What is The Best Sex Positive Halloween Costume Idea You’ve Ever Had? | Facebook Live With Reid

by Reid on February 14, 2021

What is The Best Sex Positive Halloween Costume Idea You’ve Ever Had? | Facebook Live With Reid







Reid: Hello Facebook, hello YouTube and wherever else this gets posted. Apparently, I have fabulous hair today. It’s Reid Mihalko from https://reidaboutsex.com/. I’m in the hot tub. I almost forgot to do a Facebook live today so I’m doing a really quick one. If you hear some hammering in the background it’s because Allison is…is working on her bookshelves in her office and I am hard at work doing some internet stuff but I thought I’d take a quick break and say hi, how was your Monday? Where are where are you in the world today?

And the question because Halloween is coming up…for you sex geeks and nerds out there, what is the best sex-positive/sex geeky Halloween costume idea you’ve ever…ever heard of or seen or done? I have a scary sex Ed Q&A coming up on October 30th that I am gonna run starting at 11:30 p.m. Eastern Time on Facebook live and I have people submitting some really kick-ass, really hard, tough, amazing, moving sex and relationship and dating questions and I’m…I’m a little scared myself about answering them because they’re like really challenging. So I’ll leave the link in the in the description above but you can go to https://reidaboutsex.com/scarysexed  and…and that should bring you to the opt-in page where you can leave your question and…and then I’ll basically do a Facebook live as…as we go into midnight on October 31st to kick off Halloween and we’ll take some swipes at some really…really powerful questions and it’s also that time of year where it’s all you know there’s a lot in the media about sexy Halloween costume this, sexy Halloween costume that and I have a lot of friends who love Halloween because they love costumes and they love being able to just be nerdy and go to parties and it’s a good excuse to dress up full tilt and no one will give you a second glance and I also have some really shy sex-positive friends who like…who use Halloween to kind of give them an excuse to dress all in sultry and slutty ways when normally they…they you know would just get so much more pushback if they did that on a normal Monday.

But there’s a lot of conversation about you know double standards and sexism and rape culture and…and you know just things about you know sexy nurse costume or sexy librarian and you know and not so much about like sexy lumberjack for you know costumes for cisgendered dudes and things like that so it’s…it’s a little…it’s an interesting time of the year for all kinds of nerdy brain sexy conversations and maybe I’ll do a video talking a little bit more about that and going more into nuance and kind of you know just debunking, just…just a lot of the cultural bullshit and…and sexist double standards of sexy you know how about sexy male nurse not to gender it but I…I did play an evil male nurse on I think it was on Another World, the soap opera back in my acting days but overall it’s the time of year to…to give yourself permission to be whatever you want to be, to…to explore role-playing or just costumes and make-believe in ways that are empowering to you and rather than me like rain down judgment upon you, what I will ask you is to come up and suggest some fun ideas for sex-positive costumes that that you’ve heard of or seen or maybe have have pulled off.

The one that I have done and…and this little videos being kind of inspired by Allison and I over dinner, we were talking about you know now that we have a house like we could actually be receiving trick-or-treaters this year and…and what would we what would we wear and…and I, of course, have I actually do have a costume that is called the Ponycorn and it is a pink costume that has sparkly letters across the chest – my little Ponycorn and I have a hat has a mane pink and white yarn mane as well as a pink and white yarn tail and…and on the top of the head is a very large glittery bright pink dildo that kind of like springs around when you move your head and…and…and I am the Ponycorn. We decided that probably it wouldn’t be a good idea to…to wear that costume to be receiving the children in our neighborhoods for trick-or-treat and so it got me thinking like what would be like a tongue-in-cheek pun intended but what would be a really good sex-positive costume that I could wear if I was receiving the kids around the neighborhood and…and I was thinking maybe like a vulva a vulva puppet costume which is pretty on the nose but also no pun or pun intended, no pun intended? Pun intended? But also you know vulva puppet costumes kinda look they don’t look very intimidating like they’re very like Barney the Dinosaur kind of like if you’re a young kid you’re like, “Mommy what is that?” And I’ll try to post the link from the BuzzFeed a couple of years ago of the men wearing sexy costumes…women’s costumes for Halloween and one of the responses Allison reminded me of was one of the gentlemen was wearing a wearing a vulva costume and asking where the clitoris was and then he realized that the clitoris was…was his face and so I’ll try to find the link for that or if…if one of you finds, knows that link then you can put it in the comments.

So this is just some ideas, I’m looking for ideas for this year for receiving the…the kids of the neighborhood and the parents. What sex-positive ideas could I have to pick from for…for this Halloween and then what are some of your favorites? And…and I think we’re just kind of kind of leave it at that, nice and quick and…and I’ll try to try to find some cool links around discussions of sexism and whatnot around Halloween costumes. If you have some of your favorite articles or…or video pieces on those kinds of things, please feel free to post them because it’s always good brain food to…to deconstruct a little bit of the cultural double standards and…and just be able to you know have some brain sex as part of your…your candy for this Halloween. And…and I’ll leave it at that.

Alright, thank you so much for being a part of these videos. I’m sorry I forgot to do my…my Monday one and now it is done so I feel complete. I’m gonna dunk and take care of whatever’s going on with my hair and ooh, I guess maybe what if I what if I shaved my beard kind of like Wolverine and did like a sexy Wolverine for Halloween…maybe I could do that. I don’t know that Allison wants me to shave this though but it is getting pretty long. I guess I could go with a sexy lumberjack. What do you think?

Alright, I’ll talk to you later. Bye!

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