Supporting You At Sex Geek Summer Camp

by Reid on September 30, 2016


Ed Fish from shares his experiences at Sex Geek Summer Camp


Fish: Hi, my name is Fish. I run the school of sensual desires and my website is I’ve learned a lot of things at camp this year. One of the more useful things that I learned in this particular year being my second year here is going over the YouTube video channel and also being able to put together like an outro video and splicing together videos. I really enjoyed the permission of freedom that is here at Sex Geek Summer Camp. Reid is very big on empowerment and on taking care of yourself and doing what you need to go and support you. Where a lot of other personal growth events and a lot of other educators are like “You have to be here for the entire time and if you’re not here on time, we’re gonna lock the other room and you’re not gonna be here”, Reid is like “You know, you’re gonna get here when you’re going to get here. Yes, I want you to be here for the classes you paid here for the education learn and do what you need to take care of yourself.” This year I’ve taken more myself care and I have missed some of the information up there and that’s okay, and I can go and catch up. I have my peers I can go and help me with that and there are other things like the video program that will go and capture anything that I missed anyways. So, the freedom is great and the permission is at the permissiveness to actually be who you are and do what works for you is awesome. If you’re on the fence about coming here, I would say do it and make the decision first. Reid has his 30-day money-back guarantee which is awesome. And he also has his guarantee of I won’t waste your time. Mean that, you come to camp, you come to the classes and at the end of the camp you say, you know, I didn’t learn anything, he will still give you your money back. And he’s very generous, he works with you. The food here is awesome. The people here are awesome. And the connections you can make in person are wonderful. Do it, try it out and if you really change your mind, you have 30 days. If you come to the camp and then say it was horrible and you wasted your time, you’ll still get your money back anyways. Do it, it’s worth it.

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