How Do I Manage Building A Sex Ed Business While Having A Full-time Job?

by Reid on September 29, 2019

How Do I Manage Building A Sex Ed Business While Having A Full-time Job?




Cathy: Someone wrote it and said, “I’m super-psyched. I’ve been wanting to come to sex geek summer camp for three years.” They just got their ticket and Reid’s wearing the t-shirt pointing to it. She said “I’m not sure if many others are in the same position as I am but my question is how do you juggle a full-time job in another profession of building up a sex Ed business both developing curriculum and all the marketing in the admin? I’m totally overwhelmed.”

And I think it’s a great question. I’m here with Reid Mihalko from and

Reid: And this is Cathy Vartuli of sitting right next to me.

Cathy: Yes and I happen to do that. I juggle a full-time job at an amazing company and I do stuff like this on the side but it’s really important to me to help spread the word and raise the volume for people. And it is often a lot it doesn’t I mean I’ll sometimes Reid and all my friends are going off to a conference and I’m like “I have to work. I don’t have enough vacation.”

Reid: I have this [Inaudible 00:00:54] job.

Cathy: I love my job but it’s also like “Oh, all my friends are off playing and having this…the sex down self, fabulous conference I didn’t get to go.” So I have envy.

Reid:  Poor Cathy everybody write in the comments “Poor, poor Cathy”

Cathy: Yeah, see, see? You understand finally

Reid: See? Feel it. I felt it, they feel your pain Cathy

Cathy: So I think being patient and being really focused is what’s helped me, not always focused but I try really hard like “Okay, what’s going to do the most for what my mission is and understanding what my mission and my goals are, building a following, building you know who am I reaching? What do I what do I want to share?” And then focusing on that and often it’s like you know I come home, I’ll turn on the TV and I’ll do a little bit of work while I watch TV or eat dinner or on the weekends it’s you know I don’t have a kid or any children or living lover or anything so I have a little more free time sometimes but I do focus and I love to do block time with other sex geeks so it really keeps me inspired and…and focused when I’m working.

Reid: I’d say come to camp. You’re already doing everything, you’re doing it all right.

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: Camp will talk about all this stuff and we’ll lay it out and hopefully you’ll meet a bunch of sex educators that will become your besties and your peers and then you can do you know group meet ups like Cathy does to do block time work.

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: and by block time what Cathy means is like get together for like focus work time where you’re all supporting each other and…and you know making a list of things that need to get done

Cathy: With the clerk breaks like when

Reid: Yeah

Cathy: I’ll have lunch at noon time

Reid: Cathy and I we get together and we shoot a bunch of videos and then we go do other stuff so again like

Cathy: like eat steak

Reid: it’s about feeding it, yeah we have been waiting at dinner to finish these videos.

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: The…so how do you set yourself up to win and you know understanding maybe if you’re in a position of overwhelm and you’re a sex educator or relationship educator, what would the…what are the tools that you would advocate a client of yours use to get out of a state of overwhelm like maybe they have a job but they want to try to have a full erotic life with their partner and they have kids and so whenever they try to like think about that they go into a state of overwhelmed because their life is really full. Do you have any tools that you would coach them on that you could actually turn and apply to yourself? Because how we handle overwhelm and how we build plans to succeed, those things might be copy and pasteable into your business world as well.

Cathy: That’s a really good advice. It really…I’m really delighted you’re going to come to sex geek summer camp because Reid’s going to give you an overview of things I wish I knew ten years ago about how to start your business and focus and one other place you might want to look is It’s an online program that kind of guides you through the setup and basics for having everything ready for your…for business to take off.

Reid: There you go and go to for those of you who are curious about camp.

Cathy: Yeah, I hope to see you there. It’s for me…I’ve been four years it’s an amazing experience so thanks so much for writing in. I hope this helps. Leave comments below.

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