Clitorial Legs and How They Can Rock Her World

by Reid on October 7, 2015

A Portrait of a happy senior couple at homeMost people haven’t heard of clitorial legs. But changing the way you approach the clit can dramatically increase pleasure, whether you’re playing solo or with someone else.

Join Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from and learn more!

Cathy: Have you ever wondered about a woman’s clit? Did you know that the clit has legs? I actually didn’t know this. I had one for 40-some years before I found out, but it’s really fun. This is Reid Mihalko from

Reid: Hi. And this is Cathy Vartuli from

Cathy: And…

Reid: Today we’re talking about the clitoral legs.

Cathy: They’re amazing.

Reid: They are amazing. So without jumping to graphs or diagrams or whatnot, what I can recommend is a book by Sheri Winston. It’s called The Anatomy of Female Arousal and this is where I learned, I think where I first learned about the clitoral legs was from Sheri. So the basic idea is that the clit if this were the clitoris, coming off of the clit are what are called the clitoral legs and they’re underneath the labia.

Cathy: Uh-hum.

Reid: And they’re one of the reasons why when somebody who has a vulva is getting aroused and the erectile tissue in the clitoris is all engorged, why the labia of the pussy can seem like more puffy.

Cathy: Yeah.

Reid: And the blood and the color like changes because there’s more blood flow there. Why this is important for those of us who like to play with vulvas and maybe the vulva that you’re playing with is your own —

Cathy: Yes.

Reid: — is that those clitoral legs are just as sensitive as the rest of the clitoris and that erogenous erectile tissue once it gets engorged with blood and oxygenated, those nerve endings come online and start registering pleasure in a way that they don’t when any kind of erectile tissue isn’t engorged.

Cathy: Right.

Reid: When it’s not turned on and aroused.

Cathy: In a way, it’s sort of like kissing just the corner of someone’s mouth the whole time if you’re just playing with the clit.

Reid: Yeah. If you’re just playing with the clit, you’re missing a whole opportunity of a bunch of other stuff and there’s more erectile tissue in the female body as well, which maybe we’ll go into in another video. But the basic idea is, the way that I like to teach people about the clitoral legs is what I like to call the Vulcan or the sex geek hand sign, which is the sex geek hand sign is this. So when I’m going to play with somebody’s vulva, I can put my palm of my hand up against their pubic mound and my fingers are going to go on either side of the vaginal opening. So basically where the labia of the pussy are, are where my fingers are going to be. So I’m not going for the hole right away, which is a whole other mistake that a lot of people do is we go for the whole too soon. What you want to be doing is playing with the clitoral legs and putting gentle but firm pressure on the pubic mound and kind of do this massage kind of technique.

Cathy: It’s highly recommended.

Reid: Or like the finger wave. It looks kind of cool.

Cathy: Yeah, it does.

Reid: So you want to be that person okay, who’s playing with the vulva that way. And what you end up doing is by using your fingers to put pressure on the labia, you’re massaging the clitoral legs underneath. And because the clitoris until it’s really super aroused for a lot of people it’s so sensitive.

Cathy: Yeah.

Reid: The palm of your hand is putting firm pressure in kind of gentle massaging motion, which for most people isn’t too much stimulation.

Cathy: Uh-hum.

Reid: So try that out but for this video know that the clitoris goes back into the body underneath the pubic bone and that coming down from clitoris underneath, behind the labia the lips of the pussy, are two little legs of erectile tissue filled with nerve endings, lots of fun.

Cathy: Yes.

Reid: And you know it’s all starting to work really well when you’re playing with those clitoral legs and your partner starts to kind of humping your hand.

Cathy: Yeah.

Reid: Because that means that things are aroused.

Cathy: Yes.

Reid: They’re starting to come online, things are starting to feel good and the reason that we hump is we’re flexing our pelvic floor muscles, which this erectile tissue comes through. Basically, the reason we hump is you’re flexing these pelvic floor muscles that are in your pelvic hence pelvic floor, but you’re kind of jerking yourself off from the inside. So when you’re doing your Spock sex geek gang sign move, then you’re getting it all going and they start humping, that’s how you know.

Cathy: Try it out.

Reid: Try it out and get Sheri’s book if you can. Bye.

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