Goddess Cecilia Loves That She Learned About Freemiums At Camp!

by Reid on October 6, 2016

cecilia1Sex Geek Summer Camp and Cecilia Villero from http://GoddessCecilia.com!



Cecilia: Hi! My name is Cecilia Villero and my url is http://www.goddesscecilia.com/, that’s C-E-C-I-L-I-A. One thing that I learned at camp that is going to be super useful, were the freemiums, holy moly! One idea that never occurred to me was a thing that I could use and I’m definitely going to be utilizing that. One thing that I really enjoyed was meeting a bunch of new people who I’ve never met before, who I think who I hope are going to be people that I can connect to in the future. And one thing that I would say to someone who is not sure whether or not they would be coming to camp would be, to just do it. Just come on down. If you are a city girl like me, there’s tons of other city girls, city folk who will join you in your cityness and you know, there’s bugs but people are really cool about making sure they don’t come near you. That’s awesome. And they’re just a great group of people who are gonna welcome you and make you feel like you are awesome.

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