Indie Author Road Trip (Day 1, Pt 2) — Charis Books, Atlanta

by Reid on April 8, 2018

Indie Author Road Trip (Day 1, Pt 2) — Charis Books, Atlanta









Reid: Alright. I’ll just be the dork here. There’s a sticker? What’s that?

Angela: We now have autographed copies of Allison Moon’s first debut novel. We are in. Come here, Allison. This is Charis books from Euclid and Little Five Points at Atlanta, Georgia. We are the south oldest feminist bookstore, we would for you to come by and visit us.

Reid: And if they can’t come by physically, where do they go?

Angela: Oh if they can’t come and visit us, you can go online at, spell it all out and you can order any book and print and you can get Allison’s book. Now, we have it signed so we’ll send it to you.

Allison: And it’s a beautiful huge, fabulous bookstore.

Angela: Thank you.

Allison: I was so delighted of what’s around it. It’s gorgeous, really gorgeous.

Reid: Look how huge it is.

Angela: It’s got lots of different sections. We’re not just you know we’ve got global, spirituality, kids’ books, great kids’ books and lots of gifts.

Allison: This is a great and the sections are amazing. Globe concerns feminist stuffs, it’s a whole huge just section about feminist politics, it’s awesome. Really awesome.

Angela: Yes. Thank you. Come by and visit us.

Reid: Bye.

Angela: Bye.

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