Walk With Reid Facebook Live: Travel Tips For You

by Reid on June 3, 2019

Walk With Reid Facebook Live: Travel Tips For You





Reid: Hello Facebookers! It’s Reid from http://reidaboutsex.com/ and I’m Facebook living from Oakland airport. I don’t even know I don’t think this is illegal but I’m not putting my… my lavalier mic on as to not draw more suspicion to me but I want to give you some quick travel tips since I’m heading to I’m heading to Los Angeles to one for a business seminar with…with my good friend Vera Casey who is known as the Sex doula. We’re going to a seminar of Callan Rush who is one of my mentors and I appreciate her brain and her work tremendously and then I’m going to stay in L.A for a week because I have another event to do. I have the S.H.E expo the Sexual Health Expo happening the…the weekend of February fourth and fifth and then Allison Moon and I are teaching Allison Moon and I are teaching a workshop at the Pleasure Chest in Los Angeles. And I have the great honor of being kind of running around in my tux because you know I love my tuxedo at…at the http://www.sexexpo.com/ and I’m going to get to interview Dr. Ruth and I’m super excited because I’ve never met Dr. Ruth before. So I’m… I’m so excited! Oh my gosh!


So travel tips. Well, Hi Michael! Good morning sir! So travel tips for…for you. I do a lot of traveling for those of you who don’t know around sex educator you know workshops and…and giving lectures and running live events and whatnot. So here…here are the things that I would advocate for check it out and you know your mileage may vary but I love traveling. I used to be a Delta man and now I’m a Southwest Airlines man this is a non-paid sponsorship and Hey Katrina! Hi everyone! It’s all the sex geek summer camp alumni.


So I…I started flying Southwest because as you know several years ago all the airlines started charging baggage fees and Southwest Airlines is pretty awesome you get to a… see I can show you the Southwest Airline over here. You get two bags for free on southwest but more importantly you can cancel a flight up until like 10 minutes before and there’s no change fee with Southwest. So what you do is that that money usually goes back to your what they call travel funds so like let’s say you… you spent you know 100 bucks on an airplane ticket then what happens is if you need to cancel, you can cancel your flight and that hundred dollars kind of goes into your Southwest travel funds bank account so to speak and you can use that money for another ticket you have like a year to use that money and this is really useful for me because you know I’ll book things I’m going to set this down for a second. I’ll book things for you know a trip for some gig and then three weeks later I end up booking another gig so I have to change that flight to you know to…to do hopping. So I found Southwest to be really great for the reasons that I get to get the exchange tickets and be more flexible and there’s not really a penalty and that’s been huge ‘coz I don’t have to pay that two-hundred-dollar change fee or hundred fifty dollars for another airline plus I get two bags for free.

I would recommend if you’re doing a lot of flying in the United States to look into Southwest as kind of the airline that you wanted to choose and if you fly enough with them then you get like preferred membership status and you know some other little amenities like they’ll check you in in the you know the A-list, you get to sit you know sit sooner and get a better seat. If you’re not A-list yet and then there’s like A-list preferred which is like you know you get like free Wi-Fi and all the craziness. But if you if you’re not A-list, what you should do is set on your calendar a reminder 24 hours before your flight to check in because if you check in quickly you can and put the phone on you’re the app on your phone you check-in quickly than what happens is you’ll get seated in the A’s of the B’s. What you don’t want to do is get seated in the C’s because C stands for community and that means you’re sitting in the middle somewhere. So southwest has been really helpful for me for those reasons and then you can check two bags you get to have a carry-on and a backpack or like purse. So you know today I’m traveling with my…my camera for the S.H.E event and I’ve got my backpack and then I was able to check my tuxedo and…and another suitcase is basically filled with sex geek t-shirts.


Other things if you travel a lot and Hey Anne! If you travel a lot I would also recommend checking out the Global Access which is you can fly internationally, let you get through customs in some airports hang on I’ll let you this finish. While you wait just hit some emoticons you know make it rain. Ummm.. custom number six your bags are waiting. The other thing is with the Global Access if you fly to Canada and some other airports in Europe it will allow you to go through customs faster which is really nice but the reason I recommend Global Access is it comes with like you can do TSA Pre which I think is like whatever it is now like 60 bucks or 80 bucks and then Global Access is like a hundred or something like that it’s…it’s a little bit more but you get Global Access plus TSA Pre. So the other thing that’s been really useful for me in flying so much is spending that money and then getting to just go through TSA pre all the time pretty much has just been really helpful especially if I’m running late not always sometimes that the…the pre lines are also long but you get to keep your laptop in your bag, you get to keep your shoes on for the most part. Just those little amenities that now more than ever mean more you know more and more. TSA Pre Global Access, hint with Global Access if you live in a big city it might be that you can’t schedule appointment for months but if you’re traveling to a smaller city see if you can schedule your appointment there. I was really lucky.

Hi Deanna! How you doing? William Winters joined us as well. Good morning everyone! Welcome and Hello from Oakland airport! With the TSA Pre and Global Access interview, what was really useful for me was I was flying to Albuquerque to teach at Self-Serve Toys and so I…I thought I had a brilliant idea that “Oh I wonder if I can schedule my appointment there” because the wait for scheduling my interview in Oakland or in San Francisco was like months. So what ended up happening was with Albuquerque like I was able to schedule it immediately and the…and didn’t have to wait at all. So if you’re flying to a smaller city and you have the funds not everybody does to do the TSA Pre/Global Access is really what you’re paying for then I would do that I’d recommend it was really good money for me to spend and maybe traveling a lot easier.

Deanna Hi! What else? Yeah. So having your and…and what the Global Access gives you is your known person number which then you have to add into all of the airline’s that you fly like you know go into your accounts like make a cup of coffee or pour yourself glass of wine or open up a beer and then sit down once you have your known person number and then just go through all of your flight all the airlines that you fly or have ever flown and login. Try to remember you’re …your password login and then go enter that into all of your accounts. Just do that now so that once you get your number so that it’s done because when you if you get your Global Access known person number what you don’t want to do is what I did, which is I didn’t do all of the airline’s all at once and then I was flying some airline. I do book you know some weird City couldn’t fly Southwest flew like Alaska air and didn’t get Pre because I didn’t have my…my number already booked in there.


I think it’s going to be it! I’m going to wrap it up today. I got to go…go find my gate but I love this this window mural here in Oakland airport unfortunately the conveyor belt escalator is not a or the conveyor belt is not working so I can’t do this you know awesome like steady pan shot moving along but I’ll…I’ll give you what I can.


Thank you so much for being a part of everything! I’ll do some more business advice this weekend with Vera probably from the seminar and then I’ll be doing a lot of live Facebook stuff from the S.H.E expo on the XBIZ Facebook page which I’ll send out that information later next week so that you can watch the…the Facebook live stuff I’ll be doing from them for their event and getting to meet Dr. Ruth. Let’s get some emoticons for Dr. Ruth. Boom! Boom! Boom! Make it rain for the Doctor.


That’s it. Bye everybody! Love you all! Mwah!

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