Time Square, New York City’s 2nd Annual, Great N.E. Sacred Sexuality Round-Up, Sept. 23-26th

by Reid on August 9, 2010

4 Jam-Packed Days of Events, Learning, Networking, and Community Building with the World’s leading Tantra Teachers and Sacred Sexuality Educators!
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  • Curious about Sacred Sexuality or have that general feeling that the intimacy in your life is “missing something” or isn’t “deep enough?”
  • Had ecstatic experiences in the bedroom that border on spiritual or transcendent, but they’re so far and few between that you’re beginning to doubt if they were real at all?
  • Frustrated with your current sex life and really want to “take it to the next level,” but have no idea what the “next level” means, looks like, or how to get there?
  • Want to take a workshop on Tantra or Taoist Sexual Practices, but don’t know where to look or how to find a teacher you would connect with?
  • Perhaps you know exactly what you want to study, but can’t seem to get your partner or friends to stop calling what you’re into “New Age” and “Woo-Woo Mumbo Jumbo?”

September 23-26th, 2010
Reflections Yoga, 250 West 49th Street, 2nd Floor
Times Square, New York City

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, or if you or your friends think that shame-free, deeply moving sex and mind expanding orgasms are only for people like Sting, then check out The Great N.E. Sacred Sexuality Round-Up! and see what is possible for YOU…

If you’re feeling shy about working on your love life in a conscious, intentional way, then why not attend one of the most fun and informative, least threatening, unpretentious (and deeply inspirational!) events on conscious loving happening in the country!

If you love the idea of using sex as a healing path towards greater self-esteem and connection with whatever you label as “the Divine” but can’t understand all the “woo-woo” lingo about Chakras and Divine Masculine that gets tossed around, then join us for one of the most accessible and understandable 4-days on sacred sexuality ever put together.

What if we told you mind blowing sex on a regular basis was not only possible, butlearnable?

Last year’s Round-Up was so spectacular that we had to bring it back! And this year’s 2nd Annual Great N.E. Sacred Sexuality Round Up promised to be the “gate way drug” for anyone questing to explore sexuality as a pathway to accelerated healing and spirituality, or continue to deepen their understanding of sex and love, period.

If you’ve been trying to get your friends to understand what is possible in the realm of expanded relationships and sacred sexual yoga, but to no avail, then get them to New York City this September 23rd thru the 26th for what promises NOT to be Sex And the City 2!

Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha
might have been more successful (and less flustered) if they’d attended The 2nd Annual, Great N.E. Sacred Sexuality Round Up!



Four amazing days filled with the world’s top sacred sexuality educators, teachers, writers, and workshop facilitators.

Visit the website for Events, Info, Presenter Bios, Tickets, VIP Passes and more!

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Whether you are a beginner, a skeptic, or have been involved in the conscious, spiritual sexuality movement for years, this is your chance to learn from and meet the Who’s Who in Sacred Sexuality in one fell swoop. Gathered together in one place, witness these articulate and dynamic men and women “doing their thing” while also meeting and interacting with like-minded adults just like you!

What if screaming “Oh, God!” in bed was a way of praying?

Connect to a Higher Power (even if, to you, that means staying connected to yourself during sex) by joining the world’s leading experts and teachers in the realms of Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Conscious Relationships, Pleasure Positive Activism, and Sexual Healing for four days in New York City!

Come for the day or for the entire weekend! Expand your social network, deepen your insight, and transform your sense of what is possible in love, sex, and life!


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