Insights Learned From Sex Ed Workshop | Facebook Live With Reid And Heather

by Reid on September 13, 2020

Insights Learned From Sex Ed Workshop | Facebook Live With Reid And Heather





Reid: Hello Facebook. It’s Reid Mihalko from My friend Heather Elizabeth from Toronto Canada. And I forgot, I’m sorry, I forgot to do my Facebook live today because I was teaching all day. I taught two workshops today and one of them was Ross that was pretty nice folks and Heather was kind enough to be, to do some demonstrations with me. And so, I thought so that I would keep my promise to try to Facebook life every day. We would do a quick video on things that we had fun with today and you were an amazing demo.

Heather: Thank you.

Reid: So thank you and thank you Den from, what’s Den’s?


Reid: and Den basically sponsored my workshops and let me do workshops in space that Den have access to. It was really really fun and we geeked out today. So you know we’re just gonna do a quick video because it’s late here on the East Coast but earlier on West Coast. And there was cat saying hello to you on Facebook.

Heather: So many feelings.

Reid: So many feelings as cat ass.

Heather: Feelings cat.

Reid: So what, what was something that you liked about from today’s [Inaudible 00:01:13-14] because you Liz was there doctor who’s Powell and Liz hadn’t really ever saw me taught, teach a lot before.

Heather: Yeah.

Reid: And you, see me teach before.

Heather: I only seen you teach, oh no, I was gonna say I’ve only seen you teach a convention another like for other sex educators and it’s different when you’re teaching to like have a generic crowd.

Reid: Yeah. Two models.

Heather: Two models. But now I just can’t remember. I think I think I think I might have been to some of your playful loving stuff like stuff you’ve done with Monique Darling

Reid: Yeah. We’ve known each other for a long time.

Heather: It’s been a while.

Reid: But with Liz, it was definitely, hi anybody we have a little cat here right here. Wanna say hi on Facebook live?

Heather: George, do you wanna say hi?

Reid: George? George doesn’t care. George is like I’ve already been on Facebook today. So what was something that was fun for you from today’s workshop?

Heather: Uhm… So the funniest thing for me was the amount of laughter that was in the room and I think sometimes when we talk about rough sex people think very seriously, it’s very serious, no laughing, all shoving and all like

Reid: Used to be rough and serious.

Heather: And very serious. And I, I don’t like serious sex like I like my sex filled with laughter and joy all the time and I wanna  never come afraid to laugh in the bedrooms so I really like the amount of my thing that was going on and all the sharing and I was comfortable it was.

Reid: You also, you like intense sensation in that tense because I was we were showing people some, some pressure points, some pain points for martial arts like attack points that for you just make you giggle.

Heather: It’s true. Pretty much any upper body pressure points will make me laugh, any lower body pressure points make me really snuggly.

Reid: Really?

Heather: Yeah. So if you want like

Reid:  Like massage in the thighs and stuffs?

Heather: If I, I don’t wanna always like being touched and snugly first thing in the morning before coffee

Reid: Yeah.

Heather: But if it’s evening you want to snuggle you can cheat by lower button pressure and it feels like oh no!

Reid: That’s like your snuggle button? Just like. Mmm.

Heather: Yeah.

Reid: Right on the side.

Heather: Yeah.

Reid: Right where the split the IT band.

Heather: Yeah. That’s my, that’s my wish to be cuddling right now.

Reid: Ah. That’s good, that’s good. The cuddle reset.

Heather: What was your favorite part of today?

Reid: Well I mean, so we taught plays well with others which is my, you know learning how to navigate group sex and more some’s and threesomes and things like that and that the both groups workshop groups are really, really sweet and awesome people like here’s like feed us, we want the knowledge, we want to be better at this. So I just you know, as a as an ex-New Yorker coming up to Canada is always really awesome because the workshop groups are amazing. They’re just like so earnest and they’re all so earnest in other places too don’t, don’t think of me for that. But like the people were really great and in the rough sex what I really, really loved was, and one of the reasons I like using you know demonstrations in workshops once appropriate is we’re talking about the difference between sensual and erotic. In like how sensual is sensations, touch, positions, they get your body turned on and how erotic are things that get your mind your brain turned on. And then how to weave those two and then in the workshop we’re also talking about different kinds of sensations so there’s like stingy, like a slap and then there’s study and you were kind enough and generous enough to be a part of the spanking demo. And so as we walked through different things then the audience got to see you being a demo there was a point in the workshop where I got to stack a bunch of things where we we’d already done a demo about, about pain sensation and how it works for you so they got the audience got to see you light up and giggle. And then you know we got to work on hair pulling and biting and things like this.

Heather: I think like Reid is about to tell my secrets, right now.

Reid: Oh no no no no. I won’t, I won’t. I won’t.

Heather: I was gonna name it.

Reid: I mean, do you want me to do?

Heather: Well if I name it then you can, then you can say it.

Reid: Okay. Well, I wasn’t been going in that direction but now we can.

Heather: Oh.

Reid: So basically what we got to was this place where I had you pinned up against the wall because we we’d already talked and shown to be honest like what kinds of things that you like. I was talking about walking people through the difference where the mistake is when people say well you know choke me, I want you to choke me? What a, what a choke actually is is is fucking with them with your ability to breathe and no lover is asking you crush your windpipe.

Heather: Can we just talk about the hearts that are coming out right now? Cause I love you my people.

Reid: So like nobody’s asking you to crush your windpipe so I was demonstrating a really easy way to put pressure on somebody’s chest and then just has sensation around the throat and then I asked you to push as hard as you wanted on your own throat which makes it safer. And then the erotic piece was to dirty talk with you.

Heather: Yeah.

Reid: Because we’d already established that.

Heather: And I gave Reid some words and then Reid knowing me we’re smart enough to use other words that I did not expect.

Reid: Yeah. So I surprised you in a fun way while you held pressure to your own throat.

Heather: Yeah.

Reid: I had you pinned but then I added the kind of pain that you like

Heather: Yeah.

Reid: On your ribcage cause there’s a nerve thing there and so the whole combination had you do this thing when you just blushed.

Heather: Yeah.

Reid: And got super like, like an excited shot and the room got to see the whole thing and they’re like, “Oh. That’s what that looks like.”

Heather: Yeah.

Reid: And it wasn’t like dangerous or dark or anything like it was really fun and you got, you giggled and then you got really shy.

Heather: Yeah.

Reid: So it was really just like that was one of my favorite moments because it just kind of, we built all the skill sets up for the audience and then the demo like had the, the room be like, “Oh” and it was done a way where was gonna it was safe like there were no one could be hurt.

Heather: Yeah.

Reid: So that was really fun and it was fun to do that with you like there’s just fun and it also made you blush

Heather: Yeah. Wooh.

Reid: Yeah. And then we had a really powerful moment after that because I was still teaching and then I noticed I was like, “Oh, oh we had a moment” and so then I went into kind of like being present with you and checking in on what you needed.

Heather: Mmm…

Reid: Like as kind of aftercare. And one of the….and then my second favorite moment was after the workshop somebody came up and acknowledged how sweet that was to see me notice that you were having feelings, not bad, but that I, you know like I just kind of rushed in to be present with aftercare to stay connected and make sure that you know that you knew that I knew you were there, that works really well.

Heather: And I think it was helpful to have that kind of like visual optic here too because sometimes when aftercare especially in kink, people think blankets and filling so much chocolate kind of like huddling someone up in the corner and really this was just like holding in my hand and keeping a hand on my chest while you like talk to the audience about what was happening.

Reid: Yeah. So again it was a lot that we’re doing a bed. It would have been better if you were there and then seen the whole thing and I just wanted to do my diligence and make sure we shot a video today. Thank you for being a part of today.

Heather: Yeah.

Reid: And also a part of the video.

Heather: Thanks for having me.

Reid: Yey. Leave your comments. I’ll check them tonight or tomorrow and thanks again for being part of Facebook lives and I will do one tomorrow as well. And if anyone in Toronto in the Toronto area wants to come to another workshop, I’m teaching the Tantra from beginner’s tomorrow night at good for her. And you can go to to get tickets to tomorrow’s next class. And good night and look at all those [Inaudible 00:09:53] everything. Uhh, thanks for the emoticons everybody.

Heather: Goodnight Facebook.

Reid: Love you. Bye!

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