Greetings from Burning Man, Catherine!

by Reid on August 31, 2017

Greetings from Burning Man, Catherine!Yep. I’m at the famous, and very dusty, arts and music festival celebrating the 10th anniversary of a theme camp I founded for queer women in 2007. I know, weird. But that’s how I roll. I’ll be sure to share a picture or two and the origin story when I return!

But TODAY, I’ve got 2 questions for you that were so interesting to me that I wrote and scheduled this email before I left for the playa! And what I’d love — if you’ll indulge me — is to come back to my inbox next week and read a reply from you:

  1. How would your business be different if your workshops were 40% more powerful?
  2. How would your audience be changed by just one workshop? 

Really. I’d love to read your answers when I get back! So please Hit Reply if you’re inspired to.Creating profound, inspiring changes for your audiences don’t have to be hard or challenging. But if we never ask ourselves how/what these changes are/might be… How would we know what to aim for?

Sometimes the a-ha moment comes from just asking yourself what those new insights or powerful upgrades might be? Indulge me, if you will! Perhaps it will lead to something BIG for you!If this kind of inquiry appeals to you, and you want to get some geeky and practical ideas on how you could upgrade your workshop design, I invite you to sign up for a free, nerdy training on design mistakes to avoid HERE:

If you already signed up for this training, then Hit Reply to this email and include what your favorite a-ha moment from the Mistake #2 video!

And, if you already know you want to make a bigger impact on your audience, leave them with a significant transformation, AND grow your business in authentic ways, then jump directly to the registration page for Sex Geek Design Studio before the 3-pay disappears September 6th:

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