Is There Such A Thing As A Male G-Spot?

by Reid on October 2, 2017

Mixed Ethnicity Gay CoupleAnd if there is… How do you play with them?

With Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from

Reid: Is there a male G-spot? I’m Reid Mihalko from 

Cathy: I’m Cathy Vartuli from 

Reid: The answer’s yes. 

Cathy: Called the P-spot. 

Reid: But it begins with a P, yes. It’s the male prostate. 

Cathy: It can be a lot of fun for men that like that. There are a number of great guides out there and classes you can take. 

Reid: But the ultimate guide- 

Cathy: Ultimate. 

Reid: … It’s even in the title is The Ultimate Guide to Male Prostate Pleasure, not even male prostate pleasure. The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure by Charlie Glickman and Aislinn, and I always get… Aislinn’s- 

Cathy: Emirzian. 

Reid: Yes, that’s it. 

Cathy: Emirzian. Yes, I’ve talked to Charlie a little bit about it and he’s incredibly knowledgeable. It can be very fun to play with. It’s very useful to know kind of what you’re doing because if I was just kind of trying to figure it out without some information I don’t think I would do things that were fun for anybody. 

Reid: Just like the G-spot, the prostate is most fun for people receiving, just like the G-spot, when they’re highly aroused. So one of the most common mistakes is playing with the prostate when you’re kind of like not turned on. It just doesn’t feel right. Just like playing with the G-spot when somebody’s not fully aroused- 

Cathy: It can actually hurt. 

Reid: … It doesn’t feel right. What you end of thinking is, “Oh I don’t like that. So never do that.” When in fact, if you were really aroused you might like it more. Again, this has a lot to do with understanding your own arousal and understanding your partner’s arousals, so that you can play with these things. The prostate exists … The way that you generally get to it is it’s through the anus, and kind of like the G-spot, it’s in and towards the belly button. So if I was lying on my belly, you would enter me, and then kind of, it’s about inch and a half in, and down a little bit. Feels like a- 

Cathy: A wallet. 

Reid: … A little bit squishy wallet. Or like I like to think like, remember those super balls? They were kind of hard but they were still squishy. 

Cathy: Yes, but they’re ridges. Those little ridges. 

Reid: Well there’s … Yeah, but super balls didn’t have ridges. It’s got that kind of consistency. 

Cathy: Yeah, and everybody’s a little bit different. Going through Charlie’s guide and trying some of the things there, seeing when your partner’s aroused can be a lot of fun. 

Reid: Mm-hmm (affirmative), yes. So that’s you answer. 

Cathy: Yeah. 

Reid: Check it out. Link’s in the description. Hit subscribe.

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