Ecosexuality and Revenue Rivers at Sex Geek Summer Camp with Dr. Serena Anderlini

by Reid on October 4, 2016


Dr. Serena Anderlini from at Sex Geek Summer Camp, and her favorite moments.

Dr. Serena: Good evening. I am Dr. Serena Gaia, also known as Serena Anderlini and I am here at Sex Geek Camp with Reid Mihalko and I’m so delighted to speak about my experience here. I have really appreciated this camp, for its diversity, for its inclusiveness, for being fun and for being in this great ecosexual location where we really get to get inspired by nature to practice the arts of love. And I’m an academic and I’m the author of multiple books. The latest one is the collection — Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love. And here, I have learned something very very important. I have learned how to turn my multiple internet presence as an academic into a possible revenue river for my post professional life -a life when I plan to teach the arts of love all over the world. And so, to me, you know, this camp is really a great gift from a wonderful sex educator — Reid Mihalko and I’m very grateful that I came here. And if you want to know more about my work, you can go to my website at Thank you very much. There you can find all my different areas of action, books, blog, plural weddings of Ecosexual love – these are ceremonies I facilitate for people who want to feel a deeper bond with their hosting ecosystems. Thank you again.

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