Tips For Sex Educators Doing Podcasts | Facebook Walk With Reid

by Reid on November 6, 2020

Tips For Sex Educators Doing Podcasts | Facebook Walk With Reid



Reid: It’s Reid Mihalko from So let me know if you can hear me as you sign on. Just leave a comment and the….‘coz I had my Bluetooth in and I’m not sure if it’s….if you’re getting good sound in my Bluetooth headset or not.

So do me that favor. I am…..just flew in this morning from the Burbank California Airport Neumann SFO en route to Toronto. So I’m about to go to the International Terminal and I realized that I didn’t have a lot of battery power and so I should do this now because Facebook living from…this is proof that I’m heading towards the International Terminal even though this is all backward in Facebook live. So let me know if you can hear me. But I am I don’t want to Facebook live necessarily from Candida ‘coz it can cost me [Inaudible 00:01:10]. But…Good morning Elizabeth! Elizabeth, can you hear me? I’m just making sure that the…that the Bluetooth is working.

So podcast tips for…for sex educators or I guess like even just podcast folk. Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of hanging out with Neil Strauss and meeting Gabrielle Reece in Malibu for their podcast called The Truth Barrel and I’ll put the link in it. You can actually see the Facebook live from yesterday and Gabrielle popped in in such low at the end which I was very like “Oh, celebrity crush.” But we also geeked out for…we tapped a long time and just talk about all kinds of things about healthy relationships you know the original pitch ‘coz they asked me what they wanted to talk about is I wanted to talk about casual sex and the casual sex protocols and the reason I wanted to do that as I checked out their other podcasts topics and they hadn’t really had anything like that.

Thanks, Elizabeth. Thanks, Koe. So they hadn’t…hadn’t had anything about that yet. It was…they did a lot of cool geeky stuff with other guests and they had Jayamma on and they had Chris Ryan on you know so they were doing a little bit about sex and relationships and intimacy but you know I just wanted to kind of come at it from a geeky nerdy angle but also because I had so I wanted to you know I just pitched them something that was fun and unique that I know would be interesting to a lot of folks and not be a really typical topic and also, I had set up on my website already a link where you know for a free download so you can get the casual sex protocols at and I knew I had that already set up and it was something easy that I could send the podcast producer so that he could download the handout and then get that to Gabrielle and to Neil and then that would be something that would be really natural to talk about on my podcast and get the link so that for people who are fans of theirs and fans of the podcast, they could then go get the resources and also sign up from a mailing list which just good you know good business because then if people like the resource, I mean they can  always unsubscribe. So when you have people sign up for something you know make sure it’s…it’s kind of the law and it’s super-duper the law in in Canada which is funny ‘coz Canada has even more strict anti-spam laws. But have those things, have your system set up so that you can capture emails and people can unsubscribe easily if they need to and then make your resources really great and give them something that they can you know I think encouraging people to download the worksheet or the checklist. And…and in downloading it, I invite them to print it out like not just download it and then forget about it in their download folder but give them a reminder email the next day because when they sign up, the way that I have it set up is it sends them directly to the download page and then my email system also automatically sends them an email with the link because not everybody is going to download something right away and a lot of people are on the phones. They’re doing mobile engagement so they don’t necessarily like I don’t even know where PDF’s are stored on my phone. So you know you don’t want people to just download it to their phone and then never….never see it ever again. So I sent them an email the next day reminding them to download it, to print it out and then in this case with the…with the checklist you know have a conversation with a friend. Start talking about the checklist, which is a way not just to anchor the contents and the tips and the protocols but to also start making it a part of somebody’s real life like you get them to print out the worksheet or the handout and you know get it in their world. I mean we’ve…we killed the tree, unfortunately, but get it into their world and then can you get them talking about it.

And for me as a sex and relationship geek, the biggest pieces that you know people will look for information maybe integrate it but then they don’t actually talk about you know the safer sex elevator speech or the difficult conversation formula. And so, you know one of the tips you know which is kind of two steps removed from the podcast situation is, do you have the resources set up in a simple swift elegant way and are you leveraging your ability to build the build the relationship with that person while you’re also getting them to actually anchor the tools and techniques that will actually change their life? Great if you create a new fan but it’s kind of shitty as you know as an educator if you don’t actually take the time to help them actually implement and integrate and be able to recall the information. Like great you have another follower on Facebook or Twitter or on your email list but if you’re actually not really changing their lives like that’s a huge missed opportunity. So that’s just me and if you change people’s lives for free with….with you know cool content and then you know you really change their lives when you have your three-day retreats or your online course and you invite them to check it out, they’re more apt to check it out because you really help them and you know you didn’t waste their time. So these are just you know those are ideas for after the fact.

Another thing that I still always feel cheesy and dorky about is you know wanting to get selfies with people at the podcast and whatnot and…and so you know I was like “Ah, I shouldn’t do it. I shouldn’t interrupt because they’re doing a photo op. They’re filming a couple of different…” There are two interviews that day. One was with Rashard from the Pittsburgh Steelers. I’m forgetting his last name. It’s like Mende….Mendenhall or something like that. I’m not a football fan even though my…my father did play for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the late 50’s. Believe it or not, I’m not a sports fan. I’m sorry everyone. But…but they were doing the photo op with Rashard and you know I popped in to kind of photobomb and I was really nervous about it ‘coz I don’t want to be  inappropriate you know Gabrielle hadn’t met me yet, Rashard didn’t know who I was but Neil knew who I was. So when I asked and kind of jumped in real quick, Neil was like “sure absolutely” and then it was okay and I’m really happy I took that photo because I was able to post it on Twitter this morning and in Instagram and on Facebook and so that’s like good social proof but I’m also not just doing it because of social proof but I was also like promoting the podcast ahead of time. So for Brian the producer you know maybe for Neil and Gabrielle if they’re paying attention you know to their social media like I’m helping promote their podcast, their work to other people you know to my fans and followers and it’s also getting me social proof.

So another good thing when you’re on a Podcast is you know ask the producer, ask the podcasters how you can promote their stuff and start promoting it because it helps your career in business. You know all Gabrielle Reece’s fans and followers and friends hopefully you know are listening to her Podcast and then you know me promoting stuff and her retweeting it and sharing it you know gets my work out to more people. So while it feels…it might feel embarrassing to try to catch a photo op or something like that…you know you can also check in with the producer and the podcast people even ahead of time. Be like you know like this is something non…this is a good idea like I need to do this. I just realized this like I can check in with the producers and be like “hey, you know I do a lot of social media stuff you know can I….I just want to check in like is it okay for me like take a selfie or do a Facebook live before or after…” you know I did a Facebook live after and I was kind of off on the corner and just kind of being out of everyone’s way because I didn’t want to intrude. We’ve done the recording and it was really just a really beautiful view up there in Malibu but as I was Facebook living and….and the sound guy and Gabrielle and a couple of people were walking by and you know I and I was far enough away and I was like “hey, if you want to say hi to my Facebook fans, you know please….please do.” And so you know I gave them the opportunity to walk over and say hi if they wanted to and it…it was a get to, it wasn’t a have to and so like there’s a couple of different things like that but…but like kind of thinking you haven’t and also kind of figuring out your own style. You’re shy and introverted but you give great Podcast you know then you might want to tattletale on yourself and let the producer or the podcaster to know like “hey, you know one of the things I’m working on is trying to be better at social media and I’m shy about social media so will you make sure Mr. Producer that I’d get at least one selfie with everybody because that’s you know I need to do that and that would really be helpful and you know if you could support me in that that would be great.” And you’ll be surprised how much you know producers and podcasters like they want to help and then reminding you to take a selfie and forcing you to do it because you asked. That’s no skin off their nose and…and sometimes everybody’s stressed for time and whatnot but we all you know a lot of us were nerdy about social media. We know the value of a photo op and things that we can retweet and publish and share and sometimes you get a picture or…or something that’s really amazing just kind of catch it off-guard.

We were playing in the pool yesterday in between recordings and I didn’t have my phone out because they say it was unsafe but it’s really fun goofy stuff of us playing on a slack line over the swimming pool which you know maybe there’s like an amazing photograph of me falling on my ass in the water which I’ll be able to use for something else. So I don’t know. Always ask if…if…if it’s okay for you to bring a guest or if somebody is driving you to the location, ask permission just to make sure like “hey, is there room for you know can I have my friend who’s driving me…can I hang out while we record?” Don’t just show up with a possy. Don’t be tacky like that but….but check in and…and you know because we’re relationship and…and you know sex nerds like try to get as much consent as you can going into something but also give yourself some grace to you know look back and add a missed opportunity about “goddamn! I should have figured out to do a selfie and I missed it.” Don’t beat yourself up too much. Just you know you’ll get better and better at these things and…and you know have fun and ask permission….you know like I gave out sex geek t-shirts yesterday but you know as I am asking people if they want the t-shirt like I’m saying “hey, please….please say no if you don’t want extra stuff.” And so you know Gabrielle and…and a bunch of Neil’s producers and staffs all have sex geek t-shirts and we got a picture of us with sex geek t-shirts on because it was nerdy fun. But like don’t be don’t be weird and like leave your stickers and your and your flyers and your business cards planted in somebody’s home for later like that’s just creepy. So please don’t do that. That’s annoying.

I think that’s it. I’m going to go catch my flight and figure out what gate I’m in. And I just want to send you all some love. I’m going to try to Facebook live from Canada if we got Wi-Fi that…that can do it, that’ll be great. And also if you’re traveling internationally, get a calling plan like operate your calling plan if you can afford it and….and only use Wi-Fi data so you don’t get reamed for that and I got to do that as well. That’s my reminder to call AT&T and put on the Canadian plan on because I’ve got some….some texting and business calls and stuff to do for sex geek summer camp while I’m in Canada and sex geek summer camp is less than 40 days away so please…please….please if you’re going to register, register soon. We’re going to take the three payment plan off I guess probably this week or this weekend. So if you if you need to do the three payments for the sex geek summer camp, please go to  and…and get that right away ‘coz I’ll…I’ll take that off. I’ll…I’ll…discontinue three payments on….on Sunday and but hey, if you can pay in one payment, go for it. We loved that too.

I think it’s it. I love you all a lot. Thanks for being with me on these goofy….goofy adventures and I hope this information today was useful. Some simple tips on how to give good Podcast and that big one is having a resource page that people who are listening to your podcast can go to anchor the information like let’s be better teachers and be smart about how we can help people learn and integrate our tools.

Alright, hit some emoticons on the way out my friends. Happy Pride for anyone who’s celebrating pride or already had their pride weekend and I’ll see you…I’ll probably Facebook live from Canada but I’ll definitely be Facebooking live next week when I get back into town. Alright, Bye! Oh, look at the emoticons. Thanks, everyone. Chao!

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