Sex Positive Business Advice: How To Build Engagement Part I

by Reid on July 20, 2016

Casual handshake - isolated over a white backgroundHow can you build connection and engagement with your list?

Tip #1, With Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from

Reid: This video is part one of the three-parter.

Cathy: You don’t know what they’re about yet.

Reid: No, I don’t. That’s the letter E.

Cathy: A lot of people want to know how to engage their email list better. We have three tips that will help you connect with your email list in a way you never imagined.

Reid: This isn’t a relationship advice. This is business advice.

Cathy: It’s about how to relate to your business in a different way.

Reid: Which you’re having a relationship with. The business and your customers. Or your prospective customers. I’m Reid Mihalko from, creator of Sex Geek Summer Camp.

Cathy: I’m Cathy Vartuli from and creator of Reprogram Your Primitive Brain.

Reid: Oh my goodness. We’ve actually switched sides from a lot of our other videos because we wanted to change it up and we’re giving a little bit of business advice. Go for it Cathy.

Cathy: The first way you can do it, actually, is something Reid often uses with romance for between two couple, between and within a couple. It’s really powerful.

You don’t know if your audience is a cat or a dog, but you can use both of them in your email when you’re connecting with them. Because you want your audience to know that you care.

Reid: If you haven’t watched the cat-dog video, then you don’t know what we’re talking about. We’re not actually saying they’re actually dogs or actually cats. It’s how they orient towards romance or feeling warm and fuzzy.

When I teach that, I talk about cats and dogs, links below. Back to Cathy.

Cathy: A cat wants to know you are thinking of them. They want to know when you aren’t around, when they couldn’t see you, that you’re still thinking about them. If you care about your business, you probably were anyway.

We want you to always be genuine when you write things, but you could write in your email, “I was thinking about you the other day and I came up with this idea and I made this video for you.” That would make a cat feel like, “Oh my God, this person cares about me and was thinking about when I wasn’t around.”

Reid: Mm-hmm. (Affirmative) It’s genuine in that, you are, when you’re creating product and even videos like this. We’re actually thinking about you all and for some of the videos, we’re answering questions that get sent to us. That is genuine, because some of you are going to be like, “I’m not actually thinking about so and so for” But you’re thinking in the larger context of the people that you’re trying to serve.

Cathy: Mm-hmm. (Affirmative) Then, if you want to talk to the people that are dogs, dogs are people that really love to be praised. They like to be told they did a really good job. That’s easy to include in an email too.

You can congratulate them on spending the time to make their life better in whatever area you’re helping them with. They’ll feel good about themselves.

Reid: Accolades, appreciation, applauding them for doing a great job, for being the kind of person who even watched a video like this to get better at business, so that they can reach more people, touch more lives, transform more families and communities, and relationships. You rock. Thank you for watching these videos.

Cathy: We were thinking about you, and we made this video just for you.

Reid: We do think that you rock.

Cathy: Come back for the next video and we’ll tell you the second way you can engage with people and help them feel really cared about when you message them in your business.

Reid: What was your takeaway from this video? Leave it in the comments. Video two coming your way next.

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