What I Got at Sex Geek Summer Camp – Testimonials

by Reid on July 19, 2016

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What I learned?

Maya Casilda: My name is Maya Casilda and I am new to the Sex Geek Summer Camp experience.

Dawn Serra: This is my first year at Sex Geek Summer Camp.

Adam Glinglin: This is my 2nd year so I enjoyed it the first time around.

Matie Fricker: My name is Matie and I’m in self-serve and self-serve toys http://SelfServeToys.com/ in Albuquerque, Mexico.

Janet Trevino: I’m Janet and my website is http://www.JanetTrevino.com/

Shekina Ray: Hi! My name is Shekina Ray and my website is http://MyTantraGuide.com/

Deborah Stone: Hi! My name is Deborah Stone.

Dan Powers: Hi! I’m Dan Powers of http://BeyondTheBedroomEvents.com/.

Brynn Bishop: So, the biggest thing that I’ve gotten out of summer camp… Oh, I’m at Sex Geek Summer Camp. Did you know that?

Dawn Serra: So, let me just tell you this, I’m not a camper. I’m the world’s biggest princess. And I was feeling really sad about having to be in the tent for 5 days. And it actually has been amazing.

Vera Levitt Casey: Hi! I’m Vera from http://SexTula.com/ and this is my second year here at Sex Geek Summer Camp and I returned because there were so much great content the first year that I wanted to take it in one more time so that I’d really have it down. There’s such great information on how to get my business started and growing and how to reach my demographic. But the thing that I love most about Sex Geek Summer Camp and when I get out of it and why I’ll probably be returning year after year is the connections I make with other sex educators. They’re really priceless. We help grow each other’s businesses and there’s really only one way to do that and that’s in person. That’s one of the things that makes Sex Geek Summer Camp so special.

Brynn Bishop: The biggest thing that I’ve got and you can probably tell that this is a real stretch for me is actually being in front of the video camera. I’ve never had video taken of me before coming here. I’ve taken 4 today so that’s a huge. High five!

Deborah Stone: The thing I liked best about Sex Geek Camp is the sex geeks really. But, as a really newbie to this kind of industry lifestyle, I felt so lost the first couple of days I was here but day 3 I felt I know these people like they’re family and I’ve learned so much. It’s awesome!

Adam Glinglin: The thing I’ve gotten the most out of camp I think this year would be the importance of story and bringing in our own emotional story to help other people and how that helps other people feel more comfortable with us and how they can identify with us better when we tell our story and we’re vulnerable and honest and authentic about who we are and why we are doing this work.

Janet Trevino: I think what I learned the most here at Sex Geek Summer Camp well, I put together my teaching styles with the revenue streams. Now that will not make a lot of sense to you out there but what I recognize with myself is what I’m really good at. I’m really good at interview processes and communicating with other people. So, I took that, with how I would like to make money and one of the types of ways like making money with podcast. I never really considered that as an option for myself. I didn’t see it goes with my thing. But, when I put together that with the demographic of people I want to work with which are women between ages 25 and 45, when I put that all together it suddenly like snap. Like there was this moment of ‘oh my gosh, I can see myself creating a podcast for this group because the podcast is anonymous and we can talk about sex. And it was so simple. Something that I think like I’ve been cracking my brain for ways that I can reach out to people and make sex ed really accessible to my demographic and I found out that just how Reid kind of breaks it down for you and you just put it together, it’s like math. At the end, it’s equals to something. And for me, it equaled to this amazing idea that I guess I couldn’t figure that out. So, coming to Sex Geek Summer Camp was exactly what I needed to put the pieces together.

Shekina Ray: It was really, really good for me to find out who my target audiences, how to talk to them, where are they, how to market to them and what platforms to market to them. I really enjoyed the authenticity, the vulnerability, kindness, caring, generosity of Reid and a lot of other people also who made this happen.

Matie Fricker: The most important thing I think I’ve learned here in camp is to really take some time to do self-care. This week, I have some time to skinny dip in the creek, to take a nap in a hammock, and to be surrounded by people who are doing this valuable work but also working on learning how to care for themselves as well as others.

Maya Casilda: The top lessons that I’ve learned in these 4 days that we’ve been here so far have been really narrowing down who my demographic is and what my specialty is, what my gift in this movement and in this community really is which is to empower people specifically right now to empower women in their bodies and the holistic aspect is super important to me and I was thinking that everyone at camp would be, you know, at long similar path as me, so pleasantly surprise that there are people and the full gamete of sex geek and non sex geek type of work. So, there are therapists here, there are counselors, there are educators and as far as I can tell so far I’m the only holistic sex educator which has been a huge relieve and a good learning lesson, too.

Dawn Serra: Hi! I’m Dawn Serra from http://www.DawnSerra.com/. I am a sex and relationship coach and I also have a sex podcast. The best thing that I’ve learned which is probably a little bit silly is that Reid was teaching us about something called monkey face and it’s been actually an amazing tool that I’ve used with my partner this weekend that just helps to really lift the energy. I’m going to use that actually in my coaching practice for when couples are just really feeling stuck in the or kind of stone walling and they don’t know what to do and just lifts the energy. So, do you want me to do it really fast? (laughs) Okay, okay. So, I’m going to demonstrate monkey breath and you basically you just sound like a monkey and make as many faces as you can and feel free to laugh at me for looking like a total dork but here we go. Ready? (does the monkey face) See? How can you still be mad at each other after you do that? And that has just been like it is such a practical quick tool that I can use in workshops, that I can use with my clients, that I can use in what I’m doing in every live event and I just need people to be like get up of their seats. I love that, as silly as it is.

Effy Blue: I’m developing coaching practice for monogamous couples who want to try non-monogamy. My website is http://www.EffyBlue.com/. Camp has been awesome. I think the most important thing for me was meeting other sex educators. For me it’s been an incubator’s space. It’s been great to talk about not only business side of things but also the challenges that we face as sex educators. And also, some of the issues that we have with our clients, we just got the answers to. And the fact that we just had an amazing conversation with a fellow sex educator, he gave me some amazing tips that I can wait to share with my clients. So, come and learn about business but also connect with your colleagues, exchange ideas, empathize with each other, give each other big, big hugs and have a great time. See you at camp!

Dan Powers: The number one thing that I’ve gotten from Sex Geek Summer Camp is really narrowing my focus. We’ve loved to do video so I’ve got a little more experience doing video than other people that I saw before me but I’m still learning that as well.


What would you tell folks “on the fence” about attending Sex Geek Summer Camp?

Deborah Stone: I would say, be brave, the fence is not real. It’s a wonderful place to be. You will learn a lot. You will meet people that you love. I say, give it a try.

Adam Glinglin: For people sitting on the fence, I think it’s a beautiful space. Camp is wonderful and for me the connections that I made through camp have been extra ordinary. I visited people in other cities from last year and hopefully again this year. You’ll meet amazing, engage, interesting people and have a lot of amazing sex jokes and puns. It’s pretty fun. So, I encourage you to come.

Dawn Serra: It’s connecting with people and really being able to make community and to not feel alone. I’ve made so many connections here, opportunities for people to be on my podcast, people who want me on their shows. Just being able to like brainstorm new ideas with people who get it instead of having the kind of like constantly explain which I find I have to do in more traditional business courses. So, if you just really want a solid sense of community and you’re looking for a place where you can just bounce off lots of ideas and feel like really uplifted then come because you’re really, really going to love just the energy and the people that you meet and it’s going to change your life.

Matie Fricker: As sexuality professionals, we often take care of everyone else and not ourselves. And this week, I’ve had time to skinny dip in the creek, to take a nap in a hammock, and to be surrounded by people who are doing this valuable work but also working on learning how to care for themselves as well as others. If you’re thinking about coming to camp and trying to get your business off the ground, I think it’s an incredible opportunity to be with people who are actually working in the field of sex education and an addition to that, if you’ve been in the field for a while, you’ll probably miss peers. I live in a small town and there aren’t a lot of people who do the work that I do and it has been valuable in ways I probably won’t even understand until I get home, to be surrounded by people who share the same values. So, I’ll definitely come if I was you.

Maya Casilda: If you’re not sure if you want to come to Sex Geek Summer Camp, let me tell you from the bottom of my heart that the learning of business and all the tools that Reid and the team of teachers that he has come with him to this event is spectacular. Like today, we got a run down on tools and specific website, plug in, all that kind of information that I was completely clueless too and it has really been so helpful and on top of that, the community of people that came out to this event is so spectacular and helped me so much with like content, and website design, oh, YouTube I’ve decided that I want a YouTube channel. So, if you’re on the fence, just do yourself a favor and come. Thank you so much.

Dan Powers: And for fence setters, the thing that I would tell them is, this is the number 1 place that I’ve come to meet people that are in my same position. People who are struggling to figure out how am I going to make a business out of teaching sex education, something along those lines. I’ve gone to number of different events to have sex therapists and professional presenter and those are not my peers. These are the peers that are right here. People are struggling to get their businesses going just like me, just like you.

Brynn Bishop: If you’re nervous about doing something new, picking your business to the next level, whatever that next step is for you, I encourage you to come.

Vera Levitt Casey: If there are fence setters out there, you’re not sure if you want to join us this coming year, I brought somebody who’s on the fence this year and convinced them to come and they are so happy that they’re here and they got so much out of it and I wouldn’t have put my name on that endorsement with them if I didn’t think that it’s not the case for really anybody that wants to be in this field so I hope to see you at Sex Geek Summer Camp!

Janet Trevino: To all of you who are in the fence thinking should I go, should I not go, know that for me, I put that out of my mind until I got here and I just came with open heart to whatever might happen and I’ve been blown away. It brought me so much clarity, it has brought me passion, it has brought me now contacts with people I didn’t know, so much information and ways that I can access to all the people that are here. It’s amazing. It’s worth it, it’s so cheap. Honestly, like I look at the price and think yeah, it’s true this is worth so much more and thousands of dollars had been offered in the past to get what I got here for like around $500. You just can’t get better than this. Even if you’re not into sex industry, this is amazing for anybody. So, thank you! Bye!

Shekina Ray: And if you are on the fence about to come here and you’re not here right now, you should be here. But hopefully, you will come next time because this is the awesomest place I’ve ever been to. Thank you!

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