Being A Genuine Human In Business Works! From Emma at Sex Geek Summer Camp

by Reid on October 2, 2016


Being real works best in business… With Emma from France, at Sex Geek Summer Camp!


Emma: Hey, this is Emma from Slow Sex in France and what I really loved here at Sex Geek Summer Camp with Reid Mihalko is that we can be real, we can be awkward, we can be weird, we can be authentic, we can be honest in business and it works. And that’s a huge thing for me to take away, that I do not have to look a certain way, I don’t have to change anything about me. I just me being myself is what works most. I don’t have to look professional. Being real, authentic, genuine human is the best. So, that’s what I got outta here and funny thing, the latest few months I was so lazy, I didn’t want to update my website. I didn’t want to do anything. And being here now like, I cannot wait to update my website, I cannot wait to do everything. You have so many projects, now I’m going. So I really needed that. Thank you so so so much. I think what happens here has a huge impact in the industry in the US and I want to see the same thing in France. Thank you.

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