Sexual Self-Confidence

A man and a woman in the surf on the beach kissingMost people long to feel more confident when it comes to sex…

In a world where most of us are taught that it’s impolite to talk about sex, and where many of us grew up exploring our own bodies underneath the sheets in complete silence (like mimes!)… It’s little wonder that most people arrive at adulthood finding it hard to speak up during sex!

With no one telling us “a little to the left… just a tad lighter, please…” we’re forced to read minds, which is impossible, especially with the lights off! To make matters worse, many of us run to the Internet and try to learn -with the best of intentions- how to be better lovers from watching mainstream pornography. Trying to learn how to be a better lover from watching most mainstream porn is like trying to learn how to drive from watching The Fast And The Furious!

Given all these factors, it’s easy to see how so many people can feel so insecure about sex.

The good news is: It doesn’t have to stay that way!

Great sex skills and the confidence to breathe easy
betwixt the sheets is learnable!

No matter how shy, how inexperience, how many bad relationships you’ve had… Because most of us feel the similar types of insecurities when it comes to lovemaking, and because most of us have had little to none or poor sex ed… Even a little bit of great sex education can put you in a completely new category when it comes to love making! And once you start gaining more competence in the bedroom, that competence turns into confidence, which begets more competence as your fear of sex, pleasure and intimacy begins to shrink… And, even better: As you become more competent, your confidence begins to help your loved ones to fear less, too, and your transformation becomes contagious!

Start your journey towards more sexual self-confidence with baby steps. It doesn’t have to be with me, but you own it yourself and to your loved ones to start your journey today. Check out some of what I arranged for you below. I hope it’s helpful. And, if you do resonate with my work and it’s tone, and you do decide to let me be your “sexual sherpa”… I promise to make this journey of self-discovery as fun and easy as I can…

Yours in less worry and waaaaay more confidence,

I suggest starting here…


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From my Sexual Self-Confidence Teleseries: Reid’s Best-practices for Cunillingus and Hand-Sex

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  • Discover the most common mistakes men and women make in the bedroom when it comes to oral and manual stimulation and how to avoid ’em!

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