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by Reid on February 24, 2016

Attn Sex Educators: Are You a Somatic Learner Who’s Blocked Around Your Sex Ed Business? You’re NOT ALONE

Zahava Griss of dancing on a beach with the quote, "Dance is the art of making beauty from dynamic self alignment."

I recently had an amazing conversation with my friend and sex geeky peer, Zahava Griss, creator of and her Sacred Alchemy for Leaders program.

Our talk revealed a powerful perspective I HADN’T THOUGHT ABOUT regarding sex educators, the business of sex education, and how some of us get blocked and stymied around taking empowered action in our careers…

So what did I do with this new information?

I invited Zahava to have that conversation with me over Skype so I could record it and share her beliefs and experiences around what I’m gonna call “embodied business.”

I’m super excited to share this conversation with YOU.

Even if you’re not “somatic” or kinesthetic in the way you process information and take action, this info may help you help a fellow sex geek who is, so, I invite everyone to check it out…

Scroll Down and Register Now for FREE Access!

Register and get immediate access to the video and the downloadable interview MP3. You’ll also get an email with the access link in a few minutes so you can listen/watch it again (or just in case you’re busy and have to register and run).

Covered in this interview: 

  • How to activate your body’s intelligence as sex-positive and soul-based entrepreneurs
  •  5 ways your nervous system can respond to the day to day challenges of running a business
  • How YOU can restore clarity and ease through a body centered approach when you’re blocked around business!
  • Free access to one of Zahava’s movement practice videos so you can test-drive the approach yourself and see what it unlocks

Zahava’s work not only offers new awareness about your emotional and thought patterns toward your work, it also offers a movement practice to give you the felt experience of moving your energy in a healthier way.

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