ve got lint and we’re going down to our new fire pit, we bought a little fire pit.

Allison: I didn’t buy it

Reid: Oh you got it from a neighbor?

Allison: Yup

Reid: We have a neighbor fire pit…okay the mic is okay, there we go. Okay so the fire pit we have we have lint, laundry lint from our own laundry ladies and gentlemen and now we’re gonna see if we can if it will…if it will catch some fire so let’s find out!

Allison: Take the torch

Reid: I’ll take the torch

Allison: and I’m holding this

Reid: So this is bad relationship advice don’t…don’t try this at home but we’re you know its science, it’s for science. Alright, here we go….oh it got pretty quick. It’s burning it seems to be burning pretty well

Allison: Yeah that would work as kindling

Reid: I think that would work as kindling in a pinch

Allison: If… so if you don’t have sticks but you do have a dryer apparently.

Reid: You do have a dryer…so if you’re…if you’re in the wilderness with dry… with the dryer then let me see if it can get there then you can use this as a handy-dandy, I don’t know where I heard it? It works pretty well

Allison: Smells like

Reid: Smell like brandy?

Allison: No, smells like

Reid: [Inaudible 00:01:49]

Allison: Well like probably stuff that you shouldn’t be handling that’s all.

Reid: Okay…okay, it might be toxic but it’ll start to fire if you caught out in the wilderness with your…with the dryer or you find the dryer in the wilderness and you need to start the fire. Alright…alright, that’s pretty good so…so that’s our bad advice today.

Allison: That’s…that’s the video?

Reid: Well we can talk about that how that was kind of fun

Allison: How we…how we

Reid: and we’re trying something new

Allison: oh wait, so you said bad relationship advice what does this have to do with the relationships?

Reid: I…I don’t know that you should

Allison: Is it a metaphor, Reid?

Reid: It’s…it’s not a metaphor it’s more Brendon Burchard calls it “controlling for new” like doing new things, new fun things, new experiences.

Allison: Sounds good relationships advice

Reid: Yes but…but sometimes here it is, I got it…I got it now sometimes the bad relationship advice that “don’t try this at home” is what you need to do together to stay together. And that’s one…your face is awesome right now.

Allison: I’m not I’m not gonna

Reid: No?

Allison: I’m not gonna signing off of that

Reid: That was fun though

Allison: That was fun.

Reid: So we’ll always have this, we’ll always have the…the lint.

Allison: So controlling for new is good relationship advice

Reid: Yes that’s true

Allison: Trying new things together

Reid: So sometimes trying something stupid

Allison: while social mediaing it

Reid: While social mediaing it for all these exactly to gone horribly wrong, doing something sometimes maybe doing something stupid together would…is good is a good thing to do like…like going sliding down a hill that you probably shouldn’t be going sliding together off of.

[Allison laughing]

Reid: No? Why? Why are you laughing?

Allison: I mean ‘coz I…I pulled my back out yesterday so I’m a little bit more aware of them. Oh, it’s still going.

Reid: Still going, fire’s still…still smoldering, still smoldering.

Allison: No, I mean sure yes I will…I will accept that sometimes doing stupid juvenile things together is a good way to keep the love alive.

Reid: Like we do we you know we do together as a couple is we…we rewire things in our home.

Allison: Well I rewire and you watch

Reid: Not always….not always I hold things.

Allison: Yeah

Reid: And then there was a one time that we knock out the power in Fruitopia building

Allison: you knocked out the power

Reid: I knocked it out. Yeah, big electrical things will probably should bring in a professional we locked out on that one. If you’ve never seen an arc, a 220 volt arc let me tell you it’s impressive. 220?

Allison: You didn’t tell me it arced.

Reid: Got to go. Thank you so much for watching our videos. I told you it arced

Allison: No

Reid: I’d shown you the burn mark. It was a little burn mark

Allison: What? Oh Jesus!

Reid: It was an accident…it was an accident

Allison: Okay yeah you’re not allowed to touch anymore of the wiring

Reid: Okay but that was at another place.

Allison: Okay…okay…okay

Reid: not at a…not at a…okay we’re going?

Allison: Okay goodbye.

Reid: Goodbye

Allison: Goodbye!

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